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We all know the importance of washing our makeup brushes often but have you ever thought about reviving your brushes that might have gotten rough and frayed over time?

Apparently, there’s a way to get them back to their glorious look: conditioning the bristles.

Why you should condition your brushes

There are two reasons why the bristles of your makeup brushes became spiky and frayed: you’ve over-washed them or they’ve run their course and have to be thrown away.

Similar to our hair, makeup brushes are likewise made of superfine, tiny hairs that are most probably animal hairs or synthetic, vegan fibers that require a lot of TLC.

But before you decide to throw out your old makeup brushes, this hack we came across on TikTok might just be a deciding litmus test as to whether you’re due for a new set of makeup brushes.

In the TikTok, makeup artist, Cris Scortezz, shows us how conditioning your makeup brushes might just help bring them back to life.

Catch the video tutorial here:

@scortezzbeautyHow to fix frayed makeup brushes #makeup #beauty #promua #xyzbca♬ original sound – Scortezz Beauty

Think about this: Can you imagine how dry and grassy our hair would be after a shower session with no conditioner? The same concept applies to our makeup brushes.

After all, it really isn’t too difficult a task to do! All you have to do is run some conditioner through your brushes every other week while giving it a well-deserved wash.

We put the hack to the test

To truly test the effectiveness of this makeup brush hack, we decided t0 give it a try and here’s how it went.

conditioned makeup brushes

Makeup brushes after a round of conditioning

We started out by picking out makeup brushes that were more heavily used and gave them a wash with a pump of hair conditioner each.

To our surprise, the bristles of the brushes did turn out a lot softer than before! Even though it isn’t evidently visible on a surface level, the refreshed brushes definitely did feel softer and less spiky on our skin.