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Blame it on our busy schedules, how many of us can say that we are conscientious with our “beauty duties” such as washing our brushes every week?

We know how difficult it is – we’re guilty of it too. But there are a few get-arounds that can help beauty cleanliness a breeze. Best part? They aren’t even expensive. Follow these five cheats that will please the lazy girl in you – no need to brush it off anymore! 

1. Switch to silicone sponges

This product has taken the beauty world by storm. Soft and malleable, it doesn’t just make foundation application a breeze, it also cuts your sponge cleaning time by, maybe twenty times. As it is made up of a soft plastic material, your makeup won’t be absorbed at all, which means you can clean it by running it under water for a few seconds, or even dump it in the washing machine and dry them out as you hang your damp clothes.

Try the Heme Baby Q puff or Silisponge. They have a life span of ten years. That’s right, ten years! This means you can enjoy ten whole years of cleaning your makeup puff easily. That’s a reason to celebrate!

2. Cut time with baby wipes

To make your brush washing ritual more effortless, regular maintenance is key. Keep anti-bacterial wipes at your vanity. These contain alcohol, which makes them a fast and effective way to disinfect and clean your brushes. Wipe your brushes right after application, and then just before application. This ensures that makeup residue doesn’t stay on for a long time and make it hard to get rid of at your next wash.

3. Save time with brush cleansing sprays

From foundation puffs to eyeshadow applicators, this product will work its magic on them. After using your brush, spray it directly on your dry brushes and brush it onto a clean towel to get rid of the makeup. Then, leave it out to air-dry. You will find the makeup and excess product of your brushes on the towel. And did we mention that it dries up instantly? Do this each time you use your brushes and you can afford to do your brush washing a little less regularly.

We recommend e.l.f. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner, Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray, and NYX Brush Cleaner. You can find more brush cleaners here.

4. Use the brush cleaning mat

Cleaning mats, such as the popular Sigma Express Brush Cleaning Mat (get it here), makes the cleaning of makeup brushes a whole lot easier! Its textured surface has grooves that vary in sizes. The one with little spaces in between them are for smaller brushes, such as eyebrow applicators, while the larger ones are for bigger ones such as kabuki brush. Just pour baby shampoo over the grooves and run your brushes over them to remove the grime. Wash off the solution under running water and your brushes are free of dirt. It only takes a few minutes to get the job done.

5. Invest in a cleaning machine

If you really hate washing brushes so much, then it might be worthwhile to invest in a cleaning machine. It may be pricey but would definitely save you lots of time.

This one’s by Lilumia and here is how it works:

This will set you back by USD149 and is available on their website.