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We all love how we look when we step out of a hair salon. With our tresses beautifully styled, we feel like a million bucks.

The way our stylist curl our hair just make a good hair day seem so easy to attain. But hey, you can do it yourself too!

Here’s a pretty simple, and comprehensive seven-step guide on what you need and how to curl your hair yourself. We’ve also curated some easy-to-follow video tutorials so you can pick up all the tips you need.

1. Pick the right curler


Consider what kind of curls you want. Want big, sexy, voluminous curls a la Victoria Secret’s angels? Get yourself a big curling wand. Want to have vintage corkscrew, tiny ringlet curls like the old Taylor Swift’s? Consider investing in a smaller curling wand.

Undecided? We’d say just pick the one that is the most versatile – either the two-in-one straightener and curler – which you’ll recognise by its rounded tip! – or the big curling wand, which is easier if you want a more wearable, everyday look.

2. Consider the kind of hair you have

How To Curl Hair 2

Basically, the finer your hair, the lower the heat setting you should set for your hair curler. Why? Finer hair curls more easily, and so requires less heat, while naturally coarse or curly hair bends less easily.

The higher the heat, the more the damage, so obviously, you don’t want to be putting more than the necessary amount of heat on your hair, if you can help it!

3. Keep your hair looking and feeling moisturised!

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Well, the bad news is that dry hair tends to fall flat (and doesn’t hold curls!) while moisturised healthy hair does. So invest in a good moisturising shampoo or great hair masks before you curl away!

4. Add some texture

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Invest in a hair curling mousse to give yourself the desired volume AND prep your hair for some curling action! If you know yourself to be a fellow #TeamStickStraightHair, then this step is a crucial one – or else you may just end up with awesome curls in the morning that fall flat in an hour. Boo.

Consider products like Ouai Wave Spray for a lightweight spray and coaxes textured waves out of the straightest hairs or TRESemmé Hair Mousse for an insane amount of volume!

5. Protect your hair from the heat!

How To Take Care Of Skin While Wearing Mask Use Mattifying Beauty Products To Keep Your Skin Less Oily

This is pretty much a given, even if all you’re doing is just blow drying your hair. Heat, as we all know absolutely kills hair. And by kill, we don’t mean it in a ‘yas, slay, queen’ kind of way, we mean it literally.

So how does heat damage hair? Applying heat to the hair without any sort of protectant essentially sucks out the moisture at the surface, and breaks of the hair’s natural hydrogen bonds.

What this means, is that you end up with cuticles that eventually become dry, rigid, and brittle as the breakage of the bonds don’t allow the hair to properly moisturise itself, or recover.

So now that you know how important protecting your hair is – hair protectants we recommend are Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protectant Mist and Alterna Caviar Repair Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray, both of which are able to withstand and protect the hair from heat damage, and prevent breakage!

6. Cool your hair down for shinier and bouncy hair!

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Just like how at the salon we get our face steamed to open up the pores, and finish it off with a cold mask to seal said pores back up? Same thing with hair.

Use the ‘cool’ setting on your hair dryer to cool off your hair for shinier, healthier, and bouncier locks!

7. A hair spray to lock it all in!

How To Curl Hair 7

And finally, you need a hair spray so your awesome curls (and not to mention, your blood and sweat in curling your hair!) actually stick around for the whole day. Because let’s face it – there’s nothing more depressing than the thought of having woken up early to curl your hair in the morning, only to have it fall out in the next hour. Not cool at all.

We recommend John Freida Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Daily and L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Hot Curl to maintain your bouncy locks. They both can be easily found in drugstores in Singapore.

Hair curling tutorials

Straighten 2 1

Now that you know all about how to go about protecting your hair – let’s get to the fun part – how to curl your hair. Let’s just get to it – because the last thing you need is more boring talk from us!

Big wavy natural Korean curls

Always wanted soft waves to mimic your favourite K-pop idols and actresses? Simply twist a small section of your hair around the barrel for a few seconds away, let go, and voila – instant curls!

Summer beach waves

If you’re a frequent lurker visitor at Pinterest, you’ve probably seen this hairstyle like, a bajillion and one times already. Watch this tutorial to find out how you can achieve it!

(Plus, it’s perfect for short, shoulder-length hair!)

Red carpet-esque curls

Sure, we’re ordinary folks who don’t really have people rolling out red carpets for us – at all – but this is perfect if you’re going on a romantic date or any formal occasion!

Old Hollywood-esque curls

Channel your favourite old Hollywood stars with this retro hairstyle.

Taylor Swift-esque mini curls

And by that, we mean old Taylor Swift from her Love Story days.

Marilyn Monroe-esque curls

We love that old Hollywood glamour. But nobody likes the long waiting time required when using wet rollers – do it in under an hour!

Crimped curly short hair

Own a straightener but want curled locks? Achieve this cute, simple, voluminous Korean look – perfect for those with shorter locks!