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Korean beauty trends have been on the rise, captivating enthusiasts worldwide.

From flawless skin to captivating looks, we can’t help but be swept off our feet when our favourite K-pop idols grace the stage with their mesmerising beauty. It has definitely left us in awe countless times.

Oh, the secrets they hold – lucky for us, many have taken the spotlight to share their skincare and beauty tips.

We have the inside scoop and we can’t wait to share them with you. Want to know the Korean celebrities’ skincare tips?

Read on!

Jisoo, 28 years old

As a talented member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo astounds fans not only with her melodious voice but also with her flawless complexion.

Her natural beauty shines effortlessly, and even under the scrutinising lens, she exhibits flawless, velvety-smooth skin with no imperfections.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Jisoo embraces a minimalistic approach to makeup in her personal life, showcasing her natural beauty.

She emphasises the importance of skin hydration, especially in dry climates, and has gained the nickname “mask maniac” for her dedication to applying facial masks up to three times daily.

Kim Se-jeong, 27 years old

Kim Se-jeong, an active figure in the music and drama industries, effortlessly maintains a smooth and refined complexion despite her busy schedule.

With naturally prominent double eyelids and adorable eye bags, she radiates beauty whether she embraces a makeup-free look or opts for a subtle nude makeup style.

Behind her enviable skin lies her dedicated personal care routine.

In addition to using facial masks four times a week, she meticulously selects masks that cater to her skin’s daily needs.

Plus, she crafts her own “Natural Rice Bran Cheese Mask”, a homemade remedy that effectively moisturises and exfoliates the skin, leaving it irresistibly smooth, soft, and radiant.

Kim Ji-won, 31 years old

While we’re familiar with the importance of consuming vegetables for their vitamin-rich benefits, this Korean celebrity takes it a step further by incorporating vegetable water into her skincare routine.

Kim Ji-won, also known as Jin Ji-won rose to prominence through her notable roles in various television dramas. You may recognise her from Descendants of the Sun Yoon Myung-ju.

She has a self-created “cauliflower water” where she simmers the vegetable in water for 30 minutes, cools it in the refrigerator, and savours its benefits as soon as possible.

This helps to combat skin ageing and inflammation but also aids in reducing acne, while promoting clearer complexion. It even contributes to weight management.

Bae Suzy, 29 years old

Bae Suzy, the adored national sweetheart, often delights her fans with makeup-free photos, revealing her innate beauty.

Even when she does wear makeup, she prefers a minimalist approach, creating a look that is almost indistinguishable from her natural appearance.

One of her trusted skincare routines is the 4-2-4 cleansing regime.

In just 10 minutes, Bae Suzy, the K-pop idol turned actress, follows an extensive cleansing regimen known as the 4-2-4 routine, which she swears by.

The facial cleansing method begins like this:

  • Four minutes of gently massaging the face with cleansing oil
  • Two minutes of massage using foaming cleanser
  • Four minutes of rinsing the face with warm and cold water

IU, 30 years old

Next on our list is a beloved South Korean singer-songwriter and actress who has captured hearts with her musical prowess, IU!

Famed for her exceptional talent and versatile vocals, IU also holds a beauty secret that is refreshingly uncomplicated and time-efficient.

Her secret? A homemade milk mask that she generously applies to her face, allowing it to work its magic for a mere 20 minutes.

This nourishing mask not only provides deep hydration but also imparts a radiant glow to her already flawless complexion.

Thanks to this simple yet effective skincare ritual, IU boasts remarkably clear and luminous skin, captivating fans with her natural beauty.

Shin Hye Sun, 34 years old

Shin Hye Sun, known for her role in the popular Korean drama Mr.Queen, has enamoured fans with her captivating beauty, earning herself the endearing title of “Second Eye Beauty”.

With a natural and fearless approach, she often embraces minimal or no makeup, revealing a radiant complexion that has charmed audiences far and wide.

During a beauty show appearance, she generously shared her skincare secrets, revealing her reliance on essential oils to delicately massage her face until a gentle flush appears.

This massage technique stimulates blood circulation, helping to reduce facial swelling and puffiness.

Additionally, she diligently incorporates a daily masking routine to ensure her skin remains hydrated, resulting in a supple and luminous appearance each day.

Seol In-ah, 27 years old

Seol In-ah, who rose to fame through the Korean drama Business Proposal on Netflix captivates us with her performance and her stunning look, regardless of whether she chooses to wear makeup or go bare-faced in private.

Her flawless skin remains impeccable, showcasing no discernible difference at all.

While she hasn’t personally disclosed her skincare secrets, she provided a glimpse into her morning routine on the variety show I Live Alone.

After taking a refreshing sip of ice water, she spritzes on a moisturising spray without washing her face, followed by a quick session of teeth brushing before heading out.

This minimalist approach to skincare surprised the audience with its ability to uphold such impeccable skin quality.

However, she revealed that once she returns home, she ensures to thoroughly cleanse her face to remove any impurities accumulated throughout the day.

More beauty and skincare tips

Over the years, many Korean celebrities have been generously sharing their tips for achieving a healthy and radiant appearance, covering everything from skincare routines to diet advice.

Take a look at these tips and secrets they’ve revealed that could help you achieve that coveted glow, inside and out.

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