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“Baby powder” scent is making a comeback as one of the most sought-after fragrances worn by women. These scents evokes a sense of child-like innocence and carefree spirit.

But don’t for a moment think that it’ll make you smell infantile or like a mum who’s forgotten to clean herself up. The “baby powder” fragrances that perfume-lovers are wearing have been given a “grown up” and elegant update with notes of vanilla, soft musk, and citrus.

Want to add a “baby powder” fragrance to your current perfume collection? Read on for our top recommendations.

1. Demeter Baby PowderBaby Powder Perfumes Demeter

Want the original? Demeter boasts a huge collection of perfumes of literally almost anything, from kitten fur, chilli pepper, and even glue, so it’s no wonder that they’d bottle the comforting smell of baby powder too.


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Since it’s a single note fragrance, don’t be afraid to mix it up with some of your other perfume to create an even more complex scent!

Starts at USD3.60 for a sampler.

2. Zara Femme

Baby Powder Perfumes Zara Femme

Although Zara is best known as a fast fashion chain selling fashionable yet trendy workwear, they offer equally chic fragrances at a fraction of the cost of most bottles out there. Femme starts off fresh to the nose with notes of bergamot and peony, and eventually dries down to the warm and creamy base notes of vanilla and musk, as well as bitter patchouli for an elegant touch.

Retails at Zara stores.

3. BVLGARI Petit et Mamans

Baby Powder Perfumes Bvlgari

Designed especially for both children and mothers with kid-safe ingredients, the warm and soft fragrance will transport you back to carefree moments with the classic notes of chamomile and talc, with added freshness from the Sicilian bergamot and sunny oranges. Housed in an adorable bottle with bright yellows and oranges with cute animal doodles all over it, don’t be afraid to steal some from your children’s dresser occasionally!

Get yours from iShopChangi at SGD116.

4. Flower by Kenzo (Original)

Baby Powder Perfumes Flower By Kenzo Edt

An urban and modern take on the comforting scent of baby powder, try this one out if you like traditionally feminine and soft fragrances with a floral edge. With notes of parma violets, hawthorne, and Bulgarian roses, this popular fragrance dries down to a rich and refined vanilla and musk base.

Get the original EDT fragrance from SGD83, or view their full range of Flower by Kenzo here, including a cushion perfume (SGD63).

5. The Body Shop White Musk

Baby Powder Perfumes White Musk Edt

One of The Body Shop’s bestselling fragrances, this classic fragrance is probably most familiar to us. Featuring a synthetic powdery musk note, the depth of it is balanced out by other light and airy florals, making this the perfect daily daytime fragrance. With an entire line of body care products like a fragrance mist (SGD23), an Eau de Toilette (SGD32), and even a men’s version (SGD40), pick one to suit your lifestyle needs.

These are available at all The Body Shop stores or their official store on Shopee.

6. Aqua Savon EDT White Cotton

Baby Powder Perfumes Aqua Savon

A calm and gentle scent that reminds one of freshly washed laundry that dries into a rich and musky base note, here’s one to try out if you dislike overly sweet and bright perfumes.

SGD71.94 on Shopee.

7. Guerlain Eau de Shalimar

Baby Powder Perfumes Guerlain Eau De Shalimar

If you’re a perfume fanatic, you’ll know Guerlain has been making fragrances for almost two centuries, retaining their exceptional craftsmanship in both the fragrance and the bottle housing it, and Eau de Shalimar is no exception.


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The elegant glass bottle with a blue cap houses a bright and citrusy scent that fades into a warm vanilla orris and musk heart, making it a must-have on your vanity if you have a weak spot for fragrances and beautiful packaging.

Retails for USD125 on Guerlain’s website.https://buy.cosmeticsnow.sg/items/bvlgari/ladies_fragrance-petits-et-mamans