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Imagine a haven within your own home, a space dedicated solely to relaxation and self-care. This is the essence of a “beauty sanctuary”, a designated area where you can unwind, recharge, and pamper yourself. In our fast-paced lives, having such pockets of peace are essential for promoting overall well-being. They provide an escape from daily stresses, allowing you to focus on self-love and rejuvenation. For beauty enthusiasts, these spaces will also make you look forward to home even more!

The beauty of a beauty sanctuary lies in its personalisation. Here are some ways to transform a space in your home into your own haven.

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Declutter and Cultivate Calm

beauty sanctuary at home declutter

A cluttered environment can be overwhelming. Begin by decluttering your chosen space. This will not only create a sense of order but also make the area feel more spacious and serene.

  • Start small, start manageable: Don’t overwhelm yourself by tackling the entire space at once. Choose a drawer, a shelf, or a corner to begin. Once that area feels clear and organized, move on to the next.
  • Embrace the “KonMari” method: Ask yourself if each item in your space “sparks joy.” If it doesn’t, be honest with yourself and let it go. Consider donating, selling, or recycling unwanted items.
  • Categorise and compartmentalise: Having designated storage solutions makes a big difference. Invest in baskets, bins, or drawer dividers to keep things organised and easily accessible.
  • Embrace the power of negative space: Leave some breathing room in your space. This creates a sense of visual calm and allows the items you truly cherish to stand out.


Homestolife Mason Dual-Tier Side Table

Mason Dual-Tier Side Table

Consider furniture that comes with storage or is expandable so that you can hide your mess and maintain a sleeker environment. The featured item is the Mason Dual-Tier Side Table from Homestolife that elegantly opens up to additional storage to put away items such as remote controls, facial sheet masks, body cream, face roller, and other small self-care items that you may want to keep away but access effortlessly.

Mason Dual Tier Side Table retails for S$344.50 (UP: $689) and is available at Homestolife.

Design a Dedicated Beauty Space

dedicated beauty space

Having a dedicated beauty space in the house for your beauty routines helps to elevate them from mundane tasks to moments of self-care and ritual. Imagine the difference between hurriedly applying moisturiser on the counter in the morning rush versus taking time to unwind on a comfortable sofa in your designated beauty sanctuary.

This dedicated space allows you to take on a more mindful approach to your beauty routine and focus solely on yourself and your well-being. The act of entering this space can become a cue to slow down, take a deep breath, and prioritise your needs.

  • Repurpose a corner: You don’t need a whole room! Even a well-utilised corner can become your haven. Choose a spot with good natural light and is further from the bustling parts of the house.
  • Think vertical storage: Utilise wall space with shelves or hanging organisers to keep your beauty products within easy reach. This keeps the floor clear and creates a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Personalise your space: Surround yourself with things that inspire you and promote relaxation. Add a scented candle, a small vase with fresh flowers, or a piece of calming artwork. These personal touches will make your beauty space feel truly your own.


Pico Swivel and Rocker Recliner

Pico Swivel and Rocker Recliner

Invest in a comfortable armchair for this dedicated beauty space and we highly recommend recliners because of how comfortable they are. Read all about the benefits of recliners and you’ll appreciate what we mean!

Consider a stylish recliner like the Pico Swivel and Rocker Recliner by Homestolife. This is perfect especially if you’re looking for a practical, space-saving option in your home.

We like this motorised armchair allows you to swivel, rock, and recline, which offers maximum comfort and ease. What’s more it comes with a built-in USB port, which means you can even charge your beauty devices – like your LED mask, EMS device, or eye massager – as you need it!

Pico Swivel and Rocker Recliner retails for S$1,099 and is available at Homestolife. Keep an eye out for their upcoming Labour Day special promotion; armchairs are going for as low as S$500!

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Aromatherapy for the Soul

aromatherapy at home

Fragrances play a powerful role in setting the mood. Using diffusers and scented candles can help promote a sense of calmness or invigoration – depending on what you’d prefer.

  • Choose the right scents: Different essential oils offer unique benefits. Lavender is renowned for its calming properties, making it ideal for promoting relaxation during evening routines. For an invigorating morning pick-me-up, consider citrus scents like grapefruit or lemon. Research various essential oils and their properties to find ones that resonate with your desired mood.
  • Delivery methods: There are several ways to introduce scents into your beauty sanctuary. Diffusers are a popular option, gently misting the air with your chosen scent. Candles are well-loved because they also act as a beautiful touch complement the overall decor of the space. For a more targeted experience, consider applying a few drops of diluted essential oil (always dilute before skin contact!) to a washcloth and placing it near your face during a facial mask treatment.
  • Less is more: A subtle scent is key to creating a relaxing environment. Start with a few drops of essential oil and adjust as needed. Overpowering aromas can be counterproductive and even lead to headaches.
  • Rotate your scents: Our olfactory senses can become accustomed to specific scents over time. To keep your beauty sanctuary experience fresh and engaging, consider rotating the scents you use every few weeks.


tom ford rose prick candle

This beautiful candle is inspired by Tom Ford’s private rose garden and features the notes of a wild bouquet of beautiful breeds of rose: Rose de Mai, Turkish and Bulgarian. Slightly woody at first and finishing with the warmth of roasted Tonka smolders with addictive notes of vanilla, this is a calming scent that will add a touch of luxury to your space.

Tom Ford Rose Prick Candle retails for S$200 and is available at Tom Ford counters and Sephora.

Don’t Forget Your Beauty Sleep

sleep sanctuary at home

A good night’s sleep is vital for overall health and beauty. Transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary with calming bedding in soft, natural fabrics. Invest in blackout curtains to block out light and consider using a sleep spray with lavender or chamomile essential oils to help you sleep better.

  • Temperature control: Studies show that a cooler room (between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius) is ideal for sleep. Programme your air-conditioner for nighttime or invest in a stronger fan for those warmer months.
  • Banish electronics: The blue light emitted from electronic devices like phones and laptops can disrupt your sleep cycle and also cause havoc to your skin. Power down electronics at least an hour before bedtime and keep them out of the bedroom altogether if possible.
  • Invest in comfort: Your bed is the heart of your sleep sanctuary. Make sure your mattress and pillows offer proper support and are comfortable for your sleep style.
  • Create a relaxing routine: Develop a calming bedtime routine that signals to your body it’s time to wind down. This could include taking a warm bath, reading a book, or practising gentle stretches.


Aromatica Serene Lavender & Marjoram Body Wash

To help you melt away fatigue before bedtime, consider using a relaxing body wash that is formulated with lavender like this one from Aromatica. The scent of this body wash offers a tranquil shower experience while its gentle lather leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed – and ready for sleep.

Aromatica Serene Lavender & Marjoram Body Wash retails for S$44 at Sephora.

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