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We already know that facial masks are the skincare boosters that we need to achieve radiant-looking skin. Besides being an important weekly skincare ritual – well, if we remember to – it is also the go-to product when we have an important appointment the next day.

Mask-lovers, it’s time to amp up your cred. Here are seven tips that can make your facial masks work harder for you – do them all and we assure you’ll see even better results from your mask ritual.

1. Cleanse before you mask

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Applying a facial mask onto unclean face will prevent the goodness of the mask from penetrating into skin. Before you open a pack of facial mask, cleanse your skin thoroughly to make sure that you rid your face of any grime and impurities – even if you don’t have makeup on.

If you have more time, consider putting a hot towel over your face. This helps leave your skin slightly moist, which allows even better penetration of the product later.

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2. Don’t overdo it

Time yourself. For sheet masks, it is not advisable to apply it for more than 25 minutes. When sheet masks dry up, it can absorb the moisture from your skin, causing your skin to dry out more. Resist the temptation to fall asleep while enjoying your mask; put a timer alarm on if you need to.

3. Know your masks

Not all masks are similar. Clay masks are usually created for oil control and blackhead management, and gel-type leave on masks are great for dehydrated skin. Choose the right masks that are suitable for your skin type.

If you have combination skin or multiple skin concerns, consider multi-masking. What this means is to use different types of masks on different parts of your face. For instance, if your T-zone is oily but the rest of skin is dry, you can use a clay mask on just your T-zone, and then a hydrating mask on the rest of your skin.

Look through our list of award-winning masks to help you make a decision.

4. Don’t waste the product

For sheet masks, you’ll typically find a lot of the serum left behind in the pack after you’ve removed the mask. Don’t be too quick to throw it away. Pour the serum out carefully and apply it onto your neck, elbow, and even legs, depending on where you’d like to show the most TLC.

You can also apply the mask onto other parts of your body when your face is done enjoying it for 20 minutes and there’s still serum left. After all, there’s just so much your face can absorb; you can pamper the rest of your body too.

5. You should multi-task

It’s hard enough to remember to mask at least once a week, so if you find the time to do it, apply masks on different features. Try this: Apply eye masks under your eyes, then lay a facial sheet mask over it, followed by a lip mask. You may look weird and may find it hard to do anything else, but hey – just take a break for 20 minutes. Lay down, close your eyes, and let your skin be pampered! Just remember to not to take too long! (Remember point #2?)

6. Pat it in

If you’re using a sheet mask, remember to pat the product in after you’ve removed the mask. Make sure your hands are clean, then warm your palms up by rubbing them together, before pressing gently onto your entire face. This aids the absorption of the serum so that more can penetrate.

7. Finish off with a moisturiser

Now that all your mask goodness has been absorbed, seal it all in. Apply your favourite moisturiser after the ritual to keep your skin looking hydrated and radiant for the rest of the day! The moisturiser prevents the serum and moisture from escaping from your skin. This is a step that most people miss out, and if you’re one of them, just think about how much product you could have been wasting all these while!

Find the right moisturiser for you. We have recommendations for the best moisturisers for sensitive skin, best moisturisers for combination skin, best moisturisers for oily skin, and best moisturisers for dry skin so you can find something ideal.