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It’s hard to believe, but TikTok is a lot more than an outlet for meme-worthy pranks and cringey dance videos. After watching a steady stream of TikToks, we’ve noticed an uptick in short tutorials that provide useful beauty tips and advice — something we never thought we’d learn from TikTokers.

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There are plenty of #beautyhacks out there, but we’ve chosen some of the most interesting TikToks to share with you. From DIY skincare to fast hair solutions, here are 12 beauty tips we picked up from TikTokers.

Skincare tips we learned from TikTokers

1. Clear up blemishes on your skin with a two-ingredient DIY mask


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♬ original sound – Amy Chang

DIY skincare recipes are a dime a dozen, but this two-ingredient mask recommended by Amy Chang (@bondenavant) also has skincare-obsessed folks raving on Reddit. To lighten acne marks and brighten your overall complexion, the TikToker grabbed some honey and mixed it in with turmeric powder to create a paste.

Honey has natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, while turmeric is rich in antioxidants. When applied topically, both ingredients work to treat acne, brighten dark spots, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

2. How to de-puff your eyes and get rid of dark circles


The HACK To Get Rid Of Dark Circles & Under Eye Puffiness

♬ original sound – aaronmarino

@alphamofficial knows we all want to look our best in the mornings, which is why he took to TikTok to share a few tips. To bring down any swelling around the eye area, he reaches for a chilled spoon that has been chilled in the fridge over night and place them around the eye area for a few minutes.

This technique helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and even under eye bags.

3. Skip your cleanser in the morning


Ditching morning #cleansing was the best thing I’ve ever done to my dehydrated #acne #oilyskin ! Protect your #skinbarrier#skincaretip #beauty #fyp

♬ I Guess It’s Time to Wake Up – Joey Pecoraro

Liah Yoo (@liahyoo), the founder of Krave Beauty, says, “Ditching morning #cleansing was the best thing I’ve ever done for my dehydrated #acne, #oilyskin!” Instead of using a cleanser in the morning, she soaks a cotton pad in lukewarm water and swipes it across her face. This removes any excess sebum and buildup without disrupting your skin barrier.

Next, she dots a lightweight day moisturiser all over her face and massages it in. Her last step is a sunscreen from Krave Beauty called Beet The Sun SPF 50+ PA++++. She says you should apply it every single day and we couldn’t agree more.

Even when we’re working from home now, that doesn’t mean UV rays can’t enter the room. They can penetrate glass and clouds, so protect your skin with a sunscreen of SPF30 and above.

4. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your ears and lips


Don’t do it #OwnTheCurve #antiaging #aging #skincare #skincaretips #clearskintips #acnehelp #wearsunscreen #spf #fyp #viral #glowyskin #sunburn #skin

♬ Interior Crocodile Alligator – Chip Tha Ripper

Speaking of sunscreen, most of us already know to apply it on our face and neck to protect our skin from UV rays and blue light. What most of us aren’t aware of is that our ears and lips need sun protection too, something that TikToker @pullinggraviity wants to stress on.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ears are the third most common spot for skin cancer. So if you’re seated right next to a window for an extended period of time with your hair tucked behind your ears, it’s best to apply some sunscreen on them too.

As for lips, it’s an area that we often forget about since we’re eating and drinking all the time. To make things a little easier, keep a lip balm that contains SPF right beside you. This way, you can reapply the balm throughout the day to protect your lips.

For a glossy look, try Supergoop!’s Shine On Lip Screen SPF 50 or Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 to add a sheer wash of colour to your lips.

Makeup tips we learned from TikTokers

5. Turn your foundation into a beauty filter IRL


Setting Powder BEFORE foundation? Let’s try it with @Sammera 🙌🏼 #fyp #makeup #makeup4you #makeuphack #makeuptips #settingpowderhack #makeuptutorial

♬ IN MY HEAD – Shanna Hustle

This foundation hack by @sosucosmetics has gone viral on TikTok. Instead of applying foundation and setting it with a translucent powder after, the TikToker has a technique that involves applying powder before foundation.

A number of users have tried the hack and they claimed it gave their skin an effect that’s akin to a beauty filter.

6. Give your lip gloss a new lease of life


My Favorite Lipgloss Hack #makeup #beautyhacks OG viewers, you already know 😉

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

Regardless of how much you spend on makeup, you want to be sure to get your money’s worth out of every single product. But all beauty junkies know that some items are more difficult to finish up than others. Before you can finish one lip gloss, another lip gloss has already dried out and clumped up.

