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We all know the pain of having stubborn blackheads and how tough they can be to remove. No matter how many preventative products you try, they always seem to come back in full force.

Blackheads are actually small bumps on the skin that are caused by clogged hair follicles, and typically form on your nose and chin. Of course, blackhead extractions should be done by professionals in order for them to be removed in the most effective and safe way, but this can get costly after a while.

While there are plenty of blackhead removal products that can help, a new viral TikTok trend has surfaced, claiming to help remove your stubborn blackheads with just two ingredients – Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and cleansing oil.

This method involves you using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, some cling film, and cleansing oil to remove the blackheads, and has been said to be extremely effective for some.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Apply Vaseline on your nose

Apply a generous layer of petroleum jelly to your nose, and cover it with a layer of cling film.

Make sure the cling film covers your entire nose.

You can also try steaming your face before trying the hack by holding your face over a bowl of hot water or by placing a warm towel over your nose and face so that your pores will be open and your blackheads will be easier to extract. Others have also tried holding the warm towel over their face for 10 minutes instead of just one.

Step 2: Hold a warm towel to your nose

Hold a warm towel over your nose for 30 seconds to a minute. This will help soften the keratin and extract your blackheads.

3. Wipe off Vaseline

Remove the towel and cling film before using a cotton swab to wipe the Vaseline off.

4. Cleanse and extract

Lastly, use your fingertips to rub your nose with cleansing oil to get rid of all the Vaseline, and to pull out your blackheads. Use some water to rinse your nose off before using a cotton swab to wipe the blackheads off. Once done, your nose should be free of blackheads and sebum!

The viral TikTok of this trend had actually taken inspiration from an equally viral YouTube video by MisoJeong, and she was very successful in removing her blackheads using this method.

TikToker @rogerwh0 tried her steps as well, and was quite disappointed in the results. The hack did not work for him, and he ends the video by telling users that maybe his blackheads are just particularly stubborn, and to use BHA (salicylic acid) products instead.

Others warn that Vaseline will only serve to clog your pores more, and this hack will instead be counter-productive. Dermatologists have also weighed in, and warned against trying this trend as the cling film also physically occludes your pores.

All images are credited to MisoJeong on YouTube and @rogerwh0 on TikTok.