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Park Shin Hye is undoubtedly one of the most sought after Korean celebrities in the market right now, and no wonder. There’s something personable, unique, and memorable about not only her face but also the gorgeous tresses that she’s been blessed with.

As it turns out, whatever hair quality you were born with, it still takes a good deal of care and maintenance to keep it looking silky-smooth and voluminous.

Park Shin Hye shared her hair care hacks with the media, including Vogue Taiwan, at a press conference for Korean hair care brand Ryo Shampoo, of which she is the ambassador.

1. Start from the roots


Sure, caring for the ends of your hair is important, but don’t forget that your hair strands are made in follicles on your scalp, and the health of your scalp directly impacts the quality of hair that grows out of it.

As you might expect from a Korean celebrity, Park Shin Hye finds herself in the hairstylist’s chair extremely often. Whether it’s a more drastic hair colouring job, or even just a simple blow-dry, the heat from these treatments isn’t great for hair quality.

“A hairstylist advised me to start caring for my scalp instead of the ends, and as time went by, I found that my hair quality naturally improved as my scalp got healthier,” shares Park Shin Hye.

2. Never sleep with a wet scalp


Could you imagine going to bed with a damp or wet face, where the water isn’t allowed to evaporate thoroughly off your skin? You can imagine how icky your face would feel when you wake up eight hours later.

Why is your scalp any different?

After all, scalp is just the skin on your head, so you can imagine how allowing to stay damp and wet throughout your night’s sleep would affect its health. Park Shin Hye agrees with this wisdom, “If you sleep with a wet scalp, it’ll just lead to more hair issues in the future!”

3. Your shampoo needs to suit your lifestyle


Korea is no stranger to harsh weather changes. Temperatures can skyrocket above and beyond Singapore’s heat in summer, and plunge way, way below zero degrees in winter. This, says Park Shin Hye, is one of the reasons behind damaged scalp.

According to how dry or humid the weather is, Park Shin Hye makes sure that she uses the appropriate scalp care treatments, and that she changes it as soon as she feels that the climate is changing.

You may think that Singapore only has one climate all year round: hot and humid. While this is true, don’t forget that we also have rainy seasons, where the air tends to be higher in humidity, and hot and dry periods around the middle of the year, where temperatures can get scorching.

All of these factors plays a part in your scalp health, and your hair care products need to be switched up to address the current concern.

4. Use a scalp essence before blow drying


For dry seasons, she makes sure that she uses the Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Essence directly on to her scalp, parting her hair into sections and applying it on the skin. She makes sure she massages the essence thoroughly into the scalp before she starts blow-drying her hair.

If you think this isn’t suitable for the Singaporean life, think again. How many of us spend our days in drying air-conditioned environments?

5. Blow dry your hair with cool air


Here in Singapore, we’re so used to getting things done in the fastest possible time that we feel compelled to turn up our hair dryers to the maximum possible heat setting so that our hair can dry the fastest.

If you don’t want to damage your hair in the long run, this is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing.

Park Shin Hye shared that she actually blow dries her hair with the cool air setting on her hair dryer. It’s a lot slower, but that tinier bit of time that it costs is a small price to pay to maintain glossy, healthier-looking hair.

6. Don’t wear headgear for too long


For those of us who like to rock our caps and summer hats, this is news that you need to pay attention to. Park Shin Hye avoids wearing headgear for long stretches during the hot and dry Korean summer.

While headgear certainly can help to protect your face from damaging UVs from the sun, in humid Singapore it would also inevitably trap moisture and sweat on your scalp, which in turn will encourage the growth of fungus that leads to other hair issues like hair odour, dandruff, dull hair, and even hair loss.

Whether you’re using headgear as a fashion statement or as a sun-protective measure, make sure that you only wear them for as long as necessary, and that you take them off for good amount of time during the day as well.

7. Use ice cubes to cool your scalp


This is a little unconventional, but hey, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to maintain what it takes to be a Korean celebrity.

Park Shin Hye revealed that in summer, she tries to keep her scalp as cool as possible so that it doesn’t produce as much sweat as it otherwise would. Sweat from the scalp may increase fungus production, and lead to a whole host of other scalp and hair issues.

Aside from not donning headgear when she doesn’t need to, so that any moisture on her scalp can easily evaporate, she also uses ice cubes to cool down her scalp!

We imagine that it’s probably not the most comfortable of beauty hacks, but no pain, no gain!

8. Spam the red pomegranates


Of all the superfruits, Park Shin Hye is probably the most invested in red pomegranates, which has long made its name in the beauty scene as being a super antioxidant.

“It’s great for women in general, whether it’s for your skin or your health,” she explains. The actress also makes it a point to make herself a cup of juice every morning consisting of red pomegranates mixed with other yummy and healthy treats like lemon.

Drink one cup of this concoction a day for a month, and you’ll be surprised at how radiant and healthy your skin can look! Looking at Park Shin Hye’s natural beauty, we’re inclined to believe her.