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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s rarely a magic hair vitamin or DIY hack that’ll grow your hair to the length equivalent to Rapunzel’s in a short amount of time.

The explanation: Our hair only grows a little more than 1cm on average every month, and that’s without taking into account factors such as your genetics, nutrition level, gender, age, and climate, says Pooja Chhabra, certified trichologist at TK TrichoKare. The average number is also just what your hair can possibly grow up to monthly, assuming if your hair is already in a super healthy state with minimal split ends.

While it’s true that growing out your hair can be a painfully slow process, the good news is that there are a few things that you can do to help speed up the process a little if you feel like your hair isn’t growing fast enough (whether that’s due to heat damage, genetics, and perhaps even hormones).

The biggest thing to keep in mind, though, is that healthy hair is the first ticket you need to attain longer hair, so you’ll want to ditch those damaging habits (think: going platinum blonde or flat-ironing your hair every morning) and start incorporating healthy ones (read: moisturising your scalp and deep conditioning) to your haircare routine.

Ahead, check out the six best tried-and-true ways to grow your hair faster. Expert tip: if you still feel like your hair isn’t growing at the right speed after practising these tips, it’s never a bad idea to consult a certified trichologist to chat through your options.

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Stay away from bleach

Woman Getting Hair Colouring Salon Source Freepik

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Here’s the thing about bleaching your hair: every single time you do so, it opens up the cuticle of your hair which, in turn, causes significant damage especially for dark-coloured hair.

Meanwhile, locks that have been previously coloured or treated chemically are more likely to split or break off, which translates to more trims and less length for you.

So if you want your hair to grow longer and faster, you might want to reconsider that platinum dye job or bleaching your hair to get the latest shade of pink or blue.

Don’t neglect your scalp

If you want to grow your hair longer faster, any hair and scalp specialist worth his or her salt will tell you this from the get-go: focus on proper scalp care.

When you pay attention to your scalp and introduce proper scalp care into your routine, you are essentially taking care of the two most important layers of the skin in relation to the scalp – the dermis and the epidermis. The former is top priority mainly because it contains our hair follicles, glands, nerves, blood vessels, collagen, elastin fibres, and fat cells, so keeping it functioning healthily by ensuring that blood and nutrients can easily flow to the hair follicle will positively impact the rate of hair growth and the health of your hair fibre.

Apart from investing in good scalp care products, the frequency of your hair wash also matters, says TK TrichoKare’s trichologist Pooja Chhabra. “Washing your hair daily can help your scalp to get rid of all the dirt, grease, and pollutants while conditioning hair and restoring its balance and moisture, effectively leaving hair – and scalp – feeling refreshed. Avoiding products that contain harsh chemicals such as silicones, sulphates, and parabens also helps,” she says.

Pooja also recommends looking into your hair-brushing habits, explaining that it’s important to brush your hair twice a day if you want healthy hair that’s shiny and tangle-free. “Keep in mind that it’s normal to see a few strands of hair on your comb when you are done brushing your hair, as we usually shed about 70 -100 strands of hair a day,” she lets on.

“To avoid oil and dirt from getting back on the scalp, remember to wash your hair brush regularly. It is also best if you only comb when your hair is dry, as combing wet hair requires extreme care because hair that’s wet is more fragile and prone to breakage. Always be gentle no matter what, and running a broad-toothed comb from the roots to the ends when brushing would be better for your hair in the long run.”

Trim hair to maintain length

Woman Getting Haircut In Salon Source Engin Akyurt Pexels

Source: Engin Akyurt/Pexels

It may sound counterintuitive to trim your hair in order to make it grow faster, but here’s the thing: frequent trims are pretty much a non-negotiable if long, healthy-looking hair is what you’re after.

The reason: living with frayed, split ends will eventually cause your hair to break further up on the strand, which will not only make your hair look way thinner than it should, but also stops it from getting longer past a certain point.

Most experts believe that your hair will actually be shorter un-cut compared to it getting consistent trims, so if you want your hair to grow longer, get a quick trim to chop off 0.3 to 0.5cm every 10 to 12 weeks to prevent split ends before they even start.

Conditioner is your best friend

When you’re trying to grow your hair fast, it’s definitely in your – and your hair’s – best interest to load up on conditioner. Because colouring and heat styling cause hair to get thinner and drier at the bottom over time, moisturising your hair daily after shampooing can help you keep breakage – and shorter lengths – at bay.

Conditioning your mane regularly also helps get your ends back to good health, as it can replace the lost lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft in addition to sealing the outer cuticle to help your hair grow longer, says Pooja. In other words, it’s your first defense against the damage that threatens your long-hair goals, so think twice the next time you want to skip the conditioner post-shampoo.

If your hair length reaches your shoulder or longer, you might also want to consider giving it more TLC with deep-conditioning treatments than a normal conditioner, Pooja adds. That’s because deep-conditioning masks or treatments can help hydrate and repair strands while eliminating frizz and dullness.

Cut back on heat tools to prevent damage

How To Grow Hair Longer Faster Cut Back On Heat Tools Source Diana Grytsku Freepik

Source: Diana Grytsku/ Freepik

Like bleaching your hair, this is a surely no-brainer if you want your hair to grow longer and faster. Hair straighteners, curling wands, chemical relaxers, or any other heat-based treatment or style cause a lot of damage and you really don’t need us to tell you that they will not help your long-hair cause.

As mentioned earlier, the healthier your hair is, the longer it will grow, and overusing these tools isn’t exactly conducive for hair growth. If cutting down on heat-tool use isn’t a viable option, at least try to use a heat protectant prior to styling.

Schedule regular hair and scalp detox treatments

Masseur Doing Massage Head Hair Woman Spa Salon Source Valuavitaly Freepik

Source: Valuavitaly/Freepik

According to Pooja, it’s imperative to make time for regular hair and scalp treatments if you want your hair to grow healthily. “In-centre treatments are able to help remove all the accumulated dirt and excess sebum as well as dead skin cells from congested pores on your scalp,” she shares.

“On top of that, these pro treatments can also help restore the hydro-lipid balance and accelerate scalp’s cell metabolism in addition to improving blood circulation. Furthermore, they are good for providing nutrition and boosting hydration to support hair regeneration and accelerate the healing process.

To determine the types of treatment that are suitable for you, find out the exact causes of your hair and scalp issues first – you can do this by getting a complete medical check-up and detailed hair and scalp analysis from a certified trichologist.”

Need a recommendation on where to go for professional hair and scalp care?

Scalp Treatments Tk Trichokare

Among the many hair treatment centres in Singapore, TK TrichoKare certainly is a name that comes up time and again as one of the highly recommended places for professional hair and scalp care.

Best known for its premium, trichologist-certified European herbal hair remedies, TK TrichoKare goes one step further to ensure efficacy, safety, and results by employing a trichologist-approved methodology. This means that treatments at TK Trichokare are stringently developed, tested, and validated by an in-house team of certified, professional trichologists who are all experts in hair care and nutrition.

You’d also be happy to know that the technologies incorporated in TK TrichoKare’s treatments are all highly advanced from start to finish. Case in point? The hair and scalp analysis that you’d do every time before treatment uses a lens that magnifies up to 200 times to not only help analyse the scalp condition, but also works as a visual proof of the improved scalp condition post-treatment.

In fact, TK TrichoKare is so well-loved for its range of hair and scalp solutions that it has garnered many accolades for its expertise, including two winning titles at the Daily Vanity Spa and Hair Awards 2020: Best Treatment for Scalp and Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment, so you know your crowning glory will be well taken care of.

What to try at TK TrichoKare

Start your regular scalp detox programme with TK TrichoKare’s Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment, which is designed to give your scalp a much-needed boost. With a customisable premium European herbal scalp masque, the award-winning treatment – it was the winner of Best Treatment for Scalp at the Daily Vanity Spa and Hair Awards 2020 – can help banish impurities and excess sebum while treating hair problems specific to you and your crown.

The hair therapy also comes with a revitalising hair bath which is designed to restore your mane’s sebum balance, so that it stays fresh and stress-free for longer. Not only that, your scalp will also be treated to a round of OxyJet to help speed up cell metabolism while improving blood circulation.

The treatment doesn’t stop there either, as your hair will also get a dose of personalised peptide-based ampoule which functions to help increase hair growth and thickness, reduce inflammation, and slow scalp ageing. To further amp up healing and regeneration of the hair, the Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment also incorporates Photodynamic Therapy, a laser technology that’s safe for use on the scalp.

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