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Your night-time skincare routine may be on point, but there are other bedtime mistakes that may be causing you to break out or develop signs of ageing. Read on to find out which are the most common skincare crimes to see if you’ve been committing them.

1. Sleeping on your face

While comfortable, sleeping face-down or on your side may be making you look older. Pressing your face against the pillow can cause compression wrinkles to appear. And if you suffer from acne, bacteria build-up on dirty sheets and pillow cases can cause inflammation that aggravate your zits.

How to Avoid

Train yourself to sleep on your back. Alternatively, opt for satin or silk pillow cases that are more gentle on the skin. Also, wash your bed sheets and pillow cases regularly.

2. Not removing your makeup thoroughly

If you find yourself sleeping with your makeup on or being too hasty with makeup removal, it’s time to quit this habit. Makeup that’s not cleaned off properly can be left behind on your pillows and breed bacteria, which can cause inflammation on your skin.

How to Avoid

To put it simply, don’t be lazy! Always remind yourself that spending an extra two minutes in the bathroom to clean off your makeup before going to bed saves you the hassle of dealing with annoying pimples. Invest in an easy-to-use makeup remover to encourage yourself to cleanse thoroughly.

3. Not washing your hair

Grime and impurities accumulated from the day’s activities can get transferred onto your skin and you know that can break you out.

How to avoid

If you really have no time to wash and dry your hair before bed-time, consider tying your hair in a bun at the top of your hair or use a shower cap to keep your hair away from your face.

4. Sleeping directly under the air-conditioner

While the weather is extremely humid in sunny Singapore, exposing your skin to the air-conditioner overnight can dehydrate your skin. If you find your skin looking duller when you wake up or see fine lines on your skin, this may be why.

How to Avoid

Rearrange the furniture in your room such that the air conditioner is not blowing directly at your face. You can also put a humidifier in your room to make sure the air in your room doesn’t get too dry.

5. Texting before you sleep

Light from your phone can make it harder for you to fall asleep, and some researchers even attribute the use of mobile phones to insomnia. Also, like UV rays, the light from your screens (mobile phone and laptops) can cause the appearance of signs of ageing, so it’s best to keep screen time as little as possible.

How to Avoid

If you really need to entertain yourself, try read a book instead. Otherwise, keep your phone and electronics away from the bed for at least an hour before you turn in.

6. Hot showers before bed-time

taking a hot shower

A hot shower feels really good after a long day because it makes you feel like you’re washing your fatigue away. However, showering with hot water can be drying to the skin and may cause irritation and flakiness.

How to Avoid

Stick to lukewarm water and limit your shower to under ten minutes to prevent over-drying of the skin. Also, don’t forget to moisturise your skin after shower!

7. Sleeping next to your pets

While pets are a joy to be around and snuggling with them is therapy in itself, the dirt from their fur and paws may get onto your skin. Also, some dog breeds have a tendency to shed… a lot! This would cause bacteria to build up – especially if they’ve spent most of the day playing at the park.

How to Avoid

Train your pet to sleep on the floor next to you instead of the bed. If you love pampering your pets, consider a separate mattress for your furry friend. Try Kohepets’s wide selection of pet beds by clicking here.