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We all know how hair dye can show up differently depending on your hair’s base colour, but did you know that it may appear so due to your hair texture, too?

Yup, apparently, how a colour appears on your hair can be affected by if your locks are straight, curly, or something in between. In fact, according to a Byrdie interview with several celebrity colourists, the difference between the various hair types can often be stark. Interesting!

We decided to look at one of the most popular hair types, first: straight. From which shades to pick to colouring techniques to the products that work best for you, we guarantee that you’ll never leave the salon with a bad dye job ever again.

Ready? We know we are! Without further ado, here are the best hair colouring tips for straight hair:

1. Ask for a lighter hand in applying hair dye and highlights

Best Hair Colouring Tips For Straight Hair Light Hand

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One of the best hair colouring tips for straight hair? To ask your stylist to go at it with a light hand. This is because straight hair tends to showcase hair colour and highlights much more evidently as compared to curly hair.

Think of it as a flat surface, or canvas— logically, colour appears much more obviously on something that’s flat as compared to something that is curved or wavy, right? Well, the same theory applies to hair. Colour appears ‘softer’ and less discernible on curly locks, so, if you’d like your dye job to appear a little more natural, we recommend informing your stylist to keep from plastering your hair in coats and coats of dye.

2. Tell them how you wear your hair on a daily basis

Straighten 2 1

This allows your colourist to dye your hair according to how often you wear your hair. So if you find yourself curling your hair on a daily basis, let your colourist know so they can dye your locks in a way that is more suitable for your every day style.

The same applies to straight locks — this way, you can get a dye job that works for you even when you’re styling it on your own.

3. Opt for balayage with brighter highlights (as compared to your base shade) for a super flattering look


It really depends on the desired result of your hair, but expert colourists do recommend balayage with brighter highlights as a universally flattering look for those with straight locks. A skillful colourist should be able to hand paint fine, chunky, sun-kissed, ombre or even sombre highlights on, depending on what you’re looking for.


If you’re someone who curls her hair while having natural straight textured locks, you can try out face framing highlights instead. This will make the waves pop, giving you a fresh, radiant look that is sure to turn heads.

All in all, though, it’s best if you conduct your own research to decide how you’d like your hair to appear. If unsure, you can then go to your colourist to consult with them as to what is the best way to achieve said result.

4. Use products that complement and actually work for straight hair

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Yes, using the right products do play a part in both maintaining the colour and integrity of your straight locks! Here are our some of our picks:

1. Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

Best Hair Colouring Tips For Straight Hair Herbal Essences Pair Set

One of the best tips for colouring straight hair? Maintaining it after using a nourishing, colour safe formula, of course! Our pick has to be the Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner, which nurtures and repairs straight locks. It is also known for bringing dry, colour-damaged strands back to life in just 21 days, so if you’ve coloured your hair multiple times before, this is going to be a miracle worker for your tresses.

The Herbal Essences Argan Oil Of Morocco Shampoo is available at all Guardian outlets, Watsons outlets, and major supermarkets. It is also available on Lazada. It retails at SGD11.90 each.

2. Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

Best Hair Colouring Tips For Straight Hair Ouai

A nutrient-rich oil that works for both hair and body? Yup, that’s precisely what the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil claims to do. Trust us, using it will make you feel as if you’ve just emerged from the salon with silky smooth tresses, at half the price (and effort!)

This one also has a fast-absorbing formula that restores moisture and repairs damage, making it perfect for straight locks. Apply it on before going to bed at night, and emerge ready with beautifully straight, smooth locks that will have compliments coming all day.

The Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil is available at all Sephora outlets and retails at SGD48.

3. IGK Call Time Styling Primer

Best Hair Colouring Tips For Straight Hair Igk Styling Primer

A heat protectant is essential if you’re someone who styles their hair frequently. Spritz on the IGK Call Time Styling Protector before each session, and watch as your tresses are strengthened each time!

This weightless formula (that smells wonderfully like coconuts, incidentally) also helps dry locks retain moisture, improving overall hair health all while keeping it impeccably in place. No wonder it is considered to be a holy grail product of sorts amongst many straight hair types!

The IGK Call Time Styling Primer is available at all Sephora outlets and retails at SGD40.