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By now, most of us know that serums are where it’s at when it comes to perfecting an effective skincare routine.

Lighter in consistency compared to moisturisers, serums come in tinier bottles that are chock-full of active ingredients, which means they really pack a punch with every drop.

You’re also likely to find a serum that targets every complexion concern you may have. Looking to fade stubborn pigmentation? There’s a serum for that. Want to smooth fine lines and wrinkles? Yup, plenty of formulas for those woes too.

If you’re struggling to fight the visible signs of ageing but to no avail, we do have a hack that dials up the efficacy of your existing skincare routine: using a serum during the day and a different one at night.

Do we really need a day serum and a night serum?

Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair day

Credit: Ron Lach/Pexels

As the saying goes, “two are better than one”, and it certainly applies to this hack. While you can use your serum both day and night, there are a few key differences between the two.

For instance, a day serum could focus on replenishing your skin’s hydration and moisture levels. It’s often lighter in texture too, so it gets absorbed into the skin easily for a speedy morning routine.

Some of them also boast antioxidants that protect the skin from an onslaught of environmental aggressors during the day, such as pollution and sun exposure.

Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair sleep

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Night serums, on the other hand, could be slightly more viscous in consistency and are likely to contain potent active ingredients that bring about anti-ageing benefits to renew the skin while you catch your Zs.

By using the serums separately, you’re adapting to your skin’s needs throughout the day and optimising your routine to reap the most benefits.

Aren’t quite sure where to start and which serums to couple up? We’re here to help.

The perfect duo to meet your anti-ageing needs

Astalift The Serum Wrinkle Repair Day Night

To make things that much simpler for you, Astalift created two new serums that’ll target the visible signs of skin ageing both AM and PM. Meet Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Day) and Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Night)!

Morning: Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Day)

Astalift The Serum Wrinkle Repair Night

The day serum comes in a convenient stick format that delivers all-day hydration in a single swipe – perfect for busy mornings.

Its moisturising texture melts on the skin upon application and won’t leave your skin feeling tacky during the day, which is a huge plus given our year-round humidity. What’s more, it’ll prevent your makeup from creasing.

The serum also boasts a blend of gentle actives that work around the clock. Niacinamide smooths wrinkles as it fades dark spots and freckles, while vitamin B6 and vitamin C derivatives reduce redness and brighten your complexion.

You’ll also find one potent antioxidant in the Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Day) known as Nano-Astaxanthin. Derived from microalgae, this ingredient is 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C, so it not only gives your skin a brightening boost, but it also supports your skin’s collagen for increased elasticity and firmness.

Even better, the serum stick offers SPF20 PA++ protection to shield your skin from UV damage. Since it can be used around the eyes, it’ll prevent wrinkles from getting deeper too. The formula also uses Bright Reflex which reflects light to reduce any shadows formed by wrinkles, making you look luminous and peppy.

Evening: Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Night)

Astalift The Serum Wrinkle Repair Day

Our skin’s needs shift when the sun goes down, which is why Astalift has formulated a richer serum that stays on your skin while you get your beauty sleep.

The creamy serum acts almost like a sleeping mask, enveloping your skin and delicate areas in a layer of moisture to nourish it overnight while protecting it from damage.

While your skin’s reparative processes take place while you rest, the night serum delivers a generous amount of rejuvenating ingredients to your skin.

Just like The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Day), the night variant contains multitasking niacinamide to lighten dark spots and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as vitamin B6, vitamin C derivatives, and powerful Nano Astaxanthin to brighten and firm the skin.

On top of those, The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Night) is also infused with watercress extract, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that moisturises and floods your skin with essential vitamins. Together, the ingredients work to give you smoother, more supple, younger-looking skin.

What makes both serums a cut above the rest

Astalift The Serum Wrinkle Repair Day Night 2

While you may find some of the aforementioned ingredients in other serums on the market, there’s one thing to bear in mind, and that is formula is king. What truly sets Astalift’s The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Day) and (Night) apart from others is that they’re powered by liposome technology.

This advanced technology effectively delivers the actives to targeted areas of the skin using a unique liposomal formulation. It does so by housing the ingredients inside very tiny phospholipids (fat-like particles), which makes it easier for the skin to absorb and allows more actives to target the root causes of your skin concerns.

Once you use the serums, you’ll be able to feel their effects immediately and experience results fast. A genius way to treat stubborn difficult skin woes like wrinkles.

From now till 30 November 2022, you can purchase the Wrinkle Repair Duo-Kit at only S$99 (U.P. S$125)!

Snag this introductory offer here

Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Day) (5g) and Astalift The Serum ​Wrinkle Repair​ (Night) (18g) retail for S$70 each, available at Astalift stores at NEX and Plaza Singapura, as well as Astalift’s website, Lazada, and Shopee

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