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Aespa, the K-pop sensation, has been winning over fans worldwide with their catchy tunes and mesmerising performances.

But beyond the stage, one can’t help but be captivated by their flawless makeup looks – and today, we’re spilling the tea on Aespa’s blush placements!

Yep, each of the four girls rocks a unique blush placement that perfectly complements their facial features. Thanks to @charlotte.cjy, we’ve got the lowdown on exactly how to recreate these looks.

Curious to know more? Stay with us!

Understanding Blush Placement and Why It Matters


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Blush placement involves strategically applying blush to specific areas of the face to achieve the desired effect. This seemingly small detail is crucial for keeping your makeup look harmonious.

Applying blush incorrectly can either weigh down your face, give you that “recovering from the flu” look, or throw off the balance of your facial features.

Yes, it’s true! Blush placements can truly transform your face, so let’s make sure we’re using this makeup trick to our advantage.

Karina’s Blush Placement

For those with a broader forehead and wider face, consider Karina’s blush placement!


Photo credit: @katarinabluu/Instagram.

Form an “L” shape with your thumb and index finger against your cheekbones. Then, with your blush brush, apply blush only within that “L” zone, steering clear of the nose area.


Photo credit: @charlotte.cjy/Instagram.

Voila! Your overall appearance is now looking more balanced.


Photo credit: @charlotte.cjy/Instagram.

Ning Ning’s Blush Placement

If you have a square-shaped face, emulate Ning Ning’s look!


Photo credit: @imnotningning/Instagram.

Take a small brush and your preferred blush colour, gently tapping the pigment underneath the corners of your eyes.


Photo credit: @charlotte.cjy/Instagram.

The result? A softer, more youthful vibe to your overall look.


Photo credit: @charlotte.cjy/Instagram.

Winter’s Blush Placement

For those with a longer mid-face (nose, cheeks, and under eyes), Winter’s blush placement is the way to go!


Photo credit: @imwinter/Instagram.

Using a blush brush and your chosen blush colour, sweep the brush across your cheeks and nose bridge in a “W” motion.


Photo credit: @charlotte.cjy/Instagram.

This technique helps create the illusion of a shorter overall face shape.


Photo credit: @charlotte.cjy/Instagram.

Giselle’s Blush Placement

High cheekbones and a narrow face? Giselle’s your guide.


Photo credit: @aerichandesu/Instagram.

Apply your blush on the high points of the cheekbones using a blush brush and your chosen blush shade. The result? A wider and more balanced facial appearance.


Photo credit: @charlotte.cjy/Instagram.

So, which Aespa member’s blush placement suits your face shape best?

Featured image credits: @katarinabluu/Instagram, @imwinter/Instagram, @aespa_official/Instagram.