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Everyone wants to have bigger eyes. Going under the knife may not always be an option for all of us – so how do you make your peepers pop? Thankfully, makeup can help create the illusion of bigger eyes and here are eight simple tips to get you started.

1. Brighten up the inner corners of your eyes

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a glittery white or champagne eyeshadow to look more awake. You can even use your favourite highlighter! Take note, though: a little glitter goes a long way. Don’t overdo it!

2. Lashes frame your eyes – but not too much

You probably already know that curled eyelashes and a coat of mascara makes a world of difference for your peepers. Mascara not only makes your eyes look wider, it also opens up your eyes. Opt for a lengthening mascara if you’re going for a natural and fresh look, else go for a volumising one or falsies if you prefer a fuller look

But if you’re thinking of layering on a few falsies to make your lashes look extra lush – don’t. Heavy-looking lashes can overwhelm your eyes, making them look smaller than they actually are.

3. Draw a cateye and don’t be afraid to wing it out

There’s a reason why the classic cateye eyeliner look never goes out of style. One of the top reasons – it helps create the illusion of bigger eyes by extending the look of them. Not just that, it adds definition and a whole lot of attitude.

We all love a winged look but do be careful not to have your eyeliner or mascara smudge around your eye area as too much might cause your eyes to look smaller instead of bigger! (Yes, same theory as what we’ve described in the last tip.)

4. Use nude eyeliner to tightline your waterline

We’ve always heard from Youtube makeup tutorials that using a white eyeliner on the waterline can make our eyes stand out more. While it can create a stark contrast, it actually also frames your eyes and make them look smaller instead.

The solution? Put the white eyeliner away and use a nude eyeliner instead; it will leave you with a softer finish and more natural look. This simple trick not only helps you look more awake, but makes your eyes look bigger! Choose a creamy eyeliner for easy application and be careful not to poke yourself.

5. Contour your eyes

Just like contouring your face, using eyeshadows (or even your bronzer) to contour your eyes is an easy way to make your eyes appear larger. Use a darker shade at the outer of your eyes. Focus a shimmer/glitter eyeshadow in the middle to create dimension. Of course, don’t forget to blend it out. Here’s a Youtube tutorial by Pony that shows you exactly how to get it right.

You can also refer to this simple guide on how to apply eyeshadows for Asian eyes. A trick? Connect the upper and lower lids by putting a dark eyeshadow colour which gives off the illusion of having wider eyes.

6. Do as the Koreans do – Aegyo sal

Aegyo sal is a popular Korean makeup trend which involves applying a shimmery white or beige eyeshadow on your lower lashline, blending it downwards. This simple Korean makeup trend which some swear by not only creates the illusion of bigger eyes but also adds a youthful look. Be careful not to add too much and don’t extend it too far down from your eyebags.

7). Draw in more bottom lashes


It’s easy to get that wide doll-eyed look! Not all of us are blessed with long eyelashes so for those of us who aren’t, as the saying goes, fake it till you make it. You can draw in your bottom lashes by using an eyeliner pen and drawing short strokes downwards. Ensure that you don’t overdo it or it would look unnatural. Get some inspiration here.