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We’ve all been there: caught in the middle of a beauty emergency, with few resources to save it, and being upset that we aren’t more prepared for it. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, and thank goodness you’re on the right article now! We’re about to show you the best strategies to get you out of the next sticky beauty situation.

1. Fixing pesky flyaway hair

The emergency: Your hair looks perfect… until a stubborn piece of hair sticks out awkwardly, refusing to stay down no matter how much you try to smooth it out. You don’t have any hair product with you, and you look ridiculous with that rouge piece of hair.

hand cream

Crisis control: Rub hand cream on your hands then use it to tame the flyaway. Hand cream (or lotion) acts like a hair conditioner to smoothen out your tresses. This is also a great quick fix for hydrating frizzy ends if you don’t have hair serum with you.

2. You need an SOS facial right now

The emergency: You’ve been busy for the past few weeks and before you know it, it’s your best friend’s wedding the next day. Where did all the time go?! You need to look your best and your skin looks dull and lifeless. You haven’t had the chance to go for a facial, and it’s too late to schedule for one. What’s worse: classmates you haven’t seen in a decade will all be there as guests and you really want to look your best. More bad news? You’re the maid of honour!

Crisis control: Use a peel to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface as the first step to instant brightness and smooth skin texture. Follow up with a brightening mask to leave your skin looking radiant. If you have heavy-duty products that really work, it’s almost as good as a facial treatment.

MASQUE MINERAL_Masque Peel - Texture

Try: Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask. No time to waste! Instead of using a peel and a mask, save time with this one. You only need five minutes to complete this routine!

This mask contains volcanic rocks and fruit acid AHA to provide a double-peel action that gently sloughs off dead skin cells and eliminates impurities for smoother skin that glows with luminosity. Additionally, Vichy’s pH balancing thermal water from French volcanoes further boosts its efficacy and fortify your skin. This is probably why it’s known as a five-minute miracle radiance mask!

Tested on sensitive skin, you also eliminate risk of any irritation that you definitely want to avoid while fighting off a beauty crisis!

3. Smooth out a chipped nail

The emergency: Your nail is chipped and you’re without a nail clipper or file. You desperately want to smoothen it out so it won’t crack any further or cause any tears in your clothes by accident.


Crisis control: The rough side of a matchbox makes the perfect nail file. You can use it to smoothen out the chip, and even shape your nail to the perfect shape again.

4. Give your lipstick more mileage

The emergency: You really need to look polished and cannot leave your lip colour out. However, your lipstick has finished and you haven’t bought a new one. All you’re left with is just that flattened out lipstick with pigment that can’t cover your entire lips.

apply lip balm

Crisis control: Apply a generous amount of clear lip balm on your lips, then use your finger to pick up the lipstick and dab onto your lips that are covered with balm. The lip balm will make the lipstick creamier and more able to glide over and cover your entire lips, even though it will give a slightly lighter shade.

5. Suppress a developing pimple

The emergency: You’re having your photo taken the next day for a work profile picture, and a red spot looks like it’s brewing – you’re quite sure it’ll become a raging pimple the next day and you have to stop it before it develops!

Crisis control: Typical spot solutions are only useful for when the pimple has developed. To control one that is brewing, apply a clay mask on top of it. This helps to get rid of excess sebum and unclog pores, which will prevent it from becoming a full pimple. Clay masks are also known for their deep cleansing properties and ability to purge skin of impurities. Use it regularly to give your skin the SOS detox it needs.

MASQUE MINERAL_Masque Argile Purifiant Pores - Texture

Try: Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask. This is the first volcanic mask that put together two ultra-fine white clays (to absorb sebum and impurities, and purifying pores) and Vichy’s famous pH Balancing Thermal Water to achieve the optimal skin pH level and further boost the efficacy of the mask. It also contains aloe vera to soothe and hydrate skin, and allantoin to repair damaged skin.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you should actually use this easy-to-use-and-wash-off mask regularly – it has a mattifying effect and can visibly reduce the look of pores and imperfections! This way, you’ll never have to face an imminent crisis again.

Bonus: Include this mask as part of your post-workout skincare routine. It can help to unclog sweat particles, sebum, grime, and other impurities that clog your pores.

6. Hide 0bvious strands of grey hair

The emergency: Just as you are about to head out for an important meeting, you noticed two strands of grey hair sitting right at the crown of your hair – why haven’t you seen them before? You don’t believe in plucking them off, but you definitely have no time for a hair salon appointment to touch up your hair colour right now.


Crisis control: If it’s just a few strands of grey hair, you can consider “touching up” with a mascara. Coat the offending strand of hair with mascara to make it look less obvious. Remember to go easy with it to avoid clumping.

7. Improve the tight and dry skin after winter holidays

The emergency: You’re back from your winter holidays and your skin is feeling tight and uncomfortable from the harsh weather. It looks parched and red, and is screaming for something to quench its thirst!

Crisis control: To alleviate the problem of tight and dry skin, give your skin an intensive moisture boost.

MASQUE MINERAL_Masque Mineral Desalterant -Texture

Try: Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask. An instant SOS hydration booster for your skin, this can bring relief to dry skin and reduce skin’s temperature in five minutes. The first volcanic mask with the highest concentration of Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water (10% of it is this amazing ingredient!), which contains 15 rare minerals, this mask helps rebalance skin’s pH quickly.

On top of this, the intensely moisturising formula also contains Niacinamide (vitamin B3) to calm down inflamed areas and hydrate your skin thoroughly. Apply this mask all over your face, focusing on dry spots. Rinse off after five minutes and you’ll see bouncier, plumper skin that looks moisturised. Like a tall glass of ice water on a hot day, this mask will quench the thirst of your parched skin at the snap of your fingers.

Bonus: Back from your workout and need a quick fix to cool your skin down? You can use Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask not only to replenish lost moisture, but also to cool down your skin’s temperature and soothe discomfort, thanks to its unique metho-cooling technology.

Ready to be in control of your beauty emergencies?

You may not be able to prevent beauty emergencies from happening but you can definitely be ready for them. Equip yourself with Vichy’s new range of volcanic masks, which are the first derma cleansing masks in the market. They are tested on sensitive skin and are dermatologically controlled to make sure they will never give you more trouble than the beauty crisis you’re going through. Let them save your day!

The Vichy volcanic masks are available at leading pharmacies including Watsons, Guardian, Unity and selected hospital pharmacies at SGD39 each. You can also get a Mask Trio Set (15ml x 3) for just SGD19.90 to try all of them, or to do multi-masking (apply different mask on different areas of your face!)

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