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Sometimes, our eyes may still look small even after putting on eye makeup, but today we may have uncovered the secret to solving that issue.

Through contouring and highlighting the eyes with eyeshadow, your eyes can look naturally enlarged and depuffed. Even better, it can be done in five simple steps.

Keep reading to learn how to do this super practical eyeshadow method to make your eyes appear three times bigger.

Step 1: Eye shadow contouring

Eyeshadow 3 Times Bigger - Step 1

Before we begin, it is recommended that you find an eyeshadow palette with earthy tones of brown and pink.

Choose the light brown colour as the eyeshadow contouring colour. Use the eyebrows, top of the eyeballs, and the bridge of the nose as benchmarks.

You’re going to want to do contouring and smudging in this triangular area. The remaining eyeshadow goes from the end of the eye all the way to the end of the brow.

Step 2: Highlight with an off-white colour

Eyeshadow 3 Times Bigger - Step 2

The next step is to use a light, off-white or champagne colour to highlight the brow bone, the inner side of the eye socket, under the eyes, and the triangle area at the tail of the eye.

After this step, you should see that the three-dimensional eye contour has gradually emerged.

Step 3: Applying the main colour

Eyeshadow 3 Times Bigger - Step 3

Now, you can brush on the main colour of eyeshadow onto the centre of the eyelid and slightly below the lower eyelid.

Choose a beautiful peachy nude for this because the colour is not only friendly to novices, but it is also a sweet and subtle shade that will make almost any eye look flattering.

Step 4: Darkening with more eyeshadow

Eyeshadow 3 Times Bigger - Step 4

After your main colour has been applied, you can use the eyeshadow precision brush to take the dark brown eyeshadow and apply it close to the root of the eyelashes.

Then, spritz some setting spray on the flat eyeshadow brush and apply more eyeshadow to deepen the lower lid and lash line.

Step 5: Enhancing the aegyo sal

Eyeshadow 3 Times Bigger - Step 5

Aegyo sal is the pocket of fat found directly under the eye, which can make you appear younger and more cheerful.

That is why the final step is to use the light brown eyeshadow to draw the shadow line of the aegyo sal. Lightly add more eyeshadow towards the end of your eye to deepen the shadow.

If you look in the mirror, your originally puffy eyes will look super awake in an instant, no surgery required!

Featured image credit: RED