OG beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan (@themichellephan) has an easy solution. For this, you’ll require items that you already own at home: a mug and a microwave. Fill the mug with water and stick it in the microwave for a minute to heat the water up. Then, place your tubes of lip gloss in the mug for half an hour. This helps to melt the gloss formula, reviving it so you can use them for longer.

7. How to turn your eyeshadows into lipstick


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♬ original sound – Mireya Rios

If you only have five minutes to get ready for a video call and you can’t find your tiny tube of lipstick anywhere, here’s a trick that may come in handy. TikToker Mireya Rios (@mireyarios) suggests reaching for your eyeshadow palette — preferably one with rose, red, or nude shades — and swatch a small amount of your chosen colour on the back of your hand.

Then, grab a regular lip balm or gloss and swipe it over the eyeshadow pigment on your hand. When it picks up the pigment, apply it to your lips like you would a normal lipstick.

8. A foolproof way to master your winged liner


Anyone have a business card? 🤗 👁 #officelife #beautyhack #diy

♬ High Fashion (feat. Mustard) – Roddy Ricch

For those who have been struggling to perfect their winged liner since Alexa Chung made it popular, we feel you. To make our lives much easier, @beautyhacks has created a quick solution to our address our feline flick issues.

Mark your lash line in the centre of your eye with a liquid eyeliner. Then, take a sturdy card and angle it upwards. Use the card as a guide to creating your cat eye and draw a line. Remove the card and connect the marks for an easy winged tip. Definitely foolproof.

9. Cover up a giant zit using a layering technique


Tell me how you cover your zits!? ⬇️⬇️⬇️💕 #tiktok #foryou #fyp #viral #makeuphacks #pimple #makeuptips #acne #foryoupage

♬ original sound – glamnanne

If you woke up with a mammoth of a zit this morning, this concealer trick is here to help. TikToker @glamanne1 recommends applying a layer of foundation over your pimple with a finger. Make sure it’s the same shade as your skin tone, otherwise it could make your zit more obvious. Blend the edges of the foundation with a brush, and set it with a powder using a makeup sponge.

Dust the powder off, and go in with a second layer of foundation. Blend the edges out again and set it with powder once again. For the final step of coverage, take a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it over the pimple. Give it one last coat of setting powder and you’re done. She also suggests placing the powder on the pimple so it won’t look too cakey around the area.

Hair tips we learned from TikTokers

10. How to fix your hairline with makeup products


How I fix my receding hairline (forehead) with makeup! My trick when I pull back my hair! #makeuphacks #getthelook #makeup #beauty #asmr #beautyhacks

♬ BDASH Breathe – BDash

You may recognise Chriselle Lim (@chrisellelim) from YouTube or Instagram, but the digital influencer is also sharing her styling hacks and beauty tips on TikTok. She filmed a tutorial to show us how she hides her receding hairline with everyday makeup essentials.

First, she uses an automatic brow pencil to mark out her ideal hairline on her forehead. Then, she uses a contour stick to fill in the gap, dips a brush into some powder foundation and blends the three products together to create a natural shadow.

To top it off, she uses a liquid liner to create small strokes, mimicking the hairs on her head. Use a brown liner if your hair is lighter to avoid any obvious, harsh lines. You can also use a root touch-up hair product to get the same effect.

11. Curl your hair with a straightening iron


хочуврек #врекомендации

♬ Walk Challenge – Melvyn.thr

If your perm appointment was cancelled due to the Circuit Breaker and you only have a straightening iron at home, try this hack. Working with a small section of her hair, @ksanya95 opened her straightening iron and wrapped her hair once over the tool, not touching the plates. Next, she wraps the hair over the bottom plate, clamps it shut, and pulls it to the end.

What you’ll be left with is a pretty ringlet curl. You can switch up the way you wrap your hair around the tool to change the direction and pattern of the curls. We can expect a lot more people curling their hair with straightening irons in quarantine.

12. Add volume to your hair without dry shampoo


#makeuphacks when you don’t have dry shampoo and need a little volume/ oil control use translucent powder!!!

♬ You – Petit Biscuit

Dry shampoo is the perfect hair pick-me-up. It soaks up grease, refreshes your hair, and boosts its volume, so we know how tragic it is to run out of a bottle so suddenly. For those who need to look good in a hurry and can’t take a trip to the drugstore, Valeria Lipovetsky (@valeria.lipovetsky) has a trick she swears by.

In the TikToker’s video, she pulled out a tub of translucent setting powder. She dabs a finger in it and applies the powder to the greasy parts of her scalp that need a bit of oil-control. After rubbing it in, your hair should look fresh and more lifted.

We’re also pretty sure she uses Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder, which is one of the best on the market. If it’s a little over your budget, the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is an effective one that’s more affordable.