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The way beauty enthusiasts invest in beauty products is sometimes called an addiction. And we understand why. There’s always a product we think can help us achieve our skincare, makeup or hair goal, or a limited edition collection that is too beautiful to resist. And we haven’t even started talking about basic essentials that we have to replenish.

If your new year’s resolution is to spend less on beauty products, and yet you’re not willing to short-change yourself, read on.

Here are some beauty hacks that will ensure you don’t burn a hole in your pocket every few days (you can thank us later).

1. Turn eyeshadow into a custom nail colour by mixing it with clear polish

You know that one or two eyeshadow colours in every palette that you never seem to wear because they are too bold, or just don’t look all that good on your eyes?

Well, simply use something sharp – a metal ruler, a nail, scissors… whatever you can find, really – and force some of the eyeshadow out of its little casing. Mix it with some clear polish that you probably have lying around somewhere, and you get a new bottle of nail polish! The best part? You don’t have to spend extra money on it.

2. Frizzy hair? Try drying your hair with an old T-shirt.

In sunny and humid Singapore, frizzy hair is no stranger to us. But here’s a little-known fact: using rough towels to dry your hair disturbs your strands and more often than not, results in what we call a “lion’s mane”.

If you’ve been thinking of shelling out money on an anti-frizz product, maybe try this trick first. Use one of your dad’s huge cotton T-shirts (don’t take the new ones, or you’re pretty much asking for death) to dry your hair with it. You may realise that your frizz is no longer so prominent, and you’ve just save yourself from buying more hair products to deal with this pesky hair problem.

3. Make the perfect toner for your skin by using 3 ingredients

Many people who are on a budget may choose to forgo toners in their skincare regime. Don’t do that. Consider a DIY toner using ingredients that you may find in their kitchen.

Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of tea-tree oil and one cup of warm water. Try it out on your skin, and simply add more tea-tree oil if it feels too drying, and more apple cider vinegar if it feels too oily. This basically means you get to customise your own toner, how cool is that?!

4. Use old mascara brushes as eyebrow brushes

We all know our eyebrow hairs can go a little bit cray-cray sometimes – and as Murphy’s Law would have it, usually when we are heading to an important appointment. Instead of spending extra money on brushes to comb out your eyebrows, clean your old mascara brushes up and use them to tame those brows!

5. Use coconut oil as makeup remover


Another DIY product that you can make using things you can find in your kitchen – coconut oil as a makeup remover. This natural ingredient has a hydrating effect on skin and leaves your skin feeling soft after you’ve cleansed off makeup with it.

6. Use old toothbrush to exfoliate your lips

No one likes dry and patchy lips – not only does it feel uncomfortable (ugh), dry lips do not look good with lipstick on top of them.

Save on lip exfoliators, by using your old toothbrush instead. Run it gently across your lips for a few times and you’ll be surprised by how quickly dead skin cells come off. Trust us when we say it works like magic every time we try it.

7. Add corn starch to clear nail polish for DIY matte nails

Matte is all the rage right now (thanks to Kylie Jenner) – matte lips, matte nails, matte eyeshadows, you name it.

Instead of making a trip down to your favourite beauty store to get matte polishes or top coats for the coveted matte nail look, here’s a DIY trick. Add corn starch to clear polish to create your own matte top coat! Alternatively, you can also add cornstarch to the nail polish colour of your choice to get the same effect. Simple, cheap, and hassle-free.