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Our thirst to look great all the time has turned our vanity table into a battlefield. Besides multiple jars of lotions and potions, we have also stocked up on so much war paint makeup – sometimes to cover up areas on our skin we’re not satisfied with.

Here’s what you often hear but hardly practise: Less is more. If you desire beautiful skin that makes you feel confident to face the world without makeup, then focus on just one thing first: cleansing.

This de facto first step in every skincare regime forms the important foundation that can make or break how your skin looks. And if you’re ready to transform your cleansing routine, read on and take down these notes:

1. First, wash your hands

We know the drill: you get back home after a long day, and the first thing you want to do is to enjoy a nice cleanse with your favourite face wash. But are you doing it with grime-laden hands? Yikes.

Always make sure your hands are thoroughly washed with soap before you begin your cleansing routine. This ensures that you’re not introducing germs and dirt to your face.

2. Use lukewarm water

Learn from Goldilocks, who refused the porridge that’s “too hot” and the other that’s “too cold”, go for water that’s “just nice”.

Water that’s too hot can cause dilation of capillaries as well as dry out skin, while cold water will constrict them; lukewarm (at room temperature) is best for cleansing.

3. Don’t forget to lather

If you’re one of those who apply cleanser straight to your face, rub it around a couple of times before rinsing it off – uh-oh. The right way to cleanse would be to lather up your cleanser into a nice, dense foam before applying the foam to your entire face.

Here’s why it’s important: What really cleans your face is foam (created with your cleanser). Dense foam is able to penetrate into your pores more easily because of its finer cleansing particles, so you can guarantee a more thorough cleanse.

Want a face wash that gives your skin a thorough cleanse? Look for one that can help you create rich and dense foam – not just because it feels good, but also because it works better.

4. Give it time

How much time do you take to cleanse your face? If you recall only rubbing haphazardly and getting it done in 20 seconds, you’re rushing too much, girl!

Spend a full minute to cleanse your face, by massaging your face in gentle, circular motions. This helps stimulate micro-circulation, which will pay off in that beautiful healthy glow you’ll see in your complexion over time.

Take your time to turn your cleansing routine into a pampering me-time too. Imagine sinking your face into a smooth, dense, and rich foam at the end of a busy day – pure indulgence!

5. Rinse off completely

Always make sure you’ve rinsed well, such that you can no longer feel any residue on your skin. This ensures that all the dirt and impurities that are carried away by your cleansing foam has indeed been washed off, and not left behind on your skin.

6. Use a clean towel

Do you use the same towel to dry your body after shower on your face as well? Not ideal. And even if you have a different towel, do you change it regularly?

Dry off with a towel that’s as clean as how you want your skin to remain.

7. Dab, don’t rub

Be gentle with your skin. Tugging at your skin by rubbing your towel all over your face can irritate it, and in the long-run, may even cause lines to appear.

Now that you’ve got these tips down pat, don’t forget to get a great cleanser

And by great cleanser, we don’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on it. The SENKA Perfect Whip (SGD7.90) is an affordable but effective cleanser that we love. And we’re not the only one who are #soWHIPPEDwithSENKA – did you know that this is the No. 1 Cleanser in Japan and Korea?

What’s the deal, you might be wondering. Remember Tip #3 where we explained the importance of dense foam? The Perfect Whip is known in Japan for its ability to create an ultra dense and luxurious foam that is sure to be able to give your skin a thorough cleanse, without drying out skin. This is how you can have a perfect Step 1 of your skincare routine to achieve beautiful, makeup-free complexion!

Japanese Cocoon Silk Essence

We already know that Japanese brands are known for being generous with quality ingredients and upholding high standards in their products. So, we weren’t surprise that as a Japanese brand, SENKA has also lavished Perfect Whip with Japanese Cocoon Silk Essence, a unique ingredient that is able to make their foam denser and more gentle on skin.

This ingredient is derived from silkworm cocoon, which has been used by generations of Japanese women in helping with regeneration of skin cells.  The inclusion of this ingredient (and all other ingredients) is the result of careful research by SENKA, a brand under the Japanese beauty giant, Shiseido Group.

They have also added Double Hyaluronic Acid Compound into the formula, to leave your skin feeling moisturised and soft after cleansing. The Perfect Whip is dermatologist-tested, is gentle on skin, and suitable for all skin types.

Available at Watsons, BHG, Welcia-BHG, and Don Don Donki.

Also try: If you’re looking for a fuss-free makeup remover, check out the SENKA Perfect Oil Whip – it’s great especially if you’re time-starved! This auto-foaming product transforms Shiseido’s special oil molecules into foam, is non-greasy, and able to remove even the most stubborn makeup. What’s more, we love that the dermatologist-tested product is suitable even for sensitive skin and dry skin.

SENKA Perfect Whip is available at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, SASA, BHG, Welcia-BHG, and Don Don Donki.

This article is brought to you by SENKA.