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To her millions of fans, Dilireba, better known as Dilraba Dilmurat, stands out both as a talented actress and as a beauty icon. From her roles in hit TV series like Pretty Li Huizhen in 2017 to Eternal Love Of Dream, she’s become a sensation not just in China but globally.

Beyond the screen, Dilireba is more than an award-winning actress; she’s Clarins’ Asia-Pacific skincare spokesperson and now, the Ambassador for Dior’s Women’s Collections, and the Face of Dior Makeup!

But despite her non-stop schedule, Dilireba hasn’t missed a beat, charming fans with her beauty and grace. Lucky for us, she’s let us in on some of her beauty secrets for that ever-stunning look.

So, read on for the full scoop!

Beauty Tip #1: Proper Skin Cleansing & Suncare


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

Dilireba swears by a solid skincare routine, and cleansing takes the spotlight. Regular cleansing isn’t just a routine step – it’s the key to keeping her skin radiant and healthy!

And let’s not forget sun care – applying protection before makeup is her secret to minimising skin damage.

Beauty Tip #2: Get Sufficient Rest


Photo credit: @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.

Being a beauty spokesperson is no walk in the park. Dilireba understands the toll her busy schedule can take on her skin. So, getting enough rest is a non-negotiable part of her routine to keep her complexion even and radiant!

Beauty Tip #3: Practise Healthy Eating Habits


Photo credit: @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.

As metabolism changes with age, Dilireba advocates for mindful eating and moderation. After hitting 25, Dilireba noticed her metabolism slowing down. Cutting out sugar is one of her recommendations to combat ageing and maintain overall well-being.

Beauty Tip #4: Don’t Wear Makeup If Not Necessary


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

Dilireba knows the importance of giving her skin a breather. Makeup-free days are her way of letting her natural beauty shine through – an essential break in the glamour routine!

Beauty Tip #5: Tailored Morning & Night Skincare Regimens


Photo credit: @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.

Dilireba’s skincare routine isn’t one-size-fits-all. During the day, it’s all about hydration and protection, especially before makeup. Come nighttime, she focuses on anti-ageing, complete with a soothing facial massage to unwind.

Beauty Tip #6: Hydrating Skin Prep Before Applying Makeup


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

With a job that demands constant makeup, Dilireba knows the importance of prepping her skin. To keep her skin looking supple and glowing, she starts with a hydrating skin prep using a spray-on mist before applying any makeup.

Beauty Tip #7: Start On An Anti-Ageing Skincare Regimen Early


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

Dilireba believes it’s never too early to combat ageing. Adapting your skincare products and routine as your skin changes is crucial, and she’s got a regimen that helps her skin cope even in high-stress situations.

So, take a cue from Dilireba, and you might just find yourself achieving skin as beautiful as hers!

Featured image credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram, @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.