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You’ve definitely spied yourself one of these along the makeup aisles – the stippling brush.
Perhaps you’ve always been curious about it, but never knew what exactly its function is. And to keep the answer as short as possible, you use this brush to apply your foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlight – basically, the same functions of your trusty ol’ big fluffy foundation brush.
So hold up, what exactly is the deal with stippling brushes then, if you could just use your foundation brush for the exact same thing?
We’re here to clear up the difference, right below!

Stippling brush VS foundation brush

The difference between the stippling brush and the foundation brush (and everything else from beauty blenders and kabuki brushes too) is the finish you want to achieve.
What do we mean? Stippling brushes allow for a more airbrushed finish with its denser bristles. On the other hand, foundation brushes often are more efficient at getting foundation onto your face, but you may risk having a streakier finish.
Stippling brushes are also better when applying bronzers because of their denser, more compact structure, which allows for more precision.

How to use a stippling brush

Stippling brushes usually come dual toned – a lighter shade (usually white!) on the bottom bristles so that you can see how much product has been picked up, and a darker shade (usually black) on the top.

Simply pump out some foundation at the back of your hand, dip the bottom end of the white bristles of the stippling brush in it, then lightly pat the product all over your face. Once you’ve dotted enough product on your face, lightly swirl the brush in small circles and voila – you’re done, you airbrushed model!

Best stippling brushes: Which should I check out to add to my makeup routine?

1. ZOEVA Rose Golden 125 Stippling

Stippling Brushes Zoeva Rose Golden 125 Stippling
Even if you know nothing about makeup brushes, you might have known Zoeva as a brand that first got popular for its line of makeup brushes, even before its makeup.
Besides its gorgeous rose gold handle, reviewers loved this brush because of how soft it is, how easy it is to use, and of course – the perfect, airbrushed finish they achieve from using the brush.
It’s also vegan, so that’s a bonus for sure!
ZOEVA Rose Golden 125 Stippling retails for SGD30 and is available at all Sephora retail outlets and Sephora.sg.

2. Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Stippling Brushes Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Another brand dearly loved by the beauty community and a name you’ll hear of plenty, Real Techniques also has an amazing stippling brush you can try.
Other than its affordable price tag, reviewers also commented about how soft its bristles felt, and how it has performed better than even some of their pricier brushes.
That being said, reviewers also mentioned that it works better with more liquid formulas, and less so with creamy formulas.
Real Techniques Stippling Brush retails at SGD18 and is available at Sephora, Watsons and Guardian retail outlets. It is also available on Sephora.sg.

3. e.l.f Studio Small Stipple Brush

Stippling Brushes E.l.f Studio Stipple Brush
On a budget? Check this out. It may only be at only SGD4, but this brush is by no means inferior. It has a pretty decent rating of a 4/5 star rating on iHerb, and many reviewers remarked on how value for money this brush is.
That being said, some people commented that some bristles may fall out from time to time. But hey, according to those same reviewers, this brush has also lasted them years, so take that for what you will!
e.l.f Studio Small Stipple Brush retails at SGD12.90 and is available online at Lazada.

4. Tarte Let’s Fla-mingle Brush Set

Stippling Brushes Tarte Let’s Fla Mingle Brush Set
Okay, you may think this is really just for aesthetic purposes – but, well, just how cute is their flamingo brush collection?!
Soft, gentle on the skin, according to reviewers, and undeniably A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E, get this limited edition set before it’s gone for good.
Tarte Let’s Fla-mingle Brush Set retails at SGD39 and is available online at Tarte Cosmetics.

5. MAC 187 Synthetic Duo Fibre Face Brush

Stippling Brushes Mac 187 Synthetic Duo Fibre Face Brush
Ah, MAC, ever a classic amongst both the young, and the er… not-so-young.
Reliable, with a 4.5/5 rating on MakeupAlley, this brush is loved by reviewers for the ease they experienced when blending out makeup while creating a natural, airbrushed finish. Tried and tested, this is the brush to get if you want something you know you can count on.
MAC 187 Synthetic Duo Fibre Face Brush is available at freestanding MAC retail outlets and counters only. It is also available on Selfridges.com at SGD40, shipping fees not included.

6. Sephora Collection Pro Brush Stippling #44

Stippling Brushes Sephora Collection Pro Brush Stippling 44
You’ve probably seen this in the humongous aisles of brushes in Sephora.
Sleek in its signature black-and-white shade and – according to reviewers –  featuring soft brushes that last, this is another brush to consider if you’re looking for something reliable that’ll last for the long haul.
Sephora Collection Pro Brush Stippling #44 retails for SGD48 and is available at Sephora retail outlets and Sephora.sg.

7. Be Youtiful Pro Stippling Brush

Stippling Brushes Be Youtiful Pro Stippling Brush
You may not have heard this brand before this, but give its stippling brush a chance.
Widely available at local drugstores Watsons and Guardian at an affordable price tag, this is the brush to get if you’re looking for an affordable but trustworthy brush.
Be Youtiful Pro Stippling Brush retails at SGD18.90 and is available all Guardian outlets.