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Chinese face reading is an ancient practice that believes that one’s facial features can reveal their personality and predict their future. There is something comforting in knowing that you can figure out the secrets to your future just by looking at your face.

But what if you have features that are considered to be “bad luck”? Is your only solution plastic surgery to “correct” your face? Not at all. Instead of seeking out drastic measures, you can opt for using makeup to temporarily change your facial features to be more auspicious. While it doesn’t last permanently, it might just be enough to help you ring in the new year with positive energy and better luck!

Here are tips on how you can use makeup to alter your facial features according to Chinese face reading to bring in prosperity and good health in the new year:

Well-balanced face

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In Chinese face reading, a well-balanced, symmetrical face is one of the key indicators of prosperity, and one way to tell whether your face is balanced is to look at your selfie. We’re so used to looking at ourselves in the mirror, but a selfie, being horizontally flipped, will make the asymmetrical features on our face more obvious to our eyes.

While it’s nearly impossible to have a perfectly symmetrical face, you can definitely create the illusion with makeup by using contour and highlight to visually reshape the face.

The Chinese also believe that an overall smooth, clear and bright complexion is an auspicious sign. To create the look, use a foundation with a more natural finish to make sure your base doesn’t look cakey, and use a full coverage concealer to cover any spots and blemishes as needed. Highlighter will also help to bring more light to the face.

Prominent forehead


Chinese face reading favours a high and wide forehead as it indicates wealth and authority. This means you should go easy on the contouring as it could make your forehead look smaller. Instead, use highlighter to bring more attention and make your forehead appear more prominent on your face. While we generally try to keep our forehead from being too shiny, a little shine is okay as long as you use a good oil control foundation underneath.

Take care to not go overboard, though, as an overly wide forehead on a female may indicate troubles in your personal relationships!

Clear, bright eyes

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The eyes are window to your soul and in Chinese face reading, they indicate your health and prosperity, especially in your late thirties. You will want to make your eyes appear as clear and bright as possible, which means covering up dark circles and staying away from heavy eye makeup. Instead, use bright colours with peach or pink tone for a more youthful look, and shimmery shadows to make your eyes appear bigger. If they are uneven in size, you can adjust with an eyeliner so they look more balanced.

It is also important to have eyes that are exactly one eye-width apart as it is considered to be the ideal distance. If your eyes are too far apart, use eyeliner to line the inner corner of your eyes to bring them closer. If your eyes are too close together, use a shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners and go darker towards the outer corners.

Even eyebrows


As makeup junkies, we all know the importance of eyebrows in framing the face. Similarly, in Chinese face reading, eyebrows are a vital indicator of a person’s fortune and health. Eyebrows that meet or almost meet in the middle suggest potential misfortune, so make sure to get rid of any stray hair in between your brows. But remember to never pluck any hair above your brows, as that also brings bad luck.

Regardless of the shape of your brows, it’s important that they are even and well-balanced. If one of your brows is fuller than the other, you can draw the sparser one a little thicker. As you are not following the natural shape of the brow, use thin strokes to mimic real brow hair and make it look as natural as possible.

Round, rosy cheeks


Unlike Western beauty standards that favour chiselled cheekbones, in Chinese face reading, full and round cheekbones are a positive sign indicating success in one’s life.

This means that you should not use too much cheek contour as it might make your face look more gaunt and bony. Instead, use highlight on the top of your cheekbones to make them appear more prominent. Add don’t forget to use a rosy tone blush with a glowy finish to bring even more vitality to your face.

Round, big nose with high bridge


Again, ease off on the nose contour as the Chinese believe that round, big nose is one of the strongest indicators of wealth and fortune, especially on a woman. However, make sure to cover any blemishes on your nose, which are said to block the “flow of money”.

You can also use highlight to create the illusion of a higher nose bridge, which suggests great health and vitality.

Full, well-shaped lips

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The Chinese believe that the lips represent one’s relationship with other people. Those with well-shaped, round lips are more charming and pleasant to talk to while those with thin lips tend to be argumentative or unreliable. To create the appearance of fuller lips, slightly overline your lips with a lip liner in the colour of your natural lips. A lip gloss can also help make your lips look fuller.

If you are using a lip liner, make sure to draw upward from the corners of your lips to give them an upturned look, which makes you look more agreeable and is said to bring good harmony and positivity to your life.

The colour of the lips, especially for women, indicates their vigor as well as the strength of their marriage. A rosy pink colour is said to be the best lip colour to sport.

Strong, firm chin

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The chin is said to be where wealth is stored on a person’s face, so a strong, firm chin that is slightly protruding can indicate that the person is able to accumulate fortune and live a wealthy life especially when they get older. If your chin is small and pointy, add some contour powder underneath to round it out.

You can also use a concealer a shade lighter than your usual as well as some highlighter on the chin to make it look more prominent.