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Beauty elixir. Liquid gold. Morocco’s best-kept beauty secret. These are but some of the most common terms associated with argan oil. Native to southwest Morocco deserts and extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, argan oil has gained prominence in the last few years especially among celebrities who believe in natural beauty routines.

But the fact that it’s natural isn’t the only reason why it’s getting popular among beauty insiders. This organic ingredient is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, both known for their anti-ageing, healing, and hydrating benefits to hair, skin, and even nails; a true multi-functional solution.


We’ve discovered ANIA’s Argan Oil, which is 100% pure and organic. Sourced directly from Morocco, and then triple purified and cold-pressed natively too, ANIA is probably the only brand we know of from which you can get your hands on the purest form of argan oil. Using this product, we shall show you five best ways of using argan oil.

1. Tame frizz and flyaway hair

Its hydrating benefits make argan oil a great conditioning for hair. Besides taming stubborn frizz and flyaway hair, you can use it regularly especially at the ends of your hair to give it a glossy look and prevent split ends.


Use argan oil to condition your hair


Or to tame hair so hair styling is made breezier

How to use it: After putting a few drops of ANIA Argan Oil on your palms, warm up the product by rubbing your palms together. Comb your fingers through hair to apply. You can do this step right after blow-drying your hair and ready to head off, or keep it at your work desk to tame frizz and flyaway hair anytime in the day.

2. Condition nails and cuticles

Do you know that vitamin E is great at nourishing your nails and cuticles? It is difficult to find pure forms of vitamin E, but argan oil, with its high levels of vitamin E makes for a great option. Applying argan oil on your nails and cuticles will help strengthen them and keep them looking healthy. Do this regularly especially if you go for frequent manicures.



How to use it: Put a small drop on your finger and gently rub it onto your nails and cuticles.

3. Hydrate cracked lips

Most lip balms protect your lips by providing a shield to prevent moisture loss from your lips. Unfortunately, if your lips are already cracking, most lip balms don’t give sufficient healing benefits to treat the condition. Argan oil has nourishing benefits so besides hydrating cracked lips, it also helps to heal them.


How to use it: Put a small drop on your finger and gently pat it all over lips, focusing on cracked areas.

4. Provide deep hydration for normal to extremely dry skin

If you have dry skin and especially prone to flaking, argan oil will help hydrate it in a soothing way. Known best for its hydrating properties, argan oil also has anti-ageing benefits.



Apply directly onto skin


Or add to your regular moisturiser

Mix it well and apply

Mix it well and apply

How to use it: Warm up argan oil with your palms and gently pat it all over your face. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of argan oil with your favourite moisturiser, mix well and apply as you usually would.

5. Prevent stretch marks

It is easier to prevent stretch marks than to eliminate them when they appear. If you’re expecting and would like to prevent stretch marks, start applying argan oil on your tummy as soon as you can. Easily absorbed, nourishing and soothing, argan oil is rich in omega, vitamin E, and antioxidants, to help prevent stretch marks from appearing.


How to use it: Warm up argan oil with your palms, then apply onto tummy and massage it until the argan oil gets absorbed thoroughly.

ANIA’s Argan Oil retails at SGD39 for 30ml and SGD59 for 50ml, and is available at their online store.

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