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We don’t age overnight; how we look is really an accumulation of our lifestyle habits, including the things we do, our skincare routine, and what we eat. While we may conscientiously take care of our skin by committing to a comprehensive skincare routine, there may be blind spots that we have been missing.

We’re going to help you identify them! We’ve listed seven common habits that can make you look older. Check off this list and see how many you’re guilty of!

1. You drink through a straw

We need to purse our lips when we drinking through a straw and repeating this action frequently can cause lines to appear around our lips. Quit this habit and you can look forward to smoother skin and lips in the future!

Fix it: Drink directly from the mug as far as possible. If you notice that you tend to drink through a straw whenever you get a cold drink, consider getting a hot beverage instead.

2. You allow sun damage to add up on your skin

You might already be one savvy girl and use sunscreen, even on your body, on a daily basis. But unless you’ve been using sunscreen religiously even as a child, you probably have sun damage accumulated from then. While its damage may not manifest immediately, you may see visible signs of damage such as hyperpigmentation, dull-looking skin, and fine lines on your skin in years to come.

Fix it: Pick a bodycare solution with sun protection, instead of just a sunscreen.

We recommend Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 Lotion (SGD11.80 for 350ml) for a lightweight, daily bodycare solution.

Enriched with micro-droplets of the same Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that is known for its healing properties, the Healthy White SPF24 Lotion is able to strengthen skin’s natural renewal system to repair existing UV damage that has been accumulated over time. This skin-loving lotion also visibly lightens skin tone, and protects skin from further UV damage.

3. You hold on to products that are unsuitable for you

Do you understand your skin or spend lots of money on products, assuming that the expensive ones must really work? This is not necessary true. If the products you are using don’t seem to work out well for you, there’s no point in holding on to them just because they cost you a fortune.

Fix it: Like a toxic relationship, we understand it’s hard to let go of a product you’ve invested so much in, but isn’t working out. But hey, if it’s not doing you any good, you will definitely be better off looking for a more suitable product that can help you achieve your skincare goals.

4. You use the hottest setting of your hairdryer

Exposing your hair to too much heat creates air bubbles within your hair shaft, which in turn makes your hair more susceptible to breakage. And as you may already know, thin hair is associated with age, and will make you look less youthful than you actually are.

Fix it: If you don’t like air-drying your hair, turn down the heat setting so your hair is not consistently exposed to high temperature. You can also adjust the distance you hold the nozzle; hold it at least six inches away from your head to reduce the damage to your hair.

Consider using a heat protectant before using any heat devices on your hair too. We recommend the Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist (SGD21.90 for 150ml), which is loved by hairstylists for its ease of use. This mist protects hair against heat up to 230 degC and even ensures a soft and smooth finish!

5. You sleep on your side

Sleeping on your side allows gravity to act more prominently on one side of your face, and also cause friction on the side you’re lying on. Experts have found that over time, this can cause wrinkles to appear, or face to look less symmetrical – which is another sign of ageing.

Fix it: Practise sleeping on your back and change to a silk pillow case to reduce friction against your skin. Try the Embroidered Silk Pillowcase from Slip (USD77), which is made from mulberry silk to protect your hair and skin against friction when you sleep. In nine colours, you can definitely find something that matches the rest of your bed set.

6. You have been reaching out to one too many sweet treats

You know that a high-sugar diet adds to your waist-line, but did you know that it can also accelerate your skin’s ageing process?

Sugar damages proteins, including collagen and elastin, which are responsible for making your skin look plump and firm. This process, known as “glycation”, leave your skin looking lacklustre and wrinkled.

Fix it: Control your sweet tooth by avoiding sugar in your diet. Instead of adding sugar to your tea, consider honey instead. You can also go for natural fruits instead of desserts when you’re craving for something sweet.

7. You are a worrier

Over-worrying puts stress on your body and makes it hard for you to smile and enjoy yourself. But smiles and laughter have an anti-ageing effect on our body!

Studies have shown that smiling utilises certain muscles on our face that imitates a facelift, and it releases endorphins and strengthens your body’s immune system. On the other hand, repetitive frowning has been proven to cause lines to appear between the brows, making the person look tired and worn out.

Fix it: Pick up relaxation techniques such as meditation or going for slow walks to help you take your mind off stress. Also learn to ask for help, you’ll be surprised by how much your family and friends are willing to lend a hand if only you asked!

This article is brought to you by Vaseline.