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Getting a manicure is a fun, relaxing way to change up your nail looks, but it can be time-consuming and costly when added up over time.

That’s why nail stickers are truly a lifesaver for those of us who want to do our nails at home but don’t have the skills for elaborate nail designs. They are quick, easy, affordable and without any potential mess that nail polishes can cause.

How to apply nail wraps without bubbles so they stay on for longer


Before we get to our top recommendations for nail wraps, here are some tips that can help you apply them without creating any ridges or bubbles and help them stay on for as long as possible.

  • Make sure your hands and nails are clean so there’s no dirt, oil, or moisture before you start
  • Select the best nail wrap to use on each nail according to your nail size. When in doubt, go for something smaller rather than larger.
  • Place the nail sticker onto your nails (just above your cuticle and not on it) and use a cuticle pusher to even out the sticker so there’s no crease nor ridge.
  • Hold the nail wrap down for a while to allow it time to adhere to your nail.
  • File along your nails in a downward motion to get rid of excess sticker. The excess sticker should break away by itself – do not attempt to tear it away in case you tear into the portion where it’s supposed to be on your nail.
  • Applying a layer of top coat will help it last longer. Note that there are top coats that aren’t compatible with certain brands of nail wraps, so always do a test on one nail first to make sure it works before you continue.
  • Let the nail wraps set for while. Avoid washing your hands or going for a shower right after application to make sure they stay on for a longer time.

How to remove nail wraps

Most of the time we let them stay on until they come off by themselves, but if for some reason, you need to get them off or want to change up your look, there are a few ways you can do it.

  • Soak your nails in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. The nail stickers should roll off easily as you run your finger on it.
  • If they still don’t come off, you can consider wiping them with a nail polish remover a few times.

Best stores to buy cheap nail wraps from

1. Taobao

We can never forget Taobao when it comes to finding the best beauty bargains. There are several merchants on Taobao that offer chic and cute nail wraps at affordable prices. To make sure that you’re getting good quality products, always check out the reviews first to see how good the seller is.

Here are a few designs that caught our eyes.

2. Shopee

You can get just about anything and everything from Shopee, and nail stickers are no exception. The best thing? These are super affordable. You can find loads of cute nail stickers such as these moon and star designs for less than a dollar!

Here are the other designs that we’re obsessing over at the moment.

3. Lazada

Lazada is another place where you can find a wide variety of nail stickers at very affordable prices. From cute cartoons to elaborate glitter and rhinestones designs, options are aplenty for you to dress up your nails with!

Here are a few designs we love.

4. Etsy

Nail Sticker Etsy

Halloween Water Nail Stickers – SGD2.94

Looking to jazz up your nails while supporting small businesses and independent artists? Etsy is your best bet! They definitely have the popular glitter and floral designs, but also unique designs such as these Halloween-themed stickers featuring your favourite horror movie characters.

Best nail wrap brands to check out

If you’re looking for better quality nail wraps with more unique designs, then these are the reputable nail wrap brands you should certainly check out. Compared to buying from no-name merchants, these are likely to last longer too.

5. Nodspark


Nodspark is perhaps one of the most well-known names when it comes to nail sticker brands in Singapore. With their signature pastel colour scheme, Nodspark offers a large variety of designs from food, floral to minimalist to suit any look.

Lemon Zest – SGD16.50

The great thing about Nodspark is that they are constantly coming out with seasonal and special collections, so you will never run out of new designs to try out. Their latest release: an adorable lemon-themed nail set, perfect for the summer.

6. EMMEzing Nails

Nail Sticker Emmezing Nails

Midnight Blooms by @handsxpens – SGD13.90

EMMEzing Nails has something for everyone but their marble and Paranakan designs are truly the highlights. And if you’re into both? This Marbly Peranakan design is for you!

Want a literal piece of art on your nails? EMMEzing Nails frequently collaborate with artists to create unique nail designs such as the Heart of Singapore by  or the charming Midnight Blooms by @handsxpens.


NCLA may also stock popular lip scrubs and balm, but no double, their hand and nail products are also super popular. One of the OG nail wrap brands, NCLA is known for its ultra-thin nail wraps in bold designs.

Each package comes with 26 pre-sized nail wraps and a full size nail file. With 26 nail stickers to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect fit for each of your nail.

8. Bong Bong Friends

A Korean brand that offers beauty products safe for children, Bong Bong Friends also carries nail stickers for children.

Besides cutesy designs that children are going to love, you can also check out the Mom & Kids nail set that allows you to be matchy-matchy with Junior.

9. Yay to Nails

Those who love dainty, floral nail designs will not go wrong with Yay to Nails. Whether it’s something subtle like this Daisy Chains design or something bolder like this tropical Aloha design, Yay to Nails is truly the feminine girl’s dream come true!

10. Personail

Nail Sticker Personail

Comic – AUD17.99

If you have never tried the Sydney-based nail wrap label Personail, you might want to take advantage of their introductory offer for first-time customers: with only AUD9.99 (approximately SGD9), you will get a full-sized pack valued at AUD17.99 consisting of 16 stickers, a cuticle pusher, nail filer and instructions on how to apply.

Their general style is on the quirky and cute side, such as this Comic design, but you can also find more conventional designs such as glitter or solid colours on their site.

There’s no better time to give Personail a try than now as they’re offering a 50% off for all their products until, in their words, “COVID-19 blows over”.

11. Gelato Factory

At Gelato Factory, you can find not only nail stickers but also pedi strips for your toenails.

At SGD14.99 per kit, their products may seem a little more expensive than other local brands, but each kit actually contains 22 wraps – that’s enough for two-time use! Not to mention the designs are oh so irresistibly pretty you won’t regret buying them!

12. Dashing Diva

True to its name, Dashing Diva is where you can really go all out with your nail designs. They offer all kinds of glittery nails with rhinestones and crystals to give your nails the ultimate party vibe.

You can choose between the Gel Strips – regular nail stickers – or the Magic Press – press-on nails, prices starting from SGD16.90.

13. Nailsicle

Bored of “safe” nail designs? Why not give Nailsicle‘s collection of bold, wacky nail wraps a try? With 15 designs in striking colours and patterns reminiscent of the popular Harajuku style, Your nails are bound to be a conversation starter!

14. Lily and Fox


Lily and Fox is a must-visit shop for those who love all things glitter. From designs inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, to Y2K butterflies, and even a dreamy and mystical galaxy design, there’s no shortage of designs to bring some serious sparkle to your nails!

15. Freshly Wrapped

Freshly Wrapped‘s subtle and timeless designs are perfect for those who work in offices and need to keep your nails looking professional. From simple solid colours to minimalist patterns in muted tones, Freshly Wrapped will be your go-to every time you need work-appropriate yet still stylish nail looks.

16. Nail Art SG

Those who are into the look of solid nail colours with metallic accents will love Nail Art SG‘s relatively small but well-curated collection of nail stickers. They even have the non-toxic version for kids that you can get for your little sisters at home, too!

17. Nailwrap.co

You may not be going to any party right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress your nails up all glamorous with Nailwrap.co‘s various glitter and metallic designs. Glamorous glitter or geometric patterns Nailwrap.co

All nail wrap kits at Nailwrap.co go for SGD12.90 each, including 16 nail wraps, a nail file, a cuticle stick and an instruction manual.

18. Miss Sophie

If you prefer something wearable that you can take to any occasion, then Miss Sophie‘s selection of nail stickers may just be what you’re looking for.

The brand offers single-tone nail wraps – understated and very underrated – and other sophisticated designs that can never go wrong.

Each package comes with 24 nail wraps in different sizes, including smaller ones that you can use on your toe nails.

19. Inni Nails


Inni Nails takes “unique” to a whole new level by allowing you to upload your very own design to be made into nail stickers. You can, of course, choose from their gallery of existing designs for everything from floral, cartoon to abstract patterns, which are also adjustable to your liking.

20. Elegant Touch

Elegant Touch provides nail products to salons so even for their nail wraps, they promise to help you achieve salon-style results. Most of the wraps come with high gloss finish and are made with a flexible material so it’s more comfortable to wear.

The pack contains 20 wraps and comes with a nail file.