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Internet trends have a short lifespan, and Tiktok is constantly coming up with new ways to further improve upon your beauty routine.

Back in October this year we saw not one, not two, but six Tiktok contouring hacks, and today, it’s using a jade roller to apply foundation.

The hack is not new as it began two years ago with many Youtube tutorials showing off the hack. But the hack started gaining traction again recently on Tiktok, thanks to a viral video by Avonna Sunshine which has accumulated 1.2 million views.

Jade roller foundation hack Avonna Sunshine Tiktok

She’s pictured gliding a quartz roller all over her face to blend her foundation evenly. In the video, she mentions how it helps to evenly distribute the foundation and the coldness of the roller also shrinks pores to give a smooth application and full coverage.

She also points out that less product is used this way as a roller wouldn’t soak up product like a sponge or a brush does.

But does this beauty hack live up to all the hype and claims? We put this viral trend to the test to see if its true.

Jade roller to apply foundation: Daily Vanity tries it

The first thing I did was dot foundation directly onto my face, focusing on my nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. I made sure I had enough product to blend out later.

There are people who prefer to apply the foundation onto the roller itself rather than the directly onto the face, but it is supposedly messier, so that’s why I’ve chosen the cleaner route.

Jade roller foundation hack foundation on face

Using the larger side of my quartz roller, I slowly blended the foundation in upward and outward motions. In other words, imagine my face were a canvas, and the quartz roller, my paint roller.

It didn’t take long for me to notice how easy it was to glide the roller over my face. It was definitely more fun than blending it with a brush or sponge too.

However, the nooks and crannies on my face like around my nostrils and my eyelids weren’t getting blended very well. I then switched the roller around to the smaller side for more precise blending.

Perhaps I was too impatient in my blending as I stopped as soon as it looked good enough, which was about five minutes later.

I was impressed when I looked at my reflection. I definitely had full coverage, just like the hack promised.

Jade roller foundation hack closeups

But when I looked closer at my face, I noticed a few streaks or lines where the roller had been gliding over. I guess I wasn’t as careful or as precise as I thought, so I picked up the roller again and tried my best to get rid of the lines.

By the end of it, it took me a little more time than I would’ve liked to properly blend away those pesky streaks left by the roller, so this isn’t a time-saving hack.

Here’s our conclusion

Jade roller foundation hack finished blending

Did the coldness shrink my pores? No, I didn’t see any difference there. Did I get full coverage? Definitely. Was the foundation well-blended? After some time.

Using a roller doesn’t save you time, but I can see the advantages of using one instead of a traditional sponge or brush. It applies smoothly and imagine the amount of product saved due to the roller’s efficiency.

In conclusion, it’s a fun little hack that mostly does what it promises to do and I would recommend you to try this for yourself when you have ample time to blend out your foundation and you’re not rushing anywhere.

If you don’t have a facial roller yet, go ahead and check out our facial roller recommendations to learn more about their benefits and where you can get them.

As for us, we’re going to go try our hand at this hack again – but this time, with a little more care.