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Can you believe that it is almost December already? Time moves fast when you’re having fun… as does the accumulation of your beauty stash, apparently. Oops!

Still, we don’t blame you if your skincare and makeup stash is looking a little less than organised right now. We highly recommend that you neaten up your shelf as the new year approaches, though, considering how you’d definitely want to make room for new releases when the time comes.

If the thought of it has you busting out your vacuum cleaners and garbage bags already— great! And to help you along, here are some life-saving spring cleaning tips for 2019 that we’ve learnt from Redditors.

Trust us, your #shelfie game is going to be beyond amazing with these tips on hand!

1. Use tension rods to add another shelf

Spring Cleaning Hacks From Redditors Tension Rods

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Use a cabinet or cupboard to store your beauty stash? Well, a fun hack to try is to utilise tension rods from Daiso to add another ‘shelf’ area to your space!

They are made of sturdy, high-quality material and you’ll be able to store shorter products on it easily, freeing up the lower shelves for taller, bulkier products. Now, that is what we call space efficient.

These tension rods are available at all Daiso outlets and retails at SGD2 each.

2. Use mason jars or glass beakers to store odd-shaped makeup items

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As beauty enthusiasts, we have encountered one of two products in unconventional packaging. Think tubes that don’t stand upright, or loose samples that clutter up your shelf space. Rather than leaving them lying about, why not store them in adorable mason jars instead?

You can even mount them to the side of your bathroom counter (see picture above) to free up extra space. If not, simply getting several mason jars and or clear containers from Muji is a great way to store these items to prevent them from taking up more space.

(Psst! Get creative: you can even opt to store items in glass beakers, or adorable mugs from stationary stores.)

3. Use a toothbrush holder to store certain makeup tools, spatulas, or the like

Spring Cleaning Hacks From Redditors Toothbrush Holder

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Never quite know what to do with certain beauty tools, or spatulas that comes with creams, cleansing balms, and or moisturisers? Well, according to reddit user joshz687, you can always opt to store them in toothbrush holders instead of letting them lie about!

We like this one by Muji, which is small enough to fit several spatulas and brushes. The best part? They’ll only set you back about SGD3.60. And they come in a variety of colours that are sure to suit your shelf. Score!

This toothbrush holder is available at all Muji outlets and retails at SGD3.60.

4. Use a wall pocket organiser to store your face masks

Spring Cleaning Hacks From Redditors Wall Pocket Organiser

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These adorable wall pocket organisers are perfect for keeping loose stationery in place… as well as face masks?! Yup, the size makes it perfect for various face masks of different sizes, and it allows you to save on cabinet space if you keep it hooked against your door knob instead.

Besides, it’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing way to store your masks rather than leaving them on your shelves, right? We think so too. Plus, you can use the other pouches for other beauty knick knacks you have, thus freeing up more space on your shelves.

5. Use glass jars to store cotton pads and buds

Spring Cleaning Hacks From Redditors Glass Jars

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Living without a stash of cotton pads and buds is impossible for beauty junkies, considering how they’re essential when it comes to makeup correction! Store all your loose pads and buds in adorable glass jars instead of leaving them everywhere— they’re pretty to look at, and also saves you from having to grope through a minefield of these when looking for a certain product amongst your shelf space.

Oh, and did we mention that storing them in a sturdier container means lesser chance of spillage? They’ll be a lot harder to knock over, which means the likelihood of you making a mess when in a rush is significantly lessened. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!