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Known for her sophisticated style, power dance moves, and amazing rapping skills, Lisa from Blackpink is definitely the It girl we all wish we were.

lisa high ponytail

Photo source: Pinterest

As perfect as she already is, Lisa is famous for another reason – her bangs and high ponytail that seem to always stay perfectly in place no matter how hard she dances.


Her perfect high ponytail paired with neatly styled bangs makes us wonder, “How exactly can we cop her look?”



With Singapore’s warm, unpredictable weather, we constantly find ourselves having to re-tie our hair by midday because it simply never stays in place.

Well, cast your worries aside as we are going to share with you a hack on how to replicate Blackpink Lisa’s perfect high ponytail. You’ll definitely feel like a girl boss once you’ve mastered it!

lisa high ponytail

Photos source: Left, Right

The double elastic rubber band method

lisa hairstyle rubberband tutorial

Doesn’t this method remind you of what we used to do with red rubber bands when we were younger? Well, this is pretty similar.

Simply take two rubber bands, loop them together, and voila! This method creates a sturdier hair tie, which holds the weight of your hair better – perfect for those with thicker tresses.

Here is a before-and-after comparison that shows the power of the double elastic rubber band method!

If you want the ponytail to look even sleeker, feel free to add gel and hair spray to keep your hair in place.

Curious about how Lisa has her bangs in place 24/7, even when she’s dancing? Well, the K-Pop idol once told a trainee on the Chinese TV show, Youth With You, that you simply need to spam a huge amount of hair spray.

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Now that you’ve got the deets on how to have a ponytail like Lisa’s, it’s time for you to replicate the look on yourself! Get started by stocking up on some cute looking rubber bands.

shopee rubberbands

Available on Shopee for S$3.20, these colourful rubber bands will add a pop of colour to your hair while keeping your ponytail tight and secure at the same time.

muji thick rubberband

Alternatively, you can always opt for simple black rubber bands that can do the job equally well. This thick Muji rubber band has been raved by many and retails for S$1.60.