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Even if you are not familiar with Chinese media, there is a good chance that you know about actress Fan Bingbing.

She has acted in a number of Chinese movies, including Double Exposure, Buddha Mountain, and Lost in Beijing. She has even appeared in American movies including Skiptrace and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

It’s hard to think that this youthful-looking actress is already 40 years old. To find out how she maintains her beauty, read on.

She was once called the “Queen of Masks”

Fan Bingbing Beauty Tips - 1 - Queen of Masks - ram93 on Reddit

Photo source: u/ram93 on Reddit

Fan Bingbing is a major fan of sheet masks and always uses one to treat and rejuvenate her complexion when she isn’t working.

She once applied at least two masks every day and used over 700 masks in a single year. In fact, Fan Bingbing has been seen in public signing autographs while donning a sheet mask!

She does a series of facial massages on herself

To tone the muscles, tighten the skin, brighten the complexion, and slim the face, this Chinese actress performs a series of facial massages.

She starts by massaging her face after rubbing some essential oil in the palms of her hands. Using a facial roller, she moves from the area beneath her eyes to the temples outwardly.

She maintains a simple skincare routine

Fan Bingbing observes that her complexion is normal in that it is neither excessively greasy nor excessively dry. She also claims that she does not frequently break out. Lucky girl!

She still maintains a straightforward skincare routine to keep it radiant. Face wash, toner, essence, eye cream, and face cream make up her skincare routine.

She always removes her makeup thoroughly

According to Fan Bingbing, using an eye and lip makeup remover followed by facial makeup remover, is the proper approach to removing makeup.

She makes sure to keep herself and her skin hydrated

Fan Bingbing Beauty Tips - 2 - Hydration - bingbing_fan on Instagram

Photo source: @bingbing_fan on Instagram

She follows the conventional wisdom regarding liberal water drinking. It encourages skin hydration, so this not only keeps her feeling healthy but also keeps her complexion looking plump.

Another crucial step in her skincare routine is moisturising. Before going to bed, Fan Bingbing takes extra care to moisturise her face.

She wears sunscreen every single day

Every day, this actress protects herself from the sun’s rays by diligently applying sunscreen.

She also likes selecting creams with SPF, particularly ones that can moisturise, brighten, and protect the skin all at once.

She doesn’t wear makeup every day

Fan Bingbing does not use foundation or other cosmetics on days when she is not required to perform on stage or in any performances.

Instead, all she applies is sunscreen. She claims that her skin also needs time to unwind and rest.

She rests whenever she can

Fan Bingbing Beauty Tips - 3 - Rest - bingbing_fan on Instagram.jpg

Photo source: @bingbing_fan on Instagram

Fan Bingbing sleeps in whenever she has more free time, allowing her skin to repair and restore itself while she catches some Zs.

As stress can also cause breakouts and poor skin care, research has shown that getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

She takes care of her neck and hands

On the face, blemishes may be concealed with cosmetics, but according to Fan Bingbing, anything on the neck is more difficult to cover.

This is why she applies a mask on her neck on her downtime. It’s no wonder she thinks her collarbone is one of her best features.

This celebrity takes exceptional care of her hands too, applying hand cream and hand masks practically every day.

She makes sure to rest her feet

Fan Bingbing adheres to the traditional Chinese medical theory that the human body’s feet serve as its “second heart.”

That is why she often uses traditional Chinese medicine to soak her feet in as soon as she returns to her dressing room, she puts on flats.

She believes hair care and lip care are very important

Fan Bingbing prioritises nearly every aspect of her body. She periodically massages her lips while she’s lying down to boost circulation, and she always insists on shampooing her hair in the direction that it naturally falls.

She eats a fruit-filled meal to lose weight

Fan Bingbing Beauty Tips - 4 - Fruit - bingbing_fan on Instagram.jpg

Photo source: @bingbing_fan on Instagram

Fruits are Fan Bingbing’s go-to food of choice whenever she wants to lose a few extra pounds.

She eats a lot of fruit, including apples, tomatoes, cherries, and more, which nourishes and strengthens her body.

She focuses a lot on brightening

Brightening is the focus of each stage in her skincare regimen, from cleansers to masks. She also bolsters her skincare by consuming foods that support healthy skin. Plus, she avoids excessive sun exposure.

She drinks a lot of chrysanthemum tea

She has a long-standing habit of drinking tea, with chrysanthemum tea being her go-to daily beverage.

Since this tea is so high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it can offer significant health advantages like promoting a healthy heart, kidney, and other organ functions.

Featured image credit: bingbing_fan & bingbing_fan