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Do you remember Aimee Chan, Miss Hong Kong 2006? We certainly do, as we’ve been following her acting career since she appeared in Best Selling Secrets.

She was crowned Miss Hong Kong about 16 years ago, but she still looks as young as ever. She looks like she’s in her late twenties, but she recently celebrated her 41st birthday!

So, how does this stunning actress remain elegant and youthful after all these years? Read on to learn more about her beauty secrets and weight loss tips.

She uses natural skincare products

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 1 - skincare - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Some of Aimee’s favourite skincare products don’t have a long ingredient list because she prefers natural products.

She adores the skincare ingredient vitamin A, which can help maintain the complexion of her skin by reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

She also uses anti-ageing products

This star appears to go for anti-ageing formulas, as her favourite products target the appearance of wrinkles or protect the skin from environmental stressors and premature ageing.

It’s no surprise Aimee looks as young as ever, considering she uses the Pola Wrinkle Shot Serum (S$330) and the Dermacept Vitamin C5 Serum (S$19.99).

She is a vegetarian

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 2 - vegetarian - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Aimee has always been a vegetarian, with the exception of a brief period when she had to abandon the diet in order to increase her nutrient intake more easily during her pregnancies.

She would return to her vegetarian diet and strictly adhere to it after her children had graduated to solid foods, allowing her to shed pounds easily.

She sticks to a healthy diet

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 3 - healthy - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Aimee limits her salt and sugar intake, as excess salt and sugar can have negative effects on the body.

She also swaps fried foods with a variety of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

She cooks her own meals

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 4 - home meals - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Instead of eating out or ordering takeout, Aimee cooks her own delicious and healthy meals.

She would prepare large portions to share with her family and her growing children in order to keep them healthy and active.

She exercises regularly

Aimee engages in a variety of aerobic activities, including dancing, yoga, hiking, weight training, and others. Even on days when she’s feeling tired, she will make herself exercise for at least 20 minutes.

She frequently works out with her family and recently earned her green belt in taekwondo alongside her young daughter.

She tries to stay positive

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 5 - positive - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

This star tries her best to maintain a cheerful and optimistic attitude by focusing on the positive aspects of life, such as her loved ones.

This, in turn, can make her appear even more beautiful, as stress and negative emotions can be harmful to the skin’s quality.

Featured image credit: aimeechan_official & aimeechan_official