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Next to good skin, healthy hair and scalp are probably what we all want to have. Barring internal factors like genetics, nutrient deficiencies or hereditary issues that are beyond your control, what you eat is one of the few things you can do to control your hair’s appearance.

Did you know that alcohol can wreak havoc on your mane? What about the balanced diet everyone talks about that is supposedly good for your hair? Ahead, we reveal these tips in detail that you should take note of if you want to have a healthy head of hair.

4 things you should – and shouldn’t – eat in your diet to keep your crowning glory in tip-top shape

Don’t consume too much cold, hot, spicy, fatty, fried, and sugary foods

sugary food photo source pixabay pexels

Photo source: Pixabay/Pexels

In a hot and humid country like Singapore, it’s no secret that most of us struggle with excessive oil secretion on our skin – and scalp, leading to itchiness, clogged pores or worse, hair loss. What’s more, our love for spicy and oily foods as well as cold drinks only make matters worse for our hair and scalp.

Yes, you read that right – those delicious greasy burgers and fries you chow down regularly translate into a greasy scalp, which can clog your pores and lead to hair loss. If you don’t like clogged pores on your face, why would you want that for your scalp, right?

Sugar is another culprit that hurts scalp health and speeds up hair loss. Without going too scientific, sugar basically hinders the body’s absorption of protein, which spells trouble as protein is essential for hair health.

Apart from added sugar, starchy, refined grains such as white bread, pastries, cakes, white pasta, and other over-processed starches are converted into sugar too, which causes your hair to thin. Try to cut down on these and stick with whole wheat options whenever possible.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

alcohol photo source polina tankilevitch pexels

Photo source: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

In case you didn’t know, newsflash: alcohol slows the levels of zinc in your body, and zinc is a necessary mineral for healthy hair and growth. Drinking alcohol also dehydrates you, which can make your hair more brittle. Go easy on the booze, and trust us, your hair – and skin – will definitely thank you.

Do have a balanced diet

have a balanced diet photo source foodie factor pexels

Photo source: Foodie Factor/Pexels

Incorporating essential vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins are absolutely key if healthy hair and scalp are what you’re after, and you can achieve this by having a balanced diet daily as much as possible.

That’s because healthy fats provide hydration to your hair, skin, and nails. Your hair is primarily made of protein, so protein intake is necessary for hair growth as well.

Combine that protein (such as lean chicken and Greek yoghurt) with nutrients like vitamin C (commonly found in citruses) and omega-3 fatty acids (salmon and oats), and you’ll be well on your way to sporting luscious locks.

Biotin, a B vitamin, is also crucial as it may help hair grow while strengthening hair. You can find it in eggs, bananas, broccoli, spinach, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Do include well-known herbs in your diet


Photo source: 4045/Freepik

Those who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are probably familiar with the importance of incorporating herbs into your diet to maintain good health. Among the wide assortment of holistic Chinese herbs, there’s a handful that is especially known for their ability to take care of your scalp while helping to fortify hair strands: he shou wu, ginseng, dang gui, and lingzhi.

Ginseng and he shou wu (known as polygonum multiflorum scientifically) are highly nutritious roots that nourish the scalp, stimulate hair follicles, and prevent premature greying while lingzhi is a type of fungus that improves blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth.

Dang gui, also known as Chinese angelica root, is packed with iron and coumarin, which can help improve oxygen absorption in the bloodstream, dilate blood vessels, and reduce muscle spasms. The TCM concept believes that hair health is closely linked to blood, as it contains the nutrients needed to nourish the hair.

This is where the herb’s blood-boosting properties come to play: it helps deliver nutrient-filled blood to your hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth and regulate scalp immunity.

Don’t have the luxury of time to cook or watch your diet? There may be an easier way…

Knowing the right kinds of food to eat is essential but for most of us time-starved urbanites who often eat out or take away our meals as we do not have the luxury of time to cook at home or watch our diet, these tips may be tough to follow. Not to mention, it’s also expensive to incorporate Chinese herbs into your diet regularly too.

bee choo origin herbal treatment step 1 ginger hair tonic

The Herbal Treatment begins with the application of a ginger hair tonic

If the aforementioned tips are too difficult to implement into your daily routine, you should then consider this fuss-free yet effective – and more affordable – solution to maintain hair and scalp health: the Herbal Treatment by Bee Choo Origin.

While especially beneficial for those facing common hair and scalp issues like scalp itchiness, grey hair, postpartum hair loss, dandruff, hair fall, and oily scalp, Bee Choo Origin’s Herbal Treatment is a simple hair therapy that you can consider as regular scalp maintenance to take care of your hair and scalp – just like how your daily skincare routine helps keep your skin youthful and radiant.

bee choo origin herbal treatment step 3 herbal cream application

Herbal cream application

As its name suggests, the five-step signature treatment is powered by a proprietary Herbal Cream that is made fresh in Singapore with 16 all-natural herbal ingredients including premium Chinese herbs such as ginseng, dang gui, he shou wu, and lingzhi as well as herbal leaf extracts.

And as if that’s not enough, Bee Choo Origin goes one step further by choosing to not add any preservatives into the formula to assure customers that the selected TCM ingredients can help maintain a healthy scalp more efficiently – and with peace of mind.

bee choo origin herbal treatment step 2 olive oil application

100% pure virgin olive oil is used to help with split ends

The treatment starts with the application of a ginger hair tonic on the scalp, as well as 100% pure virgin olive oil on hair ends to minimise split ends. The Herbal Cream is then applied to unclog pores and get rid of residue buildup while delivering much-needed nutrients and rebalancing the scalp’s pH level so that hair can grow in a nutrient-rich environment.

A 45-minute hair steam ensues to open up pores in order to remove impurities and aid the absorption of nutrients, followed by a final wash and blow.

Depending on each individual’s scalp condition, your treatment frequency may vary between once every fortnight and a month – this will be determined during the complimentary scalp analysis provided before the treatment begins.

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Treatment is priced from S$40 to S$78, depending on hair length.

Why choose Bee Choo Origin?

Bee Choo Origin store interior

Founded and established in 2000 in Singapore by Madam Cheah Bee Chew, Bee Choo Origin is a homegrown brand with 20 years of know-how that’s trusted by many loyal customers to take care of their various hair and scalp issues.

That’s because Bee Choo Origin champions an affordable 100% natural remedy for hair loss and scalp-related issues, which is Madam Cheah’s signature Herbal Cream that was created under the guidance and mentorship of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians.

Now, even with over 170 stores globally, Bee Choo Origin still handcrafts small batches of this signature concoction using the best premium herbs to ensure the best efficacy possible.

Combining modern technology and scientific research with traditional Chinese medicine, it offers a genuine transformation that you can visibly see on your hair and scalp. Just check out these customers who had their crowning glory restored thanks to Bee Choo Origin’s signature Herbal Treatment!

bee choo origin customer before after

Another plus point that customers love about Bee Choo Origin? There’s no hard-selling involved even though package prices are available, which means you are more than welcomed to try out the signature Herbal Treatment on a per-visit basis and only purchase a long-term package if you’re truly happy and comfortable with the treatment – and the results it delivers.

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