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When it comes to common hair concerns among Singaporeans, one that’s right up there with dandruff and a greasy scalp is hair loss. Seeing clumps of hair gathered on the shower drain cover daily can actually spike anxiety levels and affect our self-esteem – a truly traumatising experience.

It’s only natural that our first course of action is to scour the Internet for hair loss prevention tips. However, we often abide by them even if they aren’t true. This could end up doing our mane more harm than good. If you’re one to believe that brushing your hair 100 times a day will reduce hair loss, we’ve got news for you.

Here are six hair myths we’ve debunked so you can have healthier, stronger tresses.

Myth 1: Frequent shampooing damages your scalp

Beijing 101 Hair Myths Shampooing

Truth: It can get excruciatingly hot and humid here, which is why we shampoo our hair daily to banish oil-slicked strands. But by doing so, you may be worried about the collective amount of hair fall you could be causing.

Relax, shampooing simply dislodges hair strands that have already fallen out. That is, of course, unless you’re scrubbing your scalp to death with your nails. How often you cleanse is entirely up to you and it’s dependent on your hair type, hairstyle, and lifestyle.

If your hair gets greasy quickly, wash it. If not, you can afford to cut it down to once every other day. You should also be using a shampoo that’s formulated for your hair type. And here’s a fun fact: we lose about 100 strands of hair every day, which is less than 0.01% of the average 100,000 strands on our head.

Myth 2: Cutting your hair more often makes it grow faster

Beijing 101 Hair Myths Haircuts

Truth: It’s widely believed that a trim every four to six weeks can speed up hair growth, but the truth is that it’s fake news. Hair growth occurs at the roots, not at the ends. Cutting the ends of your hair doesn’t affect the follicles that are in charge of your hair’s growth.

While regular trims may not affect how fast or how much your hair grows, they do help with your hair’s overall appearance and health. A snip eliminates split ends, which can often make hair look frizzy or sparse at the bottom. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, we recommend getting a trim every eight to 12 weeks to keep split ends at bay.

Myth 3: Brushing your hair 100 times a day helps it grow faster

Beijing 101 Hair Myths Brush 1

Truth: Whether it was advice that was passed on by your mum or from a magazine, you’ve probably heard some iteration of this before. Brushing your hair often does have its benefits like improved blood circulation, however, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Frequent brushing generates heaps of friction, which damages your hair cuticles and renders them weak. To prevent further breakage, stop brushing through your hair as soon as your tresses are smooth. You can also invest in a detangling brush or comb that’s gentler on your hair and scalp.

Myth 4: Wearing hats and caps often increases hair fall

Beijing 101 Hair Myths Wear Hats

Truth: Beanies and bucket hats may be trending, but some avoid wearing them out for fear that they may increase the rate of hair loss. This isn’t true. The hairs that you see hanging on to your hat or cap are most likely strands that fell out naturally.

However, there is some truth to this myth. Wearing a hat or cap that’s too tight too often can cause scalp irritation. The materials used in a hat, as well as its cleanliness, could also contribute to hair loss. To prevent hair fall, you may want to wear your hats less frequently and wash them more often.

If you pull your hair back in a tight bun or ponytail regularly, you may want to ease up on that too. This daily act can create tension that pulls on hair follicles. Over a period of years, that tension can cause hair to fall out. Instead, wear it in a lower, looser bun or ponytail to give your hair and scalp a break.

Myth 5: MSG in food causes hair loss

Beijing 101 Hair Myths Instant Noodles

Truth: As our mums would exclaim, “Don’t eat so many chips and instant noodles. Got a lot of MSG, later all your hair will drop!” It’s safe to say that MSG (monosodium glutamate) has a bad reputation, but no evidence proves that it causes hair loss.

This rumour only made its rounds when one study in the 1960s found that the flavour enhancer caused brain damage in mice. However, the substance was injected directly into them in huge amounts. Subsequent studies, which were better designed and involved human participants, have found little proof of MSG’s negative effects.

Consider this your green light to cracking open that bag of chips.

Myth 6: Hair loss treatments don’t work

Beijing 101 Hair Myths 2

Truth: While genetics, hormones, and stress are primary causes of hair loss, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to stop it. An effective hair loss treatment can help to strengthen your scalp and hair follicles, so it withstands breakage better.

Even if you don’t have existing issues with your hair, hair loss can be prevented early by going for regular hair and scalp treatments. To keep your hair healthy and prevent the dreaded onset of hair loss, try the Beijing 101 Hair Revival Treatment.

Beijing 101 Hair Revival Treatment

Beijing 101 Hair Myths Outlet 1

If you’ve always wondered how hair loss treatments work, let us walk you through it. Excess sebum provides the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive in, leading to weaker hair follicles and a damaged scalp. That’s why Beijing 101’s award-winning Hair Revival Treatment deeply cleanses your scalp as a first step to treating hair loss.

This treatment then fortifies your hair with premium-grade Chinese herbs, which are offered by its certified hair therapist and TCM physicians. Customised to suit your hair and scalp concerns, the Hair Revival Treatment uses a trio of herbs: Lingzhi, ginseng, and He Shou Wu.

Lingzhi is a fungus that improves blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth, while ginseng and He Shou Wu are nutritious roots that nourish the scalp, stimulate hair follicles, and prevent premature greying. These herbs not only address the symptoms of hair and scalp issues, but they also get to the root of the problem.

Beijing 101 Hair Myths Before After Scalp Scan

What’s more, you’ll be able to see visible results in just one treatment. Your consultant will conduct a scalp scan before and after your treatment, so you can see the difference for yourself. Of course, a few sessions are required to see a more pronounced difference, but you’ll notice more volume from the very first treatment.

Here’s some good news! The Beijing 101 Hair Revival Treatment was recently awarded ‘Best Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment’ in our ‘Reader’s Favourite’ category by Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2020! It has also been voted ‘Most Effective Hair Treatment’ by international research company, Ipsos.

We’ve got more great news to share! Now, you can experience Beijing 101 Hair Revival Treatment at only S$40 NETT. To sweeten the deal, you can also redeem a Hair Care Gift Set worth S$196. Click through below to sign up!

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