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Most people would agree that getting the foundation application technique right is the most important skill to have if you use makeup. And we agree. After all, well applied foundation holds the rest of the makeup together, and at the same time, gives the look of healthy-looking skin so we look more radiant.

If you’re ready to up your foundation game, read on. We share six common foundation application mistakes that you should avoid, starting from today.

1. You picked the wrong colour of foundation

When you’re buying a new foundation, a common mistake is testing the shade on the inside of the wrist or the top of your hand; the only place to correctly match the right shade is really only on your face. Test the foundation out on your jawline instead, to find the perfect match for your skin.

Another common mistake is picking the wrong undertone in your foundation. Cool-toned foundation will appear more pink, while warm-toned foundation will lean more on the yellow side. Neutral foundation will be somewhere in between the two.

2. You’re using the wrong tools

There are a variety of tools you can use to apply foundation, from foundation brushes, kabuki brushes, to regular sponges and even silicone sponge. Pick the right tool  based on the amount of coverage you’re looking for— brushes should be buffed in circular motions to give higher coverage, while sponges should be damp and dabbed into the skin for a lighter coverage.

4. You didn’t prime your face

To get the most out of your foundation, it’s important to apply a layer of primer first to smooth your face out. Applying a primer can help create a more flawless-looking complexion, hide pores, and help foundation glide on more easily. Take note that there are different types of primers in the market that cater to different skin types and concerns. Pick on that addresses your needs.

4. You’re not using a suitable formula

There is a variety of formulation for foundations that offer different finishes. Those with oily skin may find that cushion foundations don’t last as long as they wish, and if you have dry skin, you may not like the feeling of matte foundation on your skin. According to your skin type and lifestyle, choose a product that suits you. Don’t go for a product simply because your friend swears by it – it may not work exactly the same on you.

5. You forget to apply foundation on your neck

Many people make the mistake of ending their foundation application on their jawline and not bringing it down to their necks. For a natural look, you should blend the foundation down to your neck too, so that you won’t be seeing two tones of colour. It’ll make your flawless-looking face stand out in an unnatural way.

6. You don’t set your makeup

Setting is extremely important if you want your makeup to last all day. There are two ways you can do it: by dusting a translucent powder or spritzing a setting spray.

Setting your face with powderhelps minimises shine and appearance of pores but you shouldn’t overdo it or you risk a heavy look. On the other hand, a setting spray can help hydrate the skin and extend the life of your makeup.