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Jetting off for a holiday soon? If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to look your best when you’re overseas.

That means you’ll be bringing trusty beauty products from home, like your most flattering blush, or your holy grail moisturiser.

But you’ll have to be extra careful – nothing ruins a relaxed holiday like opening your luggage to find shattered powder and liquid products leaking everywhere!

We’ve rounded up nine essential tips that you’ll want to try out before your next vacation, so you can save yourself the heartbreak of accidentally destroying your favourite products (and the subsequent hassle of cleaning up).

Read on to equip yourself with these handy tips, and packing your toiletries will be a breeze!

Protect Powder Products

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Whether it’s setting powder, blush, or eyeshadow, many of us can’t go without our favourite powder products.

Still, it’s common for these delicate powder pacts to break while travelling. All it takes is one harsh bump, and you’ll be left with a shattered compact and powder everywhere!

With your luggage being tossed around in transit, your powder products need some extra care and attention. So, try placing a thick cotton pad in the compact, letting in rest on top of the powder product.

The soft cotton material serves as added cushioning, so that even if your compact is being shaken around, it’s less likely to come into contact with a hard surface and break.

Prevent Leakage With Plastic


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Liquid products spilling is another issue many travellers face, and a loose cap on a bottle of serum or shampoo can spell disaster for your carefully-packed belongings.

To prevent this, try using a sheet of plastic, such as cling wrap, as a barrier to stop liquids from leaking!

Simply cut a small square of plastic, then pull the plastic taut across the bottle’s opening and place the cap back on to catch any spillage.

Plus, for an extra layer of protection, place your bottles into a plastic bag before it goes into your luggage.

Cushion Fragile Products

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If you don’t want your precious makeup and skincare products rolling around in your luggage, you’ll want to make sure there’s some added padding to cushion your products.

The easiest way to cushion your products is with your clothes, since this method doesn’t require any extra packing on top of what you already have in your luggage.

Wrap your clothes around fragile products like bottles and compacts, so that your clothes are covering the product on all sides!

The softness and thickness of the folded fabric serves as an effective cushion, absorbing any unwanted impact against your beloved products.

Get Multipurpose Products

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Why not make use of the beauty industry’s creativity to save some time?

You can invest in multipurpose products to cut down on a few steps in your routine, making it more convenient for travel. Plus, you’ll have fewer products to pack!

Try out a tinted moisturiser or sunscreen for some light coverage while still giving your skin the nourishment it needs.

Or, get a product that’s safe and easily buildable on your cheeks and lips for a 2-in-1 blush and lip tint!

Try Solid Products

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Other must-try innovations include solid beauty products that dissolve in water, and they’ve been steadily rising in popularity for their sheer convenience.

These products start as little tablets that are easily portable and dissolve under water to form a soft and luxurious lather. Best of all, they reduce the amount of plastic packaging that goes to waste!

You can look for solid versions of shampoo, body wash, and even facial cleanser to remove the hassle of large bottles and make packing your essentials that much easier.

Use Samples

If you love buying beauty products, you might have accumulated a pile of free samples and gifts that seem to appear after every shopping haul.

The best time to finally start using them is definitely when you’re overseas since they already come in mini sizes and are only meant to be used for a week or two.

You’ll get to declutter by putting all the free samples lying around to good use while saving space in your luggage!

Soak Cotton Pads

For relatively short trips, why not reduce the number of bottles you bring and soak cotton pads with the products you need instead?

Before your trip, you can try soaking cotton pads with toner or even makeup remover to use later on.

After all, cotton pads are far easier to carry than heavy and bulky bottles, and they’ll stay damp for a few days when sealed in an airtight bag. So, you’ll be able to save luggage space and even use your products on the go!

If you don’t want to go through the process of manually soaking each and every pad you need, you can go for toner pads and makeup remover wipes, which conveniently come with as much product as necessary.

Use Contact Lens Cases For Storage

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For an innovative way to store products, try using an easily available household item – contact lens cases!

Since every case already comes with two little containers that can be sealed tightly, they’re perfect for products like lotions or creams. Simply dispense as much as you’ll need for the trip, and you’re good to go!

Besides, the small size and lightweight material of these cases mean that you can bring as many as necessary without taking up tons of space.

Get The Right Bag

Struggling to keep track of your beloved products and fit them all into your luggage?

Investing in a good toiletry bag might be a good idea, so that you’ll have compartments that are properly separated out.

This helps you pack only as much as you need, as well as keep track of where everything is, so you’ll never have to dig through all of your belongings to find your favourite lippie.

We’d recommend a toiletry bag that you can hang on a hook and unroll vertically since not every hotel will have expansive counter space for all your toiletries.

Bonus points if the bag is padded, giving your beauty essentials some much-needed protection!

Featured image credits: @freepik/Freepik.