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Our eyebrows frame our faces and are also important in non-verbal communication, so people look at them more often than you realise.

This is why having brows that flatter your face shape is of absolute importance.

Thankfully, regardless of what brow shape you were born with, brow shaping services, brow embroidery and makeup can help you recreate the ideal shape that you want.

Now, the next thing to get out of the way: what brow shape flatter your face shape most? Here is the guide you need to get yours right.

Best brows for round-shaped face

Do you have a short face and a rounded chin? You likely have a round-shaped face. People with round faces will also notice that their cheekbones are the widest part of their entire face.

Your celebrity inspirations: Chrissy Teigen and Gemma Chan


Both Chrissy Teigen and Gemma Chan went for arched, soft-angled brows. Teigen has a more prominent arch to flatter her rounded nose and full lips, while Chan’s sharp nose looks less harsh with her subtly arched brows.

Try arched, angled brows

It’s all about balance. To offset the “round-ness” of your face shape, go for arched brows that are angled. Go for hard-angled brows if you’d like to toughen up your features and soft-angled brows to tone down harsh, striking features.

You can also consider going for treatments such as brow lamination to lift the appearance of your brows or to go for longer brows so your jawline look slimmer.

DV Tip: The popular Korean straight brows aren’t going to be flattering for your face because it’ll make your face look shorter.

Best brows for square-shaped face

Angular jaws are the most prominent feature of square-shaped faces. Those with square faces will notice that their  forehead, cheekbones, and jaw have equal width and is why they have little curves to their overall face shape.

Your celebrity inspirations: Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu and Jennifer Aniston both sported gently curved brows to lend softness to their face shapes and features.

Try curved brows

Add some curves to your face by having curved brows that look soft to balance out the harsh lines of your face. On the other hand, avoid hard-angled brows, which will make your features look harsher than they actually are.

DV Tip: Have your arch slightly nearer to the centre of your brows to draw attention to the centre of your face where there are less sharp angles (compared to your facial contours).

Best brows for heart-shaped face

If you have a larger forehead, strong, prominent cheekbones, and a sharp chin, you have a heart-shaped face.

Your celebrity inspirations: Gwyneth Paltrow and Li Bing Bing


Gwyneth Paltrow and Li Bing Bing give their face shapes more balance with rounded brows.

Try rounded brows

Balance out the sharpness of your chin and cheekbones with rounded brows to make your features appear softer.

If you want to create the appearance of a narrower forehead, go for shorter brows.

DV Tip: When drawing your brows, consider keeping them a little closer together so all eyes will be drawn to the centre of your face, taking attention away from your prominent forehead.

Best brows for oval-shaped face

Often said to be the “ideal” face shape, oval faces look like a perfect egg and most people will say that you can get away with any brow shapes and styles.

Your celebrity inspirations: Emma Watson and Song Hye Kyo


Try straight, flat brows that are thicker

The only face shape that can pull off the popular straight brows is oval. This look is well-loved because when done right, it makes the person looks more youthful. We also recommend that you go for an embroidery or wear makeup to give your brows a thicker look because that’s a great way to frame your features well, drawing attention to your eyes, and having a more youthful appearance.

DV Tip: You can practically wear any brow shape you like. The only thing to avoid is to have your arch to close to the centre of your brows, creating the illusion of an oval shape, which can look weird as it appears like you have an “oval” within an oval-shaped face.