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When it comes to makeup techniques, mastering eyeshadow application may be the hardest trick in the book. Whether you’re a makeup pro or newbie, you may make a few mistakes from time to time,

Thankfully, Douyin user @辣辣来撸妆 has shared the most common eyeshadow mistakes and how we can correct them.

Keep reading to see if you’ve made the same mistakes and how you can nail your eyeshadow application next time.

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Mistake #1: Picking the wrong eyeshadow tones

Knowing what colours work for you can be a real game changer when it comes to all aspects of makeup.

If you pick hues that clash with your skin tone, you might end up with a makeup look that appears dirty or dull. So depending on your skin tone and undertones,  you’ll need to pick colours that complement and brighten your entire complexion.

For those with warm undertones, you should pick warm colours like rosy pink, red, and orange. If you have cool undertones, try shades like grey, lilac, and blue to brighten your overall complexion.

Not sure what skin tone category you fall under? Here’s how you can find your colour season and discover the right makeup products.

Mistake #2: Pairing the wrong eyeshadow shades

If you’re not confident about picking the right combination of shades individually or from a large palette, try using an eyeshadow quad instead.

Eyeshadow quads are smaller palettes that only come with four shades, so they’re already perfectly matched to give you a cohesive colour scheme.

Some eyeshadow quads you can try are the Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad Eye Shadow Palette (S$145) or the Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes (S$17.21).

Mistake #3: Not concealing your dull areas

We’re always eager to dive right into action but often forget that preparation is necessary for a flawless eye makeup look.

Notice the darker areas around the outer and inner corners of your eyes? You’ll need to dab on some concealer there. Neutralising these areas will help you achieve a more cohesive makeup look.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to set your eyes

Prep, prep, and prep! Everything needs to be primed for the entire look to be seamlessly tied together.

Use a small, soft brush to dust on the lightest shade of eyeshadow over the entire eye area.

Not only will the powder from the eyeshadow blot away any excess sebum, but it will also brighten the area and prepare your skin for other powders you’ll apply next.

Mistake #5: Using the wrong colour as your eyeshadow base

The Douyin user shares that this is the most common mistake that ruins the entire look.

Most of us tend to reach for the darkest, warmest colour to use as our base. By doing this, the eyeshadow will look patchy and messy. Your eye might even look bruised – something we definitely want to avoid.

So instead of starting with a bright punch of colour, reach for the lightest one that’s closest to your skin tone.

Grab a soft dense brush and focus on adding that shade to your upper eyelid and the inner corner of your eye. This will help prep the canvas for more blending you’ll be doing after.

Mistake #6: Applying the second layer of eyeshadow at your crease

In an attempt to make your eyes bigger, you might think that applying the second layer at your crease will add more colour and depth.

On the contrary, doing this will make your eyelids look puffier and the overall area seem even smaller.

Instead, grab a small flat brush and pick up the warmest, darkest shade. Hold the brush at an angle before swiping the eyeshadow onto your double eyelid.

Ensure that the brush is as close to your lashes as possible. Cover the entire fold of the double eyelid.

As your brush gets closer to the inner corner of your eye, make sure to angle it to your lid so the pigment evenly covers the crevices.

Squint your eyes and blend the eyeshadow out so the line that separates the two layers isn’t obvious.

Mistake #7: Using one eyeshadow shade for the lower eyelid

Defining the aegyo sal  – the little pockets of fat under the eye – is what many Korean women like to do, but plenty of us are still unsure about how to create the intended shadow effect. When contoured properly, it’ll widen and open up your eyes.

Instead of using only one shade for this look, reach for a small flat brush and pick up a warm dark shade. Start applying from the outer corner of your eye and stick close to the lower lash line.

Once you’ve reached the inner corner of your eye, brush away some pigment and use the remaining powders on the brush to create the aegyo sal. Now, reach for the lightest eyeshadow shade and fill in the area between the shadow you’ve created and your lower lash line.

If you want to add some shimmer to your eye look, grab some glitter with a small brush and dab it on top of the area between the shadow and the lower lash line. You can also add glitter to the centre of your upper eyelid and the inner corner of your eye. This glimmer will help highlight those areas and make the entire eye pop.

If your eyeshadow quad doesn’t come with glossy glitters, try Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter (S$7.36) or Innisfree My Palette My Eyeshadow GLITTER (S$8.23).

Featured image credits: @辣辣来撸妆/Douyin