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According to plastic surgeons, breast enhancement is one of the most widely sought-after procedures in Singapore, which attests to the fact that women in Singapore are actively looking for ways to enhance the appearance of their breasts.

While many of them believe that aesthetic procedures are the only solution to getting fuller and perkier breasts, the experts will have you know that this is a misconception, alongside other unfounded myths about breast enhancement and breast massages.

To uncover the truth behind this commonly misunderstood but highly popular demand from Singaporean ladies, Daily Vanity invited breast enhancement experts from Tokyo Bust Express to share with us the answers to some of the most common questions that we have.

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Are implants the only way to enhance the appearance of breasts?

Tokyo Bust Express Are Implants The Only Way To Enhance The Appearance Of Breasts

No, certainly not.

Most people believe that breast enhancement can only be done using saline or silicone breast implants, but there are in fact other options available that enhance the appearance of your breasts not by artificially inserting materials into your body, but by stimulating the production of hormones that can enlarge your breasts.

Breast massages are actually one of the oldest natural breast enhancement practices that are still around today, and are especially popular in select groups of Asian cultures, particularly China.

Women in China have been massaging their breasts to enhance them for over a millennium, and this has actually been gaining immense popularity over the years once people understand how the ancient techniques work.

So how exactly do massages enhance your breast appearance?

Tokyo Bust Express So How Exactly Do Massages Enhance Your Breast Appearance

One of the reasons why breast massages are highly favoured is because they can improve the appearance of saggy breasts by increasing blood flow to the breast tissue, as well as improving skin firmness and elasticity.

This has been proven in scientific studies – researchers discovered that stretch marks may be prevented when you massage your body, compared to just using oil on its own.

In addition, during breast massages, a breast-enlargement hormone, prolactin, is also secreted. Large breast sizes are significantly associated with high levels of prolactin as the hormone causes breasts to grow and develop, which is why you can expect to see a larger cup size and improved bust shape after a good breast massage session.

Are there other health benefits of breast massage?

Tokyo Bust Express Are There Other Health Benefits Of Breast Massage

What really differentiates breast massages from other forms of breast enhancement methods is the fact that the former offers many more health benefits beyond just a better-looking bust.

Based on traditional medicinal knowledge, breast massages are often touted for their detox properties where massaging the breasts can help to flush toxins out from the body’s lymphatic system. Stimulating drainage of the breasts’ lymphatic and blood circulation eliminates harmful waste products and allows nutrient-rich blood to flow to the breast tissue.

Take Tokyo Bust Express’s award-winning Cup-maximiser Massage as an example – this breast massage uses Japan-originated techniques to help remove the toxin build-up around the bust area, and also promote tissue regeneration for a perkier and fuller bust-line.

Women also occasionally suffer from different pains in their breasts, such as from surgery, pregnancy, milk production, or even overexertion after intense exercise. A breast massage helps to ease soreness in the tissues, reduce pain and swelling, and relaxe tightness or tension in the ligaments.

Breast massages have also been widely promoted for their ability to help you detect breast cancer early, as any abnormalities in the shape and feel of breast tissues can be sounded out.

What typically happens in a breast massage treatment?

Tokyo Bust Express What Typically Happens In A Breast Massage Treatment

You may be surprised to find that therapeutic breast massage involves very little direct contact with breast tissue, and none at all with the nipple or areola.

That being said, it requires active participation on your part at times when the therapist guides you through breathing and assisted stretching. Gentle pressure and movement are used to release tight connective tissue, adhesions, and contracted muscles in the chest and shoulder areas.

At Tokyo Bust Express, you can also expect to use absolutely no pills, injections, or surgery at all during breast massage treatments – just age-old Japanese massage techniques and the purest herbaceous extracts to give your breasts the physical and wellness boost it needs.

Do you get immediate breast enhancement from massages?

Tokyo Bust Express Do You Get Immediate Breast Enhancement From Massages

One common mistake that most people make is expecting immediate results after a breast massage, much like how you should be able to see fuller and perkier breasts after aesthetic treatments.

The truth is that not everyone who go through breast massages may immediately see an increase in her bust size, but it does start to work on your breast tissues the day you start massaging.

As customers who have undergone Tokyo Bust Express’s Cup-maximiser Massage have mentioned, you should be able to feel that your breasts become fuller and rounder if you have undergone a professional massage done by skilled therapists.

In order to see a significant increase in size, you are recommended to undergo a few more sessions of breast massages.

Are there any restrictions on who can undergo breast massage?

Tokyo Bust Express Cup Maximiser Are There Any Restrictions On Who Can Undergo Breast Massage

Although breast massage is a natural enhancement solution, it is not advisable in certain circumstances.

If you are undergoing medical treatments that make breast tissues more delicate, such as tissue expansion or radiation, you may not be suitable for breast massage treatments.

Those with infections or undiagnosed lumps on their breasts are also advised against going for breast massages, unless given medical clearance by their doctors.

Are there any risks related to breast massages?

Tokyo Bust Express Are There Any Restrictions On Who Can Undergo Breast Massage

There are no known medical risks related to breast massages.

The only exception being for those who have breast cancer or who have had recent surgery – extra care needs to be taken when massaging near a lump or scar. In this case, your doctor will recommend working with a licensed massage therapist to reduce the risk of harm.

At Tokyo Bust, all treatments, including the Cup-maximiser Massage, are only carried out by highly trained professionals. They are safely executed using the most advanced technology and a high level of efficacy, so that you can get progressive results in rejuvenating the skin of the bust and enhancing your breasts.

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