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TikTok continues to churn out beauty hacks left and right, and this time they’re looking for easier ways to apply makeup.

One of the newest makeup hacks involves freezing your beauty blender and it has over 590 million views under the #frozenbeautyblender hashtag.

TikTok user @gwmakeup started the trend, with her frozen beauty blender video earning more than two million views. In her video, she wets the blender, freezes it for an hour, and then uses it to apply her foundation. This trick supposedly gives us a smooth and flawless finish.

Frozen makeup sponges Tiktok video stills

Does this makeup hack live up to all the hype? I put the hack to the test to see if it really works.

Frozen makeup sponges: what is Daily Vanity’s verdict?

I started by soaking and freezing my makeup sponge a few hours before application. Once time had passed, I took out the sponge out and it felt like an ice-cold, solid rock in my hand.

Dotting my foundation directly onto my nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead, I made sure to have enough product to blend out.

Frozen makeup sponges blending

I slowly blended out the foundation using one end of my makeup sponge. My fingers quickly began to grow numb from the sheer cold of the sponge.

However, the icy temperature did make for fun blending as the coolness felt refreshing on my face. My fingers, on the other hand, got colder and colder as time went on.

Frozen makeup sponges finished

When I was done, my foundation was well blended, but my fingers felt numb from the cold. I was briefly impressed by how good the foundation looked but then I remembered something important – that blending out foundation well is exactly what a makeup sponge is supposed to do!

All in all, I found that the frozen makeup sponge hack was fun and soothing on the face, but did not make much difference in terms of coverage.

Frozen makeup sponges closeups

I also want to bring up the cleanliness of this hack, especially since we’re freezing the sponges alongside raw meat and other frozen foods. It might be good to prepare a special container and make sure to clean the sponge properly after use.

Speaking of cleaning, it was also difficult to clean the sponge immediately after application as it was partially frozen. If you like to wash your sponges right away, you wouldn’t be able to with this hack as you would need to wait until it has completely thawed out.

Warmth also helps foundations adhere to your face and blend into your skin, so a frozen makeup sponge might not be efficient especially when using oil-based foundations.

Pick up your own makeup sponge at Sephora if you want to try your hand at this ice-cold hack.