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Everyone wants to look their best – but we also want to do it with the least amount of time and money spent. We have curated some of the best beauty hacks – including really smart makeup, skincare, haircare and hairstyling, as well as nail and body care tips – that Daily Vanity editors love. Learn these, and you’ll be going through your beauty routines like a pro!

Best makeup hacks


1. How to make sure your lipstick won’t stain your mask

We’ve been either doing without lipstick or opting for ultra matte ones to avoid staining our masks.

If you have a lipstick that you really love but is not 100% transfer-proof, try this.

After applying the lipstick, dab off gently with a tissue until you’re left with a stain. Go in again with your lipstick. Then, tissue off again till it’s no longer too creamy. Put a tissue over your lips, dust some setting powder over that tissue – done! This should remain a lot more transfer-proof and will also last longer than before.

2. How to revive dried mascara

So there’s a mascara you really love but has dried. Simply add a bit of saline (yes, the solution you use to clean your contact lenses), shake the formula, warm the tube up by rubbing your palms over it – and you should be able to get the formula out again!

Take note, however, that mascara should be discarded after three months of opening, so make sure you’re avoiding using products that have expired for too long!

3. How to get a better curling effect with your lash curler

Heat up your lash curler (avoid the handle) with a hairdryer and then curl as usual. Note that the curler is going to be slightly hot, so don’t get too close to your eyelids to avoid burning yourself.

4. How to conceal dark eye circles better

Most people dot their concealer along their undereye area and then dab it out. This can sometime give you that “reverse raccoon” look, drawing even more attention to the area so it’s obvious you’re trying to hide your dark circles.

Instead, apply your concealer in an upside down triangle (base on top and tip below) instead. This draws attention to your pupils instead of the undereye area, and also give a more natural look.

5. How to not get the “hidden eyeshadow” problem if you have hooded eyelids

People will hooded eyelids often avoid eye makeup because it gets “hidden” after application when they open their eyes. To avoid this problem, apply your base on a closed eyelid but the rest of the eye makeup while the eye is opened. This ensures that you’re considering the actual area that will be visible after your makeup is done.

6. How to lighten your foundation

After staying home for a long time during the circuit breaker, some of us notice that our foundation shade has gone lighter. Instead of throwing out the foundations that don’t seem to match well anymore, consider lightening it by adding some moisturiser to it.

7. How to avoid glasses or sunglasses lines on your nose

Pick up translucent setting powder with a damp beauty sponge and apply it to the sides of your nose where your glasses will be sitting. Apply this powder onto the part of the glasses that will touch your nose or face. The powder acts as a barrier so you’ll no longer get an obvious mark after that.

8. How to remove foundation stains

Whether you’re trying to remove a smudge from your collar or from your mask – here’s a little trick that can help. Apply some shaving cream on the affected spot to pre-treat it before washing it.

9. How to turn your pencil eyeliner into a gel eyeliner

So you want a creamier eyeliner to achieve your desired eye makeup look but you only have a pencil eyeliner on hand. Hold the eye pencil under a flame for just a second or two, let it cool down for 10 to 15 seconds. This will turn the formula into a creamier texture, and you can now pick it up with a brush to proceed with your makeup.

10. Apply makeup under the right light

Consider where you’re going and try to apply makeup in the light that’s similar to the venue. For instance, if you’re going for an outdoors event, apply your makeup under natural light. If you’re going to a cafe with warm lighting, try to apply your makeup under a similar lighting too. This ensures that your makeup looks exactly as you intended.

11. How to make eyeshadow look more vibrant without a primer

If you’re run out of eyeshadow primer, use a white eyeliner or white eyeshadow as base instead. This will help make your eye makeup stand out more.

12. Use lipstick as blush

If you’re not intending to carry too many items in your makeup bag or have forgotten your blush, you can use your lipstick instead. Simply apply a few dots of it and blend it out with your finger. And of course, we’re talking about red, pink, coral lipsticks, and not edgy ones like green, blue or black.

Best skincare hacks


13. How to de-puff face and eyes instantly

Cooling tools are great for de-puffing. Jade or quartz rollers that are naturally cold can do the trick, but you can also use chilled tea bags, spoons, and cucumbers to achieve the same effect.

14. How to DIY your own lip scrub

If you don’t want to invest in a lip scrub, you can easily DIY one. Simply add coconut oil or olive oil to sugar, and you’ll have made yourself an effective and hydrating scrub for your lips. FYI: these are also common ingredients found in commercial lip scrubs anyway!

15. Dab, don’t rub your face dry

After washing your face, avoid rubbing it dry with a towel. Instead, use a gentle dabbing action. This helps to avoid unnecessary tugs on your face that can cause sagginess and wrinkles in the long run.

16. Don’t waste the serum from your sheet mask

Sheet masks are usually generously saturated with serum, there’s no way your facial skin can soak up every single drop of it.

After removing the sheet mask from the packet, pour out the remaining serum and apply it onto your neck.

After you’re done with the sheet mask (take note: you shouldn’t leave it out until it dries because it dehydrates your skin), take if off and swipe it onto dry areas such as your knees and elbows to hydrate them.

17. How to store your skincare products for vacation/staycations

Going on a vacation (or a staycation) but have no travel/trial sized skincare products? Contact lens cases are the best storage containers because they close very well.

Simply dispense from your full-sized products into these nifty containers. Each side can probably hold around three to four uses.

Best haircare and hairstyling hacks


18. How to wake up to voluminous hair

Trying to get your hair looking voluminous in the morning with a hairdryer can take up quite a bit of time.

Try this instead: use dry shampoo just before you go to bed. You’ll wake up with bigger hair that has body and volume.

19. How to wake up to beachy waves

Braid your hair to bed. When you wake up, spray some salt spray while your hair is still braided, release the braids, comb it out gently – and voila! – effortless waves!

20. How to get beachy waves without braiding your hair to sleep

So you forgot about hack #19 and still want beachy waves within minutes – and without a curling iron.

Spray sea salt spray all over your hair, put it up in two (or a few) twisted buns. Then, go over your hair with hairdryer. Leave the buns on while you complete your skincare and makeup routine. Release the buns once you’re done, comb it out gently – and you’re ready to flaunt new wavy hair!

21. How to prevent frizzy hair

Very often, the culprit that causes frizzy hair is the way we towel-dry our hair. Instead of using a towel, which can cause the roughening of our hair cuticles, dry your hair with an old cotton T-shirt instead. It’s gentler and can avoid frizz.

Best nail and body care hacks


22. Dry your nails faster

Too impatient to wait for your new manicure to dry? Dunk your fingers into cold water for one to three minutes and you’ll find that the drying time is shortened.

23. How to make your perfume last longer

Apply moisturiser onto your pulse points (behind the ears, neck, behind the wrist, inner elbow, and behind the knees) where you typically spray your perfume at, before applying your perfume. If you want the scent to be more intense, invest in a body moisturiser in the same fragrance.

24. How to make your body moisturiser work harder for you

The best time to apply body moisturiser? Right after shower.

Your skin has the most moisture during this time and since moisturisers work by locking in moisture, it makes sure that you’re keeping the most amount of moisture on your skin.

25. How to prevent rubbing or chaffing inside between your thighs

Those of us who wear tight clothing especially during extremely hot and humid days may be familiar with the discomfort of chaffing between the thighs. To avoid this, apply some anti-perspirant on the area. This reduces perspiration and prevent the chance of chaffing.