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If you’ve ever used TikTok’s inverted camera filter or had your photos taken by a professional camera, you may have had the same burning question we did: is this really how I look?

In comparison to your stunning selfies and mirror shots, these inverted images appear… asymmetrical. Slowly, you’d notice that one side of your face is lopsided, your eyes aren’t evenly spaced, and your nose is tilted, and you begin to despair.

While we believe that facial asymmetry adds character to our appearances – just as Han So Hee is still one of the most beautiful Korean actresses despite not having a perfectly symmetrical face, we also understand the agony of wishing for more facial symmetry.

Lucky for us, K-beauty YouTuber Yulri (@yulriyulri on YouTube) invited the vice director of CCLIME, a beauty company famous in Korea for their face-shrinking massages, to teach us their secrets for free!

face asymmetry massage 1

Credits: @courtneeypark/TikTok, @spicystrawberry423/TikTok

What causes facial asymmetry?

Facial asymmetry massage

Credits: @dr.mamina/TikTok

The muscles that cover our facial bones develop over time as we use our faces, according to Aran, vice director of CCLIME.

Sleeping on one side, chewing on one side more, and putting one side of the chin on the hand are all habits that contribute to facial asymmetry.

Even habits that affect your body parts, such as always leaning on one leg or carrying your heavy bags on one side, can also affect the symmetry of your face!

Do you recognise any of these habits?

Just as we work out to tone our body muscles, our face muscles require “exercise” to look younger and lifted too, and this can be accomplished by massaging your face after applying skincare every day.

Jaw massage

Warm up

face asymmetry massage 9

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Begin by lightly gliding your hands down your neck a few times before lifting your chin up high for three seconds while bending the back of your neck.

Then, tilt to the left for three seconds, followed by three seconds to the right. This massage will aid in the prevention of neck lines.

face asymmetry massage 10

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Gently pinch the side of your neck and move in a downward motion, all the way down to your glide muscle, while slightly turning your head.

Then, using your fingers, slide down from the same part of your neck to your trapezius muscle, pressing firmly at the end while keeping your shoulders as relaxed as possible.

This helps to lengthen the neck and eliminate the double chin, making your face appear more balanced and improving your facial ratio.

Step 1

face asymmetry massage 3

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Put three fingers on the end of your jaw and pull the muscle upwards in a circular motion 10 to 15 times, only applying pressure when pulling upwards.

This massage will warm up the muscles while also reducing facial puffiness!

Step 2

face asymmetry massage 4

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

With your mouth open, slowly move the muscle between your cheekbones and jaw in a left-right motion with the flat part of your fist (not your knuckles).

Going left and right counts as one set, and this motion should be repeated 10 to 15 times slowly.

One tip is to roll the skin up slightly instead of simply pressing it down vertically for a lifting effect.

Step 3

face asymmetry massage 5

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Making a hook with your index finger, lift the muscle from your chin to the upper end of your jaw (just below your ears).

Repeat three to four times before adding a circular rubbing motion to the upper end of your jaw.

You may experience jaw pain, particularly if you are guilty of unknowingly grinding your teeth while sleeping or when stressed.

Step 4

face asymmetry massage 6

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Make a fist and push the outside of your mouth up the muscle, releasing pressure as you roll it down.

This massage will be extremely beneficial to those who have disproportionate lips, with one mouth corner higher than the other or a deeper smile line on one side.

Step 5

face asymmetry massage 7

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

This exercise is for people who have bumpy temples as a result of excessive chewing and jaw stress.

Lift your loosened jaws all the way to your temple with three fingers, making sure to slightly lift the corners of your eyelids as well.

Repeat this massage no more than 10 times because the skin around your temple is thin and you don’t want to overwork it!

Step 6

face asymmetry massage 8

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Push your jaw inwards with the fleshy part of your palm, just below your thumb, and twist your mouth towards the side you’re pushing into.

Repeating this massage 10 to 15 times will help bring your jaw into the centre.

Wrapping up

face asymmetry massage 11

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Wrap your fingers around your temples and lift up to one centimetre to relax the muscle along your hairline.

Check out Yulri’s video to see the entire massage; you can even skip the tutorial and start following along with her at the 13-minute mark!

Cheekbone massage

Step 1

face asymmetry massage 12

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

For about a minute, shake the underside of your cheekbone to loosen the muscle.

Step 2

face asymmetry massage 13

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Place the flat part of your fist on the middle of your face beside your nose and move it upwards in line with your side cheekbones (the side of your cheekbones that protrudes) to your ears.

Move up and down three times at the ear level. Remember to use light pressure when moving downwards and firm pressure when lifting.

Step 3

face asymmetry massage 14

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Following step two, but this time, start from a lower point near your smile line and work your way up to your ear.

Repeat the up and down motion to “fix” the muscle in its lifted form.

Step 4

face asymmetry massage 15

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Place your fist at your lower jaw and move it up to your temple.

Carry out this motion 10 to 15 times to flatten your protruding side cheekbone.

Step 5

face asymmetry massage 16

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Without straining your neck, press the puffy part of your palm into the side cheekbone that is sticking out.

Roll your palm in a circulatory motion, pulling the muscle upwards as you roll up.

Consider drawing a Nike swoosh or a half circle to make it easier to visualise.

Step 6

asymmetry face massage

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Repeat step five, but this time at the muscle beneath your cheekbones.

Step 7

face asymmetry massage 17

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

Gripping your neck to relieve any tension, press your side cheekbones in with your palm for three seconds.

Remember not to use too much strength as this is a relaxing massage and you don’t want to injure yourself accidentally.

Step 8

face asymmetry massage 18

Credits: 율리 YULRI/YouTube

To loosen the muscles, pull from your jaw towards your front cheek and move it towards the end of your cheekbone in an upside-down “K” shape for five to 10 times.

Remember that consistency is key with massages. Rather than exerting too much strength in an attempt to achieve faster results, it’s best to do this every morning and night after applying your skincare.

To get a better visualisation of the massage, head over to Yulri’s video for the full massage routine on YouTube, starting at the 8:40-minute mark: