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Internet sensation Pony is known for many things— her wildly successful makeup line, her amazing Instagram feed, and of course, her gorgeous makeup looks.

A humongous aspect to said gorgeous makeup looks? Her flawless-looking skin, of course!


And while a large part of that can be credited to her amazing complexion as it is, you can bet that her use of foundation certainly does help things along too.

Curious as to how she does it? Well, luckily for you, Daily Vanity has found out the 6 cushion foundation tips Pony swears by. Trust us, some of them are so surprising, we bet you won’t see them coming!

1. Apply powder before putting your cushion foundation on over it


This especially applies to those with oily and or combination skin types! According to Pony, you can extend the staying power of your cushion foundation by first applying a thin layer of translucent powder over your face. Follow through by making sure to set your entire face with the same powder, or a makeup setting spray after.

2. Pat all excess foundation on the other side of the foundation lid to ensure natural and flawless coverage

Pony Foundation Tips Pat Excess Off

Does your skin end up looking more like a cakey, clogged mess after applying your cushion foundation? If you’re nodding your head fervently to this, try out Pony’s method of dabbing the excess product out onto the inside of the cushion foundation lid instead. 

Doing so allows you to gauge how much product you actually want on your face, thus allowing for a nice, natural finish that she boasts constantly on her Instagram feed.

She also recommends applying just one cushion pad worth of product on the key areas of your face and blending out, before going back to touch up any areas missed after. You can watch the video above to get a better idea of how this works! Opting for this method thus ensures a nice, even finish that appears flawless in real life and on camera.

3. Apply less product over your T-Zone


Nope, you’re not reading wrong! Pony recommends applying less product over your T-Zone area, no matter your skin type. This is because the makeup tends to ‘smear’ or appear extremely evident from the second skin starts getting oily, which drastically affects the whole makeup look as a whole.

According to this iconic K-beauty guru, the best way to go about this is to concentrate your product on your cheeks, chin, and around the sides of your forehead, before applying the remainder along your T-Zone for the just perfect amount.

4. Use a slight wiggling motion to apply your cushion foundation instead of just patting it in

what, now? Yup, using slight patting motions is apparently not the best way to apply your cushion foundation. Instead, Pony advises to use a wiggling motion instead. This allows the product to blend seamlessly into skin, allowing for a smooth, flawless finish. Watch the video above to see how it’s done!

5. Make sure to change your cushion pad regularly


There is nothing more detrimental than using a very dirty cushion pad on your skin! Make sure to clean and wash yours at least once a week, or to replace it regularly if you’re not up for regular maintenance. This will, of course, also help you better pick up the right amount of foundation.

6. Make sure your entire makeup look works as a whole


The final word from Pony? To make sure your makeup look works in its entirety. Don’t get too focused on just one aspect! In the end, you’ll have to ensure that the whole look works, from your base to brows to lips. Well said!