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Kim Soo-hyun, also known as Claudia Kim, had her acting debut in the 2006 television series Queen of the Game, and we have been huge admirers ever since.

It is understandable why she is well recognised even outside of South Korea given her youthful beauty and sophisticated sense of style.

She may have appeared in foreign movies like Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We were shocked to learn that she’s turning 38 this year, because to us, she seems to be in her early 20s. To find out how she maintains her youthful appearance, we’ve compiled a list of her beauty tips ahead.

She loves to exercise

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - exercise - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

She became really interested in ju-jitsu after playing the warrior princess Khutulun in the Netflix series Marco Polo. She also enjoys sword fighting, wrestling, and riding horses.

Exercise also helps her face look less puffy in the morning since it really defines her cheeks and nose after a vigorous workout.

She likes using sheet masks

Sheet masks are favourites of this actress. They are not only practical for travel but also quick to produce results.

It is one of the most underappreciated beauty items, in her opinion. No matter where she is—on a plane or in a car — she puts on a sheet mask.

She emphasises a lot on hydration

Claudia’s mother also gave her some additional solid advice, emphasising the importance of moisturising the skin.

Claudia would layer moisturisers to keep the skin properly hydrated for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

She uses bottled water to cleanse her skin

When travelling, Claudia only uses bottled water to wash her face. As bottled water can be safer than tap water, it helps to prevent any skin irritation.

Her family also taught her to wash her face with rice water. This water is typically rich in vitamins and minerals and works well as a natural toner.

She makes sure to wear the right makeup

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - makeup - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

Being conscious of her skin tone is something Claudia’s mother instilled in her when she was a little girl. This way, she would be able to buy the right makeup to wear.

She also enjoys applying concealers and cushion compacts to cover any imperfections on her generally flawless face.

She loves having dark chocolate

This actress can’t help but add coffee beans and only the darkest chocolate she can find to her protein smoothies.

It is well known that dark chocolate is very healthy and full of antioxidants. Additionally, it might enhance blood flow and reduce blood pressure.

She has an eight-step skincare routine

We are not surprised that this South Korean celebrity has a lengthy skincare regimen. She recently added a cleansing oil to her daily routine.

She constantly changes the products she uses because she doesn’t like to rely on the same ones. She believes that your skin is continuously changing and that you need different creams for various seasons.

She takes evening primrose supplements

Allergies are Claudia’s top concern because the dust in South Korea can be pretty harsh and harmful to the skin.

Her doctor gave her a prescription for evening primrose supplements to aid with this as it helps improve premenstrual syndrome symptoms and general skin health.

She loves playing around with lipsticks

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - lipstick - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

One of those girls who can’t seem to commit to one shade of lipstick is Claudia. Soft neutrals and corals are her go-to natural shades.

When she wants something more playful, however, she opts for a vivid scarlet or purple lip. Due to the contrast, it might also give her skin a brighter appearance.

She applies 7 layers of toner to her face

Claudia also uses the popular Korean “seven skin method”, which means applying seven layers of toner in the morning and another seven at night to keep the skin hydrated and plump.

She took private classes with a makeup expert

Claudia’s mother was very strict with her when she was younger and forbade her from donning any facial cosmetics.

Instead, she was required to take private makeup classes. After 20 classes, she was finally allowed to do her own makeup.

She always carries fragrances with her

This actress can’t live without fragrance because she adores everything that has a pleasant scent. She also has the habit of bringing aromatic oils or perfume with her.

She claims that essential oils can help ward off illness and particularly enjoys the scent of lavender or cedarwood.

She loves saunas and massages

She enjoys massages and saunas among other things. She enjoys visiting the sauna at the Conrad Seoul hotel whenever she returns to South Korea.

She also enjoys foot and dry massages once or twice a week because her body typically hurts from her extensive exercise regimen.

She carries multiple types of sunblock

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - sunblock - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

We’re impressed to learn that Claudia Kim always carries a variety of sunscreen with her. She typically keeps spray and cream products in her bag.

She also packs her favourite tea sachets, beauty treatments, candles, and perfumes.

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