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We’ve always been a bit obsessed with Japanese stars since we were young. We used to jam out to Ayumi Hamasaki’s compilation album A Best and wanted to be just like her.

Years later, we are still admiring this “Empress of J-pop”. We were surprised to find out that she’s 43 now, because she sure doesn’t look her age to us!

So, we went and did a little research to find out Ayumi Hamasaki’s beauty tips in hopes that we can look as good as her.

She laughs a lot

Ayumi Hamasaki Beauty Tips tip 1 laughing

Photo source: @a.you on Instagram

Laughing is Ayumi’s biggest beauty weapon. Research has also shown that laughter may lead to clearer eyes, brighter skin, healthier hair, and a better ability to fight illnesses.

She always keeps her skin moisturised

Moisturising your skin can make it appear youthful and plump and help reduce skin problems such as extreme dryness and oiliness.

This could be why Ayumi always makes sure to keep her skin hydrated, and how her skin always looks practically flawless.

She eats macrobiotic meals on tour

Ayumi Hamasaki Beauty Tips tip 3 macrobiotic meals

Photo source: @a.you on Instagram

Whenever Ayumi travels for an extended period, she asks her chef to prepare macrobiotic meals three times a day.

A macrobiotic diet is a high fibre, high complex carbohydrate, low-fat eating plan that mostly includes whole grains and vegetables.

She makes sure she keeps herself warm

One thing Ayumi stresses a lot on is body temperature. She says she always makes sure to keep herself warm.

According to her, feeling chilly is a woman’s worst enemy. We can imagine how unpleasant we may look when we are at an uncomfortable temperature, so we can totally understand this tip.

She loves her sheet masks

Ayumi Hamasaki Beauty Tips tip 5 sheet masks

Photo source: @a.you on Instagram

This pop star has shared that when she has some downtime, she loves to surround herself with her favourite candles.

Then, she applies a sheet mask to her face, relaxes, and takes a deep breath. She says she really feels like she is getting luxury pampering treatment that way.

She does plenty of exercise

Ayumi does a lot of exercise in her spare time. She loves doing yoga, ballet, and aerial training with a special programme tailored for her physical condition.

She intensively trains her body twice a week before concerts and filming to keep her muscles toned. It is no wonder she always looks good on stage.

Featured image credit: a.you & a.you