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We’re no strangers to Hong Kong beauty influencer, model, actress, and singer, Angelababy. Gorgeous features aside, we think the secret to this 33-year-old celebrity’s youthful appearance is actually her signature hairstyles.

Her “princess hair” and “double braid” are what users on Xiao Hong Shu and Douyin adore, and if you’d like to try them yourself, we’ll show you how.

Angelababy’s “double braid”

Whoever said that two ponytails are too childish for women over 25 are lying. Just look at how adorable and youthful Angelababy looks sporting this trendy hairstyle. Xiao Hong Shu user 小萝卜heidi shows us how to ace this sweet hairdo.

Step 1: Divide your hair into two sections

Photo source: @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu

Divide your hair into two sections as if you’re tying two low pigtails. Since you’ll be working on one side at a time, you can tie one section up to keep everything tidy.

Step 2: Part the ponytail

Photo source: @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu

Split the ponytail into two sections— top and bottom. Go ahead and temporarily tie the bottom section up to make things neater and easier for you.

Step 3: Braid the top section

Photo source: @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu

Braid the top section of the ponytail down all the way until it reaches your chin and secure it with a hair tie.

Step 4: Secure the other half of the ponytail

Photo source: @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu

Pick up the bottom section you previously separated and tie it with an elastic band about a finger’s length away from your head.

Step 5: Fluff the braid

Photo source: @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu

For an effortless and playful twist, you’ll want to fluff the braid up by pushing the elastic band you’ve secured it with upwards.

This will squish the braid together and create more volume. You can also pull at the braid to make it fluffier.

Step 6: Loop the top and bottom sections together

Photo source: @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu

To secure both sections together, create a small gap in the loop closest to the end of the braid. Afterwards, slot the other half of your ponytail through the gap you’ve created.

Pull on both sections tightly and tie them together with a rubber band.

Step 7: Repeat on the other side

Photo source: @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu

Repeat steps one to six on the other ponytail and you’re done with the “double braid” hairstyle!

Angelababy’s “princess hair”

Looking to sport a hairdo that strikes a balance between sweet and elegant? Xiao Hong Shu user @Zhouzhou is here to show us how to achieve Angelababy’s “princess hair”.

Step 1: Create soft curls with a curling iron

Photo source: @Zhouzhou/XiaoHongShu

Wrap your locks loosely around a curling iron. Make sure that the curls aren’t too tight as we want to achieve soft wavy tresses like the celebrity.

Step 2: Section hair at your crown

Photo source: @Zhouzhou/XiaoHongShu

From the centre of your hairline, grab a section of hair backwards and braid it down. The segment you just divided should form a triangle at the crown, right before your forehead.

Step 3: Connect two side strands to the main body

Photo source: @Zhouzhou/XiaoHongShu

Grab a section of hair from both sides next to the triangle section you have created and connect them to the centre braid.

Step 4: Add a bow or ribbon

Photo source: @Zhouzhou/XiaoHongShu

While this step is optional, you can add a bow or ribbon accessory to your braid for an elegant look.

Featured image credit: @Zhouzhou/XiaoHongShu and @小萝卜heidi/XiaoHongShu