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Many people tend to relate having the perfect, healthy hair with using expensive hair products or going to hair salon regularly for hair treatment. We are more than happy to break it to you that it is absolutely not true.

Achieving the silky-soft, healthy hair can be easily done by simply correcting the way you wash and dry your hair. Here are 17 common hair-washing mistakes that you may be guilty of. Start changing these habits and you may actually find yourself saving some cash from hair treatments at the hair salons.

1. Washing your hair everyday

Hair Washing Tips 1

Do you know that it is not recommended to wash your hair everyday as it strips the natural oil produced by your scalp? We all know it is very tempting to wash your hair daily because of the humid and warm weather of Singapore. However, give it a try and wash your hair perhaps once every two days. You might actually see a difference after changing your hair-washing habit.

2. Brushing too infrequently or too often

Hair Washing Tips 2

A healthy scalp can be achieved easily if you remember to brush your hair, but remember to keep it moderate. Brushing too often or too little can both be damaging to your hair. Brushing your hair a few times in a day is recommended as it helps to distributes natural oil from your scalp, while doing it too often ruffles your hair’s cuticles.

3. Not brushing hair before showering

Hair Washing Tips 3

Make sure to have this in your mind. Wet hair = Weak hair. Wet hair is much more vulnerable to breaking and splitting, resulting in frizz and split ends. Brushing your hair before the shower smooths it out so you won’t break your hair while trying to untangle it as you wash your tresses.

4. Not using lukewarm water before shampoo

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Wetting your hair with lukewarm water would open up the pores in your scalp, making it easier to shampoo away the dirty particles. Avoid hot water when you shower because it can be dry out your scalp.

5. Using the wrong hair products

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Everyone has different hair and scalp type. Instead of sharing your shampoo with everyone in the family, make sure you use one that addresses your hair condition best.

6. Washing your hair instead of your scalp

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This is one of the most common mistakes as many people tend to lather the ends of their hair but neglect their scalp. The scalp is where bacteria build-up, so if you want to resolve your hair problems once and for all, you should definitely remember to shampoo your scalp to keep it clean too.

7. Piling your hair on top of your head

Hair Washing Tips 7

This is a common habit that not many people know is wrong. Hair experts say that stacking your hair on your crown after you’ve shampooed it can create knots and tangles in your hair, which is why you should avoid doing this!

8. Not getting rid of excess water before conditioning

Hair Washing Tips 8 (2)
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When your hair is too wet, it’s hard for it to absorb the goodness of your conditioner. Gently squeeze out the water in your hair before applying conditioner for better results.

9. Not waiting for conditioner to settle in

Hair Washing Tips 9

Your conditioner needs time to work – so don’t rinse it off right after application. We recommend leaving it on for about five to eight minutes to give your hair a good pamper.

10. Putting conditioner on your scalp

Hair Washing Tips 10

While you have to shampoo your scalp (see tip # 6), your conditioner is designed for your hair. Applying it on your scalp would clog your hair follicles. Apply conditioner generously at the ends of your hair instead to achieve softer, less frizzy hair.

11. Not using hair mask

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Instead of the usual conditioner, you can also try using hair mask especially if your hair are super damaged or need immediate care. Compared to the former, hair mask works wonders for many as the product is much more easily absorbed by your hair. This is highly recommended for those who frequently use heating tools or dye their hair.

12. Not rinsing with cool water

Hair Washing Tips 12

Unlike how we began wetting our hair with lukewarm water, rinsing away your conditioner with cool water will lock and seal the conditioner on your hair. In addition, it will close up the pores on your scalp, allowing your hair to look silky and shiny.

13. Not massaging scalp

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We all love a relaxing shower and to help with healthy hair growth, it is also recommended to apply gentle pressure to your scalp while washing your hair. Since a healthy scalp would also result in healthy hair, you can massage your scalp gently for about two minutes or so while you shampoo it.

14. Rubbing your hair dry

Hair Washing Tips 14

Use a soft towel to gently dab your hair dry, instead of rubbing it. The rubbing action can ruffle up the cuticles of your hair, causing more frizz and damage. You can also lightly squeeze the water out from your hair so it’ll dry faster.

15. Not using heat protectant

Hair Washing Tips 15

Heat is damaging to hair so if you are in a hurry and need to use high heat level to blow dry your hair, minimise the damage by applying a layer of heat protectant first. This simple step is going to do so much for your hair’s health.

16. Not applying hair oil

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We know how “oil” can sound very intimidating, but guess what – a hair oil is designed to nourish hair thoroughly and a good one should be able to be absorbed by your hair quickly, leaving no greasiness behind. Invest in a quality hair oil to be used after shower or even during the day when your hair starts to look frizzy or dry, and you will find your hair looking shinier and healthier!

17. Using the wrong comb or brush

Hair Washing Tips 17

The type of combs or brushes you use make a big difference to your hair – so learn the functions of different ones so you know which are the right ones to use. For instance, if you have hair that tends to tangle, consider using a flat paddle-like brush with plastic bristles to untangle it so you can reduce the amount of damage you cause to your scalp and hair.