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As the old saying goes, ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’. Now, there’s definitely some truth to this considering how the eyes are one of the first few features we tend to notice about others.

It’s exactly why eye makeup is oh-so-important— if your peepers are going to be under constant scrutiny, you’re going to want them to make a great first impression. A newbie to eye makeup? Let Daily Vanity share with you useful tips that will help you nail your eye makeup this year.

1. Figure out your eye shape


Yup, this is a thing, if you can believe it! Eyes, just like our bodies, come in varying sizes and shapes, so trust us when we say that there is hardly ever a universal technique or shade that works for everyone. Figuring out your eye shape is hence the first step to finding out what works best for you. Need a little guidance? Check out this comprehensive video here that helps you identify yours.


2. Know your brushes


 The brushes that come with your eyeshadows are most often poorly designed for actual application, which makes blending and creating specific eye looks a chore. Opt instead for brushes specifically designed for its purpose, as helpfully provided by this little chart up here. After all, you can’t expect Gordon Ramsay to slice a perfect filet mignon with sub-par knives, can you?

3. Use primer

A good foundation always helps when it comes to creating specific eye looks, so be sure to prime your lids before anything, first! Primer helps keep your eyeshadow in place and prevents the ‘raccoon’ look from happening at the end of long day, thus doubling the longevity of your eye makeup and preventing it from creasing or drying.

4. Opt for white eyeliner to make those shades pop



If you’re going for bright, standout eyeshadow shades, be sure to fill your lids with white liner first to make those shades really pop! This trick makes all the difference in creating a look that is guaranteed to turn heads.

5. Use the hashtag method for a perfect smokey eye


Who knew hashtags would be useful outside of social media, right? If the thought of creating a perfectly smokey eye intimidates you, try out this hack instead. Simply draw a slanted hashtag at a diagonal angle on the outer corner of each eyelid, then blend out the edges. Voila!

6. Use scotch tape to get a clean, precise line


With this nifty little trick, you’ll get crisp, sharp edges that will make just about anyone envious. To get a perfect outer-edge, grab a piece of tape and stick it along the corner of your lid to create a distinct line. Then, using it as a stencil of sorts, apply your shadow on and blend, and there you have it!

7. Fix mistakes with no fuss

Don’t scrub off your efforts in frustration if you mess up— opt for a makeup remover pen to remove and correct smudges and smears in a matter of seconds. It’s also great for when you go a little overboard with your shadows. Apply your eyeshadow on messily, and use this to touch up and correct when needed. Alternatively, dipping a cotton bud with makeup remover can achieve just about the same effect.

8. Go for multi-dimensional shadows


If the thought of having to blend multiple shadows to create a distinct look sounds a little too complex, don’t worry: you can always create depth and definition with a single eye shadow. The trick is to look for eye shadows with a complex mix of pigments that have several over and under tones. This makes it appear as if you’ve blended several shades instead of just the one. Score! Some of our favourites include MAC’s Woodwinked and NYX’s Showgirl.

9. Use a windshield wiper motion to blend


The best way to soften out any edges and to diffuse your eyeshadow hues? Using a windshield-wiper motion and going back and forth repeatedly until the shades are perfectly blended. This motion helps get rid of harsh lines and gives a nice, even layer of application.

10. Do your eye makeup before foundation


This is a foolproof way to prevent eyeshadow fallout from getting all over your meticulously applied base. By doing your eye makeup first, you won’t have to reapply foundation and concealer, thus saving you precious minutes. If not, a shadow and mascara shield works just as well, too!

11. Keep everything in place with setting spray

Facial Mist 1 1

Eyeshadows tend to slip and slide easily in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, so make sure to seal in all your efforts with a finishing spray to keep everything locked in! Spritz a few coats over your face and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for the perfect makeup setting spray for yourself, we have 21 great ones to recommend.