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The “jelly lips” trend has taken the social media world by storm, and one brand that stands out in achieving this coveted look is Rom&nd.

Known for their glossy, dewy lip models featured all over their Instagram, Rom&nd has become a household name in the world of lip tints.

But have you ever wondered how those models manage to make the same lip product look flawless every time? If your lips haven’t quite matched up to their picture-perfect glossy lip looks, you might have been going about it the wrong way.

Rom&nd’s popular lip tints


Credits: @romandyou/Instagram

Whether you already own a Rom&nd tint or are considering getting one, you’re in for a treat as we unveil some incredible tips that surfaced on TikTok to help you achieve that luscious, glossy look!

Rom&nd, founded in 2016 by the celebrated Korean beauty influencer Saeron Min, needs no introduction in the makeup realm. Famed for their lip products, they have quickly expanded into offering more makeup items ranging from eyeshadows, mascara, blusher, BB cushion, and more.

How to achieve the perfect juicy, glossy pout the right way

TikTok creator, Sarah (@sarahkchey) seems to have cracked the code to using Rom&nd’s Juicy Lasting Tint Bare Juicy Series for plump, glossy lips, just like those seen in the brand’s campaign images.

She used Rom&nd’s Juicy Lasting Lip Tint in the shade 25 Bare Grape in the video, and here’s exactly how she applied it to achieve that glossy look:

Step 1: Apply the lip stain to your inner lips as usual.


Step 2: Let the product sit on your lips for a few seconds.


Avoid rubbing your lips together as this will disrupt the glossy finish. This is the key mistake many make when trying to achieve the glossy look.

Step 3: Gently blend the outer edges with the lip applicator’s tip, avoiding the inner portion of your lips.


Step 4: For that extra shine, apply another coat of lip stain to the inner lips. And there you have it! A glossy pout that’s made for beauty campaigns.


Where to find Rom&nd’s Juicy Lasting Lip Tint

The Rom&nd’s Juicy Lasting Lip Tint comes in various series, but the one Sarah used is from the Rom&nd’s Juicy Lasting Tint Bare Juicy Series, offering high-pigmented tints in four fruity shades:

  • 22 Pomelo Skin
  • 23 Nucadamia
  • 24 Peeling Angdoo
  • 25 Bare Grape

Rom&nd’s Juicy Lasting Lip Tint retails for S$7.99 on Amazon Singapore and S$19.98 at Shopee.

Featured image credits: @sarahkchey/TikTok