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You might have been wondering whether it’s even remotely possible to style your hair by yourself so it looks like you’ve just walked out of a hair salon. When you think about the number of hair tools and styling products you may need to invest in, you immediately decide that it’s not going to happen.

It’s true that products in the market can be so specialised that it gets kind of intimidating. However, if you’re looking for something that can give you the best of all worlds – here’s some good news. You probably already have it in your house: the hairdryer!

Yes, guess what – the hairdryer is actually a super versatile hairstyling tool that can help you style your hair in multiple ways – if you know how to use it right. We have put together seven hacks that will have you looking at your hairdryer in a new light.

1. Add volume to flat hair

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For our friends with flat and thin hair, a little volume can perk your entire demeanor. Rather than put tons of hair mousse or teasing your hair to get the pouf, why not try this simple trick: flip your hair forward and blow dry your hair against the direction of growth. Doing this will lift your hair from its root and give your hair the extra volume without any styling products! If you want the volume to stay on all day, simply spray on just a touch of hairspray.

 2. Add volume to your bangs


If you just want that little bit of volume for your bangs, here’s another handy hack. Brush your hair in the direction where you usually part it and blow-dry your hair until it is midway dry. To avoid those frizzy fly-aways, hold your hairdryer parallel to the hair so that the wind blows alongside instead.

When your hair is midway dry, flip it to the other side of your head, brush it down and blow-dry until it is completely dry. Doing this will lift your bangs off its root and make your bangs more voluminous. Remember to hold your hairdryer parallel to the hair!

Find the full tutorial on WikiHow’s page.

3. Creating big wavy curls


Don’t be surprised to find out that your hairdryer can curl your hair like a regular curling iron. All you need for to achieve this style is to use it with a round brush. You can vary the size depending on how tight or how loose you want the curls to be. Simply section your hair and roll one section around the brush. Now you have to do a little double-action here: keep the hairdryer on the brush while simultaneously rolling the brush and pulling it away from your head. Do this slowly and repeat until that lock of hair is completely dry and curled.

4. Curling your fringe


After curling your hair into wavy, bouncy locks, you are easily left with a flat fringe that is in want of a curl. Now the fringe is probably the most difficult part to style, even when you have a curling iron. However, this trick will solve all your problems. Gather your fringe and roll it around the brush, away from your forehead. Then blow the fringe dry while doing the little double-action as described above. When you release the fringe from the brush, just arrange your fringe, put the locks where you want it to go and you are ready!

5. Creating beach curls


If you want to up your waves, try these beach curls for an added sass. Split your hair into two vertical sections and braid each one. Then blow your hair until completely dry and remove the rubber bands. Be careful not to brush or run your fingers through the braid to separate it because your hair will turn out frizzy. Instead, just gently shake the hair out of its braid and voila, beach curls!

To make sure the style stays on for the entire day, spray on some sea salt spray or curling cream, then scrunch the curls in an upward motion.

6. Straightening your hair

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If your hairdryer can curl your hair, you bet that it can straighten your hair as well! Again, you only need two tools: your hairdryer and a brush. Brush your hair taut and blow-dry from root to tip, making sure that you do this slowly. The keyword here: taut, give it a bit of a tug!

When you hold the hair-dryer, point it downwards to avoid those unruly fly-aways. Repeat this process a few times until your hair is completely dry. While this hack does not require you to part your hair into small sections, it is better not to take too large a section or it won’t be perfectly straight.

Try this quick tutorial on how to blow dry your hair using only a hairdryer and a round brush!

7. Styling short hair


For our short-haired friends, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. While you can totally rock the hacks above with short hair, there may be times where you want to return to the old school bob. This hack will show you how to do just that, totally fuss-free.

Make sure you have your round brush and hairdryer ready. Place the brush underneath a section of hair and gently pull while drying it – as you normally would – from root to tip. This time, however, when you have reached the tip, gently rotate the brush to curl your hair inward. In short: pull, then curl. Repeat this for all the sections of your hair and you will finish with a styled bob.

Check out this tutorial for instructions and other ideas!