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As with many medical conditions, the risks and causes for hair loss are different depending on your genetic makeup and lifestyle choices based on your culture. Compared to Caucasians, hair loss used to be less common in Asians, but in recent years, researchers are seeing the upward trend of hair loss in Asians. They are generally attributing this change to a series of diet and lifestyle factors.

How should Asians prevent hair loss?

1. Avoid chemical treatments like curling

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Asian hair follicles tend to produce straight hair and is why many Asians go for hair curling treatments to help their hair look more voluminous and lively. Such hair treatments work by breaking the bonds of your hair in order to transform your hair’s shape. The treatment leaves your hair dry and brittle, which can make them more susceptible to breakage and falling.

To upkeep the curls, you usually also have to apply heat on a daily basis, which further weakens hair. Styling products that maintain the shape of curls may also clog hair follicles, impeding on hair growth.

2. Stay away from hair bleaching


Instagram-worthy hair that makes you look like a mermaid may look gorgeous, but for Asians to achieve it, it definitely requires intensive bleaching to remove your naturally dark hair pigment. This process involves penetration of chemicals into the cuticles of your hair and it weakens your hair, making it more susceptible to breakage. In cases of frequent bleaching, you may even damage your scalp and hair follicles, causing permanent damage on the growth of your hair.

3. Keep your hair and scalp clean

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Like our skin, our scalp requires regular cleaning to get rid of the accumulation of sebum and grime that can clog our follicles. Clogged follicles restrict the ability for hair to grow. The skin type of Asians are generally oilier than that of Westerners, which increases the chance of sebum build-up. Make sure you wash your hair daily and invest in a suitable shampoo. Concentrate your washing at your scalp and the roots of your hair, which are the areas that tend to trap impurities.

4. Go for a lower-fat diet

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While there hasn’t been actual scientific proof, a common hypothesis to why Asians seem to retain their hair longer compared to their Western counterparts is because of their lower-fat diet. This theory also seeks to explain why there’s an increase in hair loss among Asians – it’s because more of them are incorporating high fat content into their meals, influenced by Western cooking methods.

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

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The quality of your lifestyle can be reflected by your outward appearance, including your skin, nails, and of course, your hair. Nutrition that supports hair strength includes vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc and proteins. These can be found in fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats. Don’t forget to also manage your stress, because a fast-paced lifestyle usually leads to poor diet and inadequate rest. Stress can also affect your hormonal levels, which have an impact on your hair’s health.

What should you do if you’re already seeing signs of hair fall?

There are many causes of hair loss and unfortunately, this is also why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment method. While there are many off-the-shelf hair care products in the market that promise to improve your hair condition, users are experiencing hits-and-misses in their results because the products may not be targeting specifically at the causes of their problem.

Visiting a trichologist is still the best way to make sure you’re receiving the right diagnosis and treatments. A trichologist is a professional who is trained to diagnose and treat hair and scalp problems through clinical methods. By getting to the root of your problem, a trichologist is able to help prevent hair loss especially in cases of early detection, and to manage hair fall for those who are already experiencing visible hair fall problem.

How do you find a suitable trichologist?

Look for trichologists that have a proven track record and up-to-date treatment methods and equipment. During your first consultation, he or she should also be a listener that understands your lifestyle and habits to give you advicein managing your hair problems in your everyday life.

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If you’re looking for a qualified trichologist to help you, consider TK TrichoKare, which has more than a decade of experience in the field of trichology.

Using a tried-and-tested system of diagnosis and treatments that is rooted in European herbal hair remedies and cutting-edge scientific treatments, TrichoKare advocates a holistic approach to hair and scalp care. This means that its trichologists believes in patients should be taking in the right dietary nutrients from natural food sources, as well as treating and reinforcing hair health with carefully extracted premium grade European herbs.

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Your visit with TrichoKare begins with a consultation with a professional trichologist who studies your hair and scalp condition with a diagnostic device. This, coupled with a questionnaire with you, the trichologist will be able to analyse the cause of your hair loss.


A customised treatment will then be prescribed by the trichologist before the treatments are administered by a trained therapist. The progress of improvement will be monitored each time you visit your trichologist to make sure that you’re on track for a desirable result.

TrichoKare has won many awards as a testament to the success and effectiveness of their expertise in helping clients achieve healthy hair growth, hair fall prevention and hair loss management. Just this year alone, they have been named Best Treatment for Damaged Hair, Best Anti-Hair Loss Treatment, Best Sebum-Regulating Treatment for Oily Scalp, and Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment for various awards by Singapore magazines.

With five outlets island-wide, you’ll be able to find the nearest TrichoKare outlet to you that can help you with your hair woes.

